What do to with radishes?? I planted them....

Friday, April 20, 2012

hi spark

yeah.... lol putting the cart infront of the horse

but never cooked with radishes bef.

any suggestions?

my hubby loves it in salad raw.

what part of the radish can you eat???

planted it so I can harvest something ;p

any suggestion or sites with

helpful tips of what part of the plant I can eat, would be appreciated!

I have tried the greens of garlic, onion (MAN, they are GOOD)

can I eat the greens of:

beet (ALL of plant)
radish (ALl of pant)
carrot (ALl of plant)
broccoli (younger plant: Leaf, stem; fruit and flower)

just curious....

other plants I am growning

tomato (leaves is a NO, contains alkaliod)**
potato (on POISON list for stem and leaves and green potato) **
cucumber (young plant - stem, leaves; fruit seed and skin)
pumpkin (leave, stem, flower, seeds, fruit and skin) * same for squashes
corn (Stalk, husk, cob and unfurled tassels for cooking)
chilli pepper

Beans and peas: leave, pods, fruits


I know you can eat the parts you buy at the store, but are the rest of the plants safe?


PS: I did a quick search too: I will mark on my blog the result

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    I diced up radishes and added it to my macaroni salad along with carrots, onions, celery, and cucumber. It turned out pretty good.

    Thanks for the info! I didn't realize how much of the plant I was wasting! I am going to try to eat more!

    I brought broccoli sprouts the other week because they were the only sprouts in the store. Very good. I even had them in a toasted breakfast sandwich with peanut butter and banana. Don't knock it till you try it.
    2732 days ago
    I just ate beet greens last night! Cut them off, clean them well, cut them into smaller pieces, and saute in some olive oil & garlic for about 5 minutes. I put them on top of a vegan burger made with the beets.

    I have also used carrot greens to season cooked carrots -- they taste sort of like parsley. They are not really good on their own, but work as a seasoning.

    I have not eaten zucchini flowers, but my friends who grew zucchinis would batter & fry them like tempura. There's probably a healthier way to enjoy them too.
    2732 days ago
    Didn't realize you planted so much. How great is that!!
    2733 days ago
    Wow! YOu are busy. Great selections in the garden! I've never cooked with radishes; only raw and in salads. I would wonder if they may be good in a soup? emoticon
    2735 days ago
    I like raw radishes on my salad.
    2736 days ago
    I have always eaten my raddishes raw. I love them on a veggie tray, just cut them into coins (slice them as thin or thick as you like) and in salads.
    2736 days ago
    Dang there is a lot of good info here both in your blog and in these comments!!!
    2736 days ago
    I wouldn't eat carrot greens. They don't taste good, they might be mildly toxic, and many people are allergic to them. Beet greens are excellent; I think I like them as much as the roots.

    Radish greens are edible but don't have a nice texture. They're kind of prickly or fuzzy. I have made soup out of them, but it wasn't spectacular. I put them in the category of things to eat if you HAVE to feed yourself from your own garden because you can't afford groceries. However, if you let some of the radishes "bolt" and flower, they form seed pods that are delicious raw or stir-fried. They taste like a cross of radish and snow pea.

    Broccoli stems are nice; peel them a little and slice them to use just like you use the tops. The leaves are edible, and the flowers are pretty as a garnish-- although if you have a regular garden, you should leave the flowers for bees. They really like them.

    Grape leaves are edible, although personally I don't like them. Pea shoots and tendrils are fabulous and sell for upwards of $10 a pound in gourmet markets.
    Egalitaire already talked about squash and pumpkin blossoms. Pumpkin and watermelon seeds can be roasted and seasoned like nuts.

    That's about it. The rest of the plant parts might not be toxic, but they're not good to eat.
    2736 days ago
    An addendum,

    Squash, pumpkin and zucchini flowers can be harvested and sauteed in butter and garlic, however, the flower is the precursor to the fruit, so if you take off the flower you lose the fruit.

    Which can be a good thing with zucchini as they will over-run the place.

    Have fun and experiment.
    2737 days ago
    I have roasted radishes when I have too many but I don't really like it. Just sliced into salads is the best! Not just green salads but pasta salad, tuna salad, egg salad or potato salad.

    Pick them when they the size of a largee marble. They'll grow to ping pong ball size or bigger...but they get bitter!
    2737 days ago
    Wow - congrats on getting a garden going. I have been traveling too much in recent years to do one justice, but I am definitely envious.

    Never tried carrot, radish or broccoli greens, beet greens are definitely good. I would think carrot and radish are probably edible but would have a rather strong, maybe even bitter taste, so not sure how to use them.

    Radishes can be eaten raw just like a carrot stick - the ones from your garden will probably be much sweeter than those from the store. Pick'em wash'em and eat'em, just like carrots.

    I make a salad with cucumbers, radish, green onions, cilantro (all chopped) and grated ginger - mix in a little homemade mayo - great lunch salad.

    Broccoli stems are very good stir fried or eaten raw - they have a woody skin, but peel or slice that off and the core is sweet and tasty - better than the florets - IMO.

    Let us know how it all turns out - the radishes will probably be ready first.

    2737 days ago
    I've never been a big fan of radishes, so I don't have much in the way of suggestions. I do know that radishes are completely safe to eat, though; the whole thing!
    2737 days ago
    A quick google search says, yes, beet radish carrot and broccoli greens are all edible.
    There was a recipe for radish green pesto and I saw you can grill or roast the radishes for something different.
    2737 days ago
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