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Is it Fair that I have You?

Friday, April 20, 2012

Is it fair that I have you, I mean my wonderful Sparkfam? I ask this because I do get some support from a few people but mostly it comes from you guys. I have passed on the SP link to quite a few people in the struggle and told them what a wonderful place it is and how I love you guys but they don’t get it. My former lunch buddy/work buddy is no longer walking with me. She commented that I was obsessed when I was mentioning that I was getting new workout clothes. I don’t care about that but I was thinking that maybe it’s not fair that she doesn’t get me anymore. Maybe because I’m in the SP zone and I have you guys.

I float, hop, skip and jump through my day because I have you. No one understands where my joy comes from because I laugh at you guys’ comments, jokes, status updates and user names. I talk about you like I just left your front steps. I miss you as I am going on about my day. So this coworker/friend and many others don’t get it because they don’t have YOU. So I wonder is it fair? I don’t really care if anyone talks to me or congratulates me on what I am doing because you guys do it every day. I am not trying to fit in or change my routine because no one wants to walk with me or workout with me because of you guys. I am doing the leg work myself but the support really boosts my motivation to be better. This is due in part to me wanting to either keep up with you, compete with you or just meet you where you are at in this struggle.

SP has been really life changing for me in a short period of time, I’ve gone from Grumpy Bunny to truly being a PeaceBunny which has been my user name for years but I hadn’t been acting like it. So maybe it isn’t fair that I have you but I wouldn’t trade you guys for the world. Thanks Fam…HUGS&SMILES! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    I'm with you, Peacebunny! So happy I found your page! You keep on keepin' on! I'm excited for you and so happy you are so motivated (and motivating)! emoticon emoticon
    2220 days ago
    One thing I've learned in life: Life is not fair. But, in this case, it's not fair in a way that benefits you! I think the same thing about you guys here. I don't get much support in my "real" life and people don't seem to understand what I'm trying to do and I DEFINITELY do not get the support and encouragement there that I get on SP! I know, for a fact, that without your guys support and encouragement, I wouldn't be where I am right now. We, as humans, need to feel loved and encouraged and supported and I'm thankful that I found a group of people who can do that for me and for who I hope I can do that for them. .... and if other people don't like it, TOO BAD! emoticon
    2222 days ago
    Okay, you can be "obsessed" while they're lazy and unfit :)

    2222 days ago
  • -SONIA-
    You're making me want to change my name to Peace_Nonny, lol! Because that's how I want to feel, too. It's nice to have a friend to look up to and admire :) You rock!! And you're attitude is awesome!! And we're just way cooler than everyone else! LOL
    2222 days ago
    Wonder twin powers activate! You know that I get it, You make me smile everyday! It is like I have known you forever. My day is brighter because of my spark family.
    Several people wonder why I just burst out in laughter, even at home my family wonders about the smile on my face pretty much all the time.
    It keeps me motivated when I see you and others working so hard! I look forward to climbing skinny girl mountain with you,
    I think that people are just jealous, we have taken control of our lives..are finding that we love to work out, and eating healthier is not a problem but a challenge we enjoy!
    Luv ya twin!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2223 days ago
  • TIGGER2094
    Be obsessed! There's nothing wrong with wanting to get fit. Now, if you were REALLY obsessed (I mean, working out five hours a day, only eating lettuce, etc) I would worry. But, you're getting smaller and you need new workout clothes (nothing fits, they're on sale, anything is a good excuse to go shopping emoticon ).

    I don't really have support from the "right places" in my life, too. Sure, people say that if you start, hubby will follow suit. It's just to danged hard when he's over there eating a quarter of a chocolate cake and you can barely have a tablespoon of frosting because you don't have enough calories left! My daughters, oldest one mostly, ask me quite a bit to go swimming with them, go walking with them. I need to put the volleyball net up this weekend so we can play that (oh, how I miss volleyball!!)

    That's where SparkPeople comes in. Some of the people at work are so obsessed (the doc drinks baby formula for the protein, he's on a very low-cholesterol diet, and constantly says things about what I'm eating)(his wife, the nurse/office manager, gets to laze around the house in the morning, go off to the Y for an hour and half, take Zumba classes, and get to work for two hours, while we are here for eight and have to attempt to squeeze in gym-or home gym if we can't afford the monthly rate)(the ultra-skinny-girl who is running Big Sur next weekend, constantly runs, goes to Cross-Fit, and can eat pretty much whatever without gaining anything) But, Sparkers are just like me! They have a life where they don't particularly have enough time to sleep, much less get a workout. They have their slips, ups, downs, and all arounds. They have kids with medical issues, parents who are getting on in age, jobs, schools, depression. And they don't judge!! Got to say emoticon to all of my emoticon emoticon
    2223 days ago
    I get it :) I wouldn't be able to do this without SP either. The tracking is an important part, but nowhere in my "real" life is anyone else doing the same thing as me. Most people in my life would encourage me to remain as I was three weeks ago, even though I wasn't happy. We're all so lucky that we have the ability to find people here with similar goals, ambitions, and interests. emoticon
    2223 days ago
    I can tell you that I * CANNOT* do this without the support I am getting here. I lurves having you guys to vent to, to ask advice of, to cheer me on, to cheer you on! It's AWESOME!
    2223 days ago
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