Secrets...well there are none!

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

I have been getting comments and messages with questions about how I've been losing weight and what are my secrets. The answer to that is there are NONE! Thanks to SP all the "secrets" are laid out for us all! But I will share with you what personally works for me and maybe these tips/tricks will work for you!

I simply burn more than I consume. I eat between 1200-1500 calories per day. As far as exercising goes I say you have to find something you LOVE to do! You want it to be something you look forward to or you will eventually give up on it. I absolutely love dancing so Zumba was a great choice for me. I also love being outside so any walking or hiking is enjoyable! My current routine is a one hour zumba class three nights a week. I do some strength training for about 30 minutes before each of those classes. On the off days I do at least 3 miles of a walk, walk/jog, or leslies walk yourself slim walk at home workout. And I take one day off! If you think this is too much for you I want you to know I did not start out this way. When I started I could hardly walk the half mile around my was so hard and such a chore. You have to start some where. Doesn't matter what you do...just get moving!!!! Whether its a 2 minute or 2 hour walk as long as your moving your burning so get started today....we all have to start some where!

As far as eating goes... Rule number 1 Measure and weigh everything!!! If you bite it you better log it....all those unlogged bites add up! I have been asked how in the world I take the time to measure everything and that that part of it seems like such a pain. I agree...measuring everything in the beginning is a HUGE pain I'm not gonna lie. However you have to know you are worth that time and pain that it takes. Its certainly not as painful as staying overweight or obese. Its worth it....YOU are worth it. Now, it would be so weird to not measure my food...its definitely no longer a pain....its just what I do and has become the norm for me and I'm happy about that. A must know...not all calories are created equal. For example ice cream....usually light ice creams range from 120-150 calories per 4oz....however danon light and fit yogurt you get a full 8oz for 110 more food for your calorie intake. Dont get me wrong I enjoy my ice cream every now and then but if I'm wanting to take care of that sweet tooth and feel more full I'm going with the yogurt. Just remember everything in moderation. You can eat your guilty pleasures....just dont over do it. Learn how to make things taste good by adding seasoning rather than condiments...I use to be the condiment queen. If I was eating it it was slathered in some kind of sauce whether it be ranch, mayo, ketchup, bbq, whatever I loved saucing it up. I have learned to use seasonings and now i dont use condiments much at all. I dont like to spend my calories on sauce....this girl likes to eat so I want to spend my calories on real food! Treat your calories like money in the bank...every time you eat your making a withdraw from that account...once the account is empty your done for that day.

Foods that help make me feel full. One of my favorite foods especially for breakfast (but is good any time of day really) is a cup of danon light and fit yogurt and mix in a half cup of dry good and the oats really make you feel full. You can add walnuts or fruit to it as well. I love oats, whether it be as oatmeal or in yogurt oats are one of my favorite things to eat. If I need something to help hold me over till my next meal I may have a few almonds...or string cheese, or a hard boiled egg....high protein foods seem to keep me fuller longer. When it comes to my meals I load up with veggies....lots of them (measured of course) but lots of them...I always have some sort of lean protein and loads of is where I get more bang for my calorie(buck) can get to eat a lot at a meal if you just pick things without empty calories. Tip for you pasta lovers....spaghetti squash is an amazing pasta subsitute and can be prepared many different ways....we love it at my house!!!! Now dont read this and think all this girl eats is chicken and veggies...I am a chicken lover and veggie lover, but I do enjoy a piece of pizza every now and then, or cake, or a burger, and even fries....however I dont have these foods regularly just in moderation and I log it and stay within my calories!

For my sweet tooth....My number one thing is sugar free GUM!!!! Chewing gum keeps me from chewing on something else and loading up with empty calories. If I have a sweet tooth this does the trick. Even if I have the urge to just eat period and I'm not truly hungry gum always works for me. I have LOTS of it....I keep some in my kitchen, my purse, diaper bag, and in our cars...that way its always handy...I love all the extra sugar free fruity and dessert flavors! If I'm actually hungry and want something sweet sugar free jello with 2 tblspns of whip cream is so low calorie and tastes great....if you dont like jello try sugar free pudding still low in calories and really tastey....this always helps take care of that sweet craving. When I get that light night wanting to snack time I sometimes make a hot cup of tea and enjoy it slowly or do one of my very low cal treats listed above, some times gum is great for that time too...or I may pop a couple cups of popcorn which is only around 60 calories. I dont leave myself feeling deprived but I also dont over endulge either.

If you have a day you go over your calories or dont work not beat yourself up about it...doing that turns that one day into one week, one month and eventually one year! Just brush it off....we all mess up some times...we are human!

Drink your H2O!!!! If your not drinking your water your weightloss may only be want it to be fat not water or keep yourself drinking water makes you feel more full!!!

I hope this blog helps at least one person! Well I will stop rambling for now...until my next blog of course! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog! I hope you have a SPARKtastic day! YOU GOT THIS!!!!!
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