Spring Cleaning (BL Blog)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

For the ITC "Spring Clean" week, I decided to wash all the walls in the house of dust, fingerprints, etc. It's been on my to-do list for quite awhile, so it was nice to have another reason to get it done. (Benefit of procrastinating? LOL) I'm also counting it as cardio because DANG! The visible, lower portions of the diningroom, livingroom, bathroom, and hallway walls, doors, and jams are all shiny now. There is still a wall in the bathroom and the two behind the couches (I recently did one and the other NEVER has anything on it, so that will be more of a spot-check) that will need to be done about the time I have my youngest help me scrub her walls and furniture down of her decoration attempts again. (Grrrr.)

Also on my list (Bonus : 4 Things to be done before end of challenge):
1. Sort bins of clothes and decide what to take/what is needed @ mid-May Clothing Swap
2. Go through holiday bins to decide what to donate to Church rummage (held in June)
3. Clean out shed of school stuff and reorganize/donate to Church rummage
4. Finish titles (in progress) and journaling (4 more pages!!) for all unfinished scrapbook pages

Those are also tasks I've wanted to do, so it's great to have another reason. :)
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