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Friday, April 20, 2012

Well, I won 2nd place in the NYTC. If you're curious, here's the announcement:

Not too shabby, I think, and I'm pretty stoked that so many people supported and voted for me. The 1st place winner had SERIOUSLY dramatic belly fat loss (She's A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, really!) and all the other finalists (along with most of the participants in general) just continue to inspire me. Best of all? Everyone who has had visible success in this challenge has achieved it by doing it the RIGHT way--I know, because most of them kept (and shared) journals of what they were doing, what was working, and what was not. None of them were starving themselves, fad dieting, or engaging in excessive/extreme workouts that wear a body down over time instead of building it up.

Success is best achieved by taking care of our bodies and being careful what we put into them, rather than abusing them. Wish I'd internalized that lesson that a LOT sooner in life, but hey, better late than never!

So ... where to go from here? I LOVE this new fitness path I'm on, and why change what's working? It's super simple, and as long as I stay focused on my priorities, I'll reach my next goal by the end of this summer (my next goal being the admittedly superficial "look great in a swimsuit!" ) Yep, it's mostly visual changes I'm after at the moment--my original goal was to feel good and not be so tired all the time. Got that one done and still going strong! So ... with energy levels and good nutrition under control now, I can focus on the physical a little more, because it is almost shorts/tank tops/swimsuit season after all emoticon

To that end, my current focus is on:
1. Continuing to track my food, pre-planning my meals and snacks so I get enough calories and enough protein & veggies, and avoiding sugar & refined foods except as planned indulgences a few times a week.
2. Complete the next month's worth of Advanced FYM workouts. I've moved from the treadmill back to whole-body movements for my interval workouts.
3. Finding ways to be active with my children--much easier now that spring is here and weather is more pleasant! emoticon
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    I am so PROUD of you! You are INSPIRING! Don't you wonder how junk food ever had a hold on you when healthy food can make you feel this GREAT! That's what I am learning. Why eat junk and skip a workout when eating healthy and doing my workout makes me feel invigorated and ready to take on my life! I always thought I couldn't handle my stress level and that's why I ate junk food to "cope," but now I am realizing that in order to handle my stress level I HAVE to eat healthy and exercise EVERY day. I'm just so happy to be on the right path again. And you inspire me to stay on it and keep refining it and GO THE DISTANCE TO ACHIEVE MY GOALS! Thank you!

    3312 days ago
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