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Friday, April 20, 2012

I went for my biometric evaluation this morning. Of course, this meant a 10-12 hour fast from the night before. I took the early morning 7:15 slot so that I could eat breakfast afterward.

Why is it that even though I don't usually eat after 8 p.m. most days, being TOLD that I couldn't eat after 8 p.m. made me want to eat all the more? Ack! Add to this that earlier that day my boss kept me from lunch until 2 p.m. (yes, I ended up with a headache), so the rest of the time between 2 p.m and 8 p.m. I ate more than I normally would...the mind is tricky. Tricky. I didn't even work out last night because I thought that between the headache and the food cutoff, I might end up with yet another headache in the morning, what with no possibility of breakfast until after 8 a.m.

I had no surprises when I got my results. Yes, I'm still obese, technically. The doctor I spoke with before leaving was nice enough to follow that bit of news with, "even though you don't look obese."

Thanks, Doc, for throwing the middle-aged lady a bone. At least this news was given to me by a cute young thing...

Blood pressure-good (despite wandering around annoyed for 10 minutes trying to find the Wellness Center). Cholesteral level a little high-215 (should be under 200). HDL/LDL and triglycerides-good. Blood glucose-good.

I'm ok with the results. I mean, I wasn't surprised by any of it. I'm taking care of myself, but there's still room for improvement.

Then it was on to a class at work. The speaker ended his talk with a discussion about goal setting.

How Appropriate! The doctor asked me the same thing: what's my immediate goal? I told him-to get down to 200 pounds. I'm close, and it's doable. As I told him, for me to get to a "desireable BMI" I'd have to lose about 60 pounds. The thought is overwhelming. He agreed. He said to focus on getting to 199, then go from there.

The speaker this morning gave us handouts to go along with his talk. His handout/slide read: "The Seven Deadly Sins of Goal Setting..."

Number 7 jumped straight off the page at me: "Failing to create goals that play to the strengths of the individual."

I can achieve my goal if I play to my strengths.

What strengths do I possess? Let's see--
I already exercise and for the most part, enjoy it.
I like to cook.
I like vegetables/fruits/whole grains (trust me, I'm NOT a picky eater-I enjoy food, thus the problem!)
I have family support.
I work at a hospital for goodness sake. They have fruits, vegetables, healthy entrees on the cafeteria menu every single work day if I don't have time to cook for myself.
I have a positive attitude.

Weight loss is a calories in/calories out game. I have the basics, now I just have to implement them on a consistent basis.

And my hope for you is that you, too, know your numbers. If you're afraid to find out, take a deep breath, get tested and go from there. You can't change what you don't know.

If you don't have a primary care doctor or clinician, get one. He or she is your partner in good health. Be proactive, not reactive about your health. Many diseases/illnesses are lifestyle based.

Read, read, read. There's good information right here on SP.

Ask people who are living the way you want to live and listen to what they say. Adapt everything to fit what works best for you.

Play to your strengths.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm glad you got good numbers. Sounds like the doctor was encouraging. The reason, that I no longer have a family doctor, is because mine was not supportive. I went to them for help and when I explained the problem (gaining all my weight back) she replied, "stop eating so much." Um, yeah, thanks for that. NOT HELPFUL. Ugh.

    You seem to have found the key of being active without having to force yourself to do it. It's just part of your routine and life. I need to find something that I love that I can just make part of my life, like my walks, but something to go along with that.

    Keep up the great work! emoticon
    2221 days ago
    You're doing so many things right that it's showing up in your numbers! Great! I was in a store last week who offered a full cholesterol test and I did it despite not fasting. My HDL was too low but the others were all good (much better than I expected)! Keep up the great work and use those strengths to your advantage. It's good advice for all of us!
    2223 days ago
  • _LINDA
    That sure is a sensible goal setting idea! I simply don't cook, so I too, keep that simple and focus on exercise and keeping the calories reasonable for the exercise I do. I guess that is why I was successful even if I didn't realize it at the time..
    That Dr. must be a latent Sparker -he knows about short term acheivable goals!!
    Here is to getting to Onederland,
    2223 days ago
    congrats on getting good check up. Be careful of those darn hospital cafeterias. If I even go near ours, I gain 2 pounds!!! I think the vegetables are covered in butter, gravy and salt!!! They have to be!! lol Even the salad seems dangerous to me lol

    Nice blog, thanks for the thoughts to comtemplate
    2224 days ago
    emoticon on those numbers! The ones you still need to work on are the ones you're already working on.

    I love the idea of playing to our strengths. Tinkering with meals is not my strength - and the goals in the past that have been very recipe / cooking oriented were the ones I had the greatest trouble with. Fitness activity and number tracker are strengths, and those goals have worked well.

    emoticon for having so many strengths to play to!
    2224 days ago
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