Ohai there, Mr. Treadmill.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Long time, no see!


It's totally my fault. I know, I've been walking past you so fast these days. Trying to avoid looking into your glowing eyes. Trying to pretend you're not really there, calling out to me.


Well, my friend - I'm back. It was nice to walk with you again tonight. And we'll definately hang out a couple times over the weekend, I promise.

Did you like the other new friend I brought along tonight? Isn't she fancy??

She makes me feel a bit like I could do anything I wanted to - even that 1 minute jog! So we'll hang out with Ms. NewShoes again, too.

Her other half (better half... partner in crime... whatever) was there too, but you might have missed him. Mr. NewInsoles was quietly tagging along, but very hard to see.

All together, I think we make a great team, the 4 of us. I just need to remember to hang out with y'all a lot more often!!

emoticon emoticon
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