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Friday, April 20, 2012

A few weeks ago I went to visit my mom and found her house wall to wall boxes of books. My sister's boss had purchased a home and was told that the owner had "just up and left" leaving everything he/she owned behind, and when she walked into the library she immediately thought of my mom and told my sister to come and "take away these books to your mom, if anyone will know what to do with them, it is she", so Suzy called Cindy and asked to barrow her truck and this is how the Gods work.

So walking over boxes my eye was drawn towards a book on tape on the kitchen table, being interested in anything that speaks of Energy and Chakras, I made my way over, to try and get a little more info from the cover, I was more interested by the minute so i ask my mom if i could barrow it and she said "No, that is Suzy's pile, it's for her library" . I blinked several times, bite my tongue and say "OK". In my mind of course, the idea of my sister having a library was as odd as elephants having wings, the girl does not read. She hates reading. her son, however, is a bookworm. So i quickly apologized to the Gods for my rude thoughts and said to myself "people have the right to change their minds as many times as they please and if my sister has come to her senses and found that books are not the enemies she once thought them to be, then good for her". I still couldn't tear myself away from the table full of piles of beautiful books, atlas of the world , medical text books from the 40's or 50's, self help books, tape and CD's. I sighed and told mom to keep whatever books my sister didn't want and let me have first pick before she took them to be donated. Then my sister walks in. She explains what happened and then informs me that if I see something i like to just ask. So i did. And this is how the Gods found a way to answer my questions.

Well as you all know we can't use copyrighted material of any kind so i will have to keep that information to my self. The book was on tape not CD and since it's been a good while since I had a "walkman" the only place i could listen to the tapes was my truck, so I would listen to and from work. I would get to work and sit in the truck for a few minutes and just didn't want to stop listening but, I had to, I wanted to know what was next. The authors words made me laugh, think, wonder and at times even made me feel ashamed, and i found myself agreeing with her. She went through the 7 chakras and explained how each "awakening" would manifest itself in a different but always "bad" way.....or so it seemed because after each tragic episode we go thorough a new beginning is waiting, a good beginig and she also said that it's up to us how long it takes, and for most of us, it takes longer than it should because we fight it. We fight the change. We want things to stay the same and then find ourselves stagnated and unhappy.
As I listened I realized that every challenge I've had to go through all had a reason and a chakra, and what i thought was "settling down" was actually just another challenge. The hardest challenge happens to be this one. Loosing weight. i have tried everything, low fat, no meat, high carb low fat, and nothing has worked until now.
I opened my mind and let go of all the feelings I no longer need and something happened. I started loosing weight. A little at a time. I've lost more weight in the last 2 months then I have all year. My attitude is so much better, I'm sleeping better my energy levels are a little higher and I find myself wanting to do more things. I still have trouble keeping my sugar levels down but that too will come down eventually. The last tape spoke of loving yourself and the life you are leading. I find myself waking up each morning with the thought : "I love my life".

Change your mind, let go of all the bad feelings you are holding on to, forgive the people who have hurt you. Release yourself of this and your life will be so much better, and you might just find it a little easier to conquer those challenges before you.

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