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Don't know if I am coming or going...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I think I went. No, I think I lost it!

My schedule/routine what ever you want to call it is so messed up right now. I am struggling to find "Me Time." Today I was so off kilter that I had to work out after work and making those workouts around the schedule at my gym. We have 2 pools and Women's pool and a Co-ed Pool, each with different schedules for water aerobics. Well, this puppy was way to tired to do an aerobics class. I would have drowned.

Did get 2 hours of pool workouts in though and happy to say my stress levels plummeted. emoticon

Proud of myself that I am still doing the basics that have gotten me this far. I still squeeze in my exercise. I make sure I drink 12+ glasses of water a day. Track my food faithfully. Eating raw certainly cuts down on food prep time. Now all I need to do is find some more hours in the day for some "Me Time."

I feel like I am a robot. I eat, sleep, work, and go to the gym. No time for anything else right now. Have I mentioned I am single and have to take care of no one but myself. I can top that, I don't have to commute to my job. I just need to take a short walk to my home office in the other room. I am fortunate enough that for the present I am able to telecommute. I only have to go into my office, which is an hour away just when we have a mandatory meeting.

My Sparking time has been cut drastically. Some of you have written to me about my not blogging every day. I am too tired and nothing to to say because all I do is work. It's pathetic. My girlfriend calls and asks what is new. Are you kidding me? No time to do anything new. I tell her that I took another route to get to my desk. It was quite scenic and worth the detour. I told her I walked out my front door of the house and came in through the side door. She didn't think it was funny.

Can't complain that right now all I do is work, work, work because I was laid off and out of work for a year and a half. I will persevere and I will stay on track. Not worth self medicating with food because although it would make me feel better immediately, later on I would get more stressed and depressed.

Yup, Travelnista isn't perfect or Wonder Woman and she has those kind of thoughts.
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    Relax, dear. This too, shall pass! You'll get back to having time again. These busy, busy, busy days come in spurts. Great attitude with perseverence! You'll be fine! emoticon
    2193 days ago
    I retired after taking care of my brother and mom for many years! I bought my retirement yrs so mom could stay home and im now enjoying this retired life and have adjusted to just taking care of me.. and the cats and deerfriends and birds! I dont live on a lot but im so Happy to be hear on this property !I feel so bad you dont have ME time cause ive been there! Try my friend to just get away for 5or 10 minutes and meditate or something!My prayers and blessings sent your way and emoticon for the sunshine!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2194 days ago
  • LGAR519
    Me time! Me time! I remember now. I use to have Me Time. You'll figure out how to get it back!!!! Maybe I will too one day!
    2194 days ago
  • KNH771
    I know all about being overwhelmed at work and losing out on your "me time." Congrats to you for sticking with your wellness plan in the midst of stress!
    2194 days ago
    I love all of the support you are getting from your Sparkfriends!!! I can completely relate to feeling like you're just in a slog and that there's nothing happening each day to make you feel a (no pun intended) SPARK! I get to that place often in my life while dealing with a young child and working. Bravo for not self-medicating with food. That's something that's a LOT harder done than said. :) Sending you sparkhugs that you make it through this tough time and come out happier on the other side.
    2194 days ago
    LOL I love this blog Yvonne it has Normal written all over it and you are adjusting with going back to work. Congrats on that didn't know.

    Well I thought it was funny about walking into a different door of the house hey whatever works. It can be a good thing working from home with eating RAW then again you lose our social life and that's what has happened.

    It will take some time but eventually you will be off that work mentality all the time and start a routine to balance it out.

    Sending you prayers and wishes fo balance your way.

    2194 days ago
  • ERIN1957
    I love this blog!!
    It will become routine soon enough, but the blessings are there even though they are still being worked out in your behave. LOL
    You are doing an amazing job in all areas. Kudos to you!
    Yes you may be missed, and yes peeps may not fully understand, but they still care and as well look up to you and the amazing woman you are.
    It will all work out as you continue this wonderful journey you are on.
    2194 days ago
    Not perfect? I don't believe it!! emoticon
    2194 days ago
    You are doing the best you possible and that is awesome! Don't get down on yourself for being human. You are just going through a little bump in your road right now. You will get through this and be just fine.
    2195 days ago
  • DARA52
    I assume once your learning curve flattens out, you will have some more time. New jobs are stressful until we are comfortable, even if busy. Thank goodness you and your body were healthy and prepared! We'll be here if you need us!
    2195 days ago
    I like the fact that you took a detour! I can certainly understand your situation. Glad that you have been fitting in the fitness. Love ya, Dawn
    2195 days ago
    Okay, I am giving permission to be gentle with yourself. I am on the team with you and I will pick up where you are not able to, and touch base. I also work from home and perhaps you are like me and work to get it done. Take a 10 minutes each hour to do some breathing and it will feel like an hour the longer you do it - and it relax you. Believe m, you can give up just 10 minutes - set a clock and watch it work.
    Just 10 deep breathe in and out of the mouth. Come on Yvonne _ WooSA, WooSA. okay, you got it -
    2195 days ago
    2195 days ago
  • TEDYBEAR2838
    What, now you tell me?! You are NOT perfect.
    emoticon who would have guessed.

    But you are a emoticon emoticon
    & a wonderful human being!

    That has to count for something emoticon
    2195 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/18/2012 9:51:50 PM
    Not sure what about this makes you imperfect - sounds to me like you are being amazingly disciplined in the face of a lifestyle that is only marginally rewarding right now. I should be as on top of my game as you are! Hang in there - this too shall pass.
    2195 days ago
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