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Friday, April 20, 2012

I read a very inspiring blog that TIMOTHYNOHE wrote about his success with WW and lately I have been feeling that urge to join. I just don't know...I remember being so dedicated when I did it about 10 years ago and it not working. Oh, wait.....I don't think that's what actually happened.

I remember deciding to join when I was about 22 or 23 bc my cousin had such success with it and I was anxious to get in shape for my wedding. I went to meetings followed the points, carried that points book and points converter slider with me everywhere. I remember working out all the time.

Yeah, no, that's not how is was at all. I like to remember it went like that.....

I went to the gym about once a week and walked on the treadmill for about 20 min. I didn't even break a sweat.

I complained that I was always hungry....well maybe bc I used all my points for mac and cheese and Chinese food. I usually had no points left by like 3pm.

I complained bc I wasn't losing weight.....yeah.....after weigh ins I would head to the nearest restaurant and binge my little heart out. I probably ate about three days worth of calories in a sitting and no, I'm not joking.

I complained an awful lot during my time with WW, but I know I truly didn't put my heart in it and I didn't work hard at it.

How wasteful!


I was at least 199 on my wedding day and I am 182 today. I've gotten down to 150 before and I need to get down to that again to be healthy and not to mention happier.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Thanks for reading and the support as always!

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  • GUNNSGIRL91303
    Well I would say WW wasn't your thing and I wouldn't waste any more time and money on it. We are all different. Try working some of the SP workouts that are free! Most of them give you a good workout and are short enough to actually have the time for.
    There are lots of teams with various fitness challenges. Dancing is a great exercise, maybe you could take a salsa or tango class...I hear they burn tons of calories and really work your core. Just get creative but start small so you can celebrate victories.
    You'll find what works, just keep trying! Effort is half the battle. emoticon
    2176 days ago
    I am doing ww points plus online & love it. I have a bodybugg, so i did the cal in/out thing to perfection & wasn't losing. So I came back to WW, I have always had success with losing consistently as long as I follow the program. Where as with calories it just left it too open for me.

    GOOD LUCK with your goals!
    2193 days ago
    It sounds like you are in the right mind frame now. Does Sparkpeople work for you?
    2193 days ago
    I think my mOm messed with Richard Simmons' Deal a Meal as well as Weight Watchers. They never worked for her and I know why now - she had metabolism B and needed certain types of food and certain timing for eating, not just calories in and out.

    It's that whole experiment of one thing - WW may work for you this time around!
    2193 days ago
    Oh my gosh...I would be lying if I didn't say I was chuckling about how we WANT to remember something compared to the reality of it!!! I completely understand!!!

    I actually think out of the weight loss programs available to the average person that WW is the most sensible one. They are actually teaching their participants how to make good choices and what the ramifications of bad ones are (not having any "points" left at 3 PM), etc. They aren't just giving you a meal, they are giving you strategies for lifelong living.

    But what it basically comes down to is whether you will get anything out of it. If you need the accountability of weigh-ins and meetings, then it's a great program to do live and in person. But if those really don't offer you anything, is it worth the money to do a program when you already know the concepts behind it. Eat less, move more, etc.

    Whatever you decide, make the most of it!!!
    2193 days ago
    I've been there and done that. I too contemplated doing WW again, but I just can't fathom calculating points, etc. it's too hard for me right now. I think you should try it b/c it definitely works. It's an amazing program. Keep us posted.
    2195 days ago
    I don't even want to THINK about the total amount of $$$ I have wasted over the years on diet doctors, organizations, books & other programs...

    It might do me some good to sit down & write up a comprehensive post: WW? Check! Protein-sparing fasts? Check! Low carb? Check! etc etc...

    For me personally, having an "overseer" in the form of WW or any other organization tends to promote my most rebellious traits - I'm frankly quite surprised that I've made ANY progress whatsoever on my Winter & Spring challenges.

    In other words, when I find the answers you can be sure I will be shouting it from the rooftops!
    2196 days ago
    I frequently contemplate joining weight watchers because it is something different - I felt like spark just wasnt working for me. And maybe if I paid for it, I'd feel more motivated. But what I keep coming back to is that I know how to eat healthy - I just dont do it all of the time, and I dont know if it would be any different following a points system instead of just tracking my calories. My fear is that I would waste my points on crap food, while at least on spark when I track my crap food I see how bad it really is (has it helped lately - not so much). I guess what I am saying is that I have this internal debate probably weekly for the last 2 months about joining WW or not. If you end up joining - let me know. I think the only way I would join would be to go to the meetings - I think the online program in and of itself wouldnt help me at all, without going to meetings and feeling accountable to other people...
    2196 days ago
    I think Lightningrunner has some good thoughts/points to consider..

    I have to admit, I follow Weight watchers and I truly feel the "points plus" program is a lot more "liveable" than previous programs. (And do sometimes wonder if I could "go it alone"..but for me, my meeting has been valuable in terms of support, encouragement,etc.

    2196 days ago
    Wish I had the answer. IF you join WW would it be different? Can you save the $$ and work the program here on Spark honestly and with purpose?
    2196 days ago
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