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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

About my son: I went to his school, spoke with the assistant principal about what happened. I had my son's counselor speak with her today. I found out there is a shortage of funds, so there will not be a bus monitor put on. I learned that there had been suspicion my son was being bullied, and they wanted to investigate and clarify before bring it to me. I requested that I know any minor and major incidents in school whether it is he is sick to a bloody nose to being bullied to whatever else that may happen. I did say calmly that I am absolutely disgusted that first graders and fifth graders were picking on my son who is a kindergartner. The fact my son physically stuck up for himself I am proud. I am glad he punched back. I am not proud that this is something he had to do because there was not proper supervision. I am also disgusted this has been an ongoing thing. I told her I want to know what cautions are being placed on the bus to ensure my son's safety. I told her I want to know what is going to be done about those other kids. I told her that I do apologize that my son spit on accident on the little girl who got in the way of the boys who were fighting him. This saddens me greatly. I was bullied in school. I never want another child, even someone else's, to ever have to go through with dealing with what it's like to be bullied. I hope the parents of those older kids reprimand their children for picking on a kindergartner so much so that a fist fight ensued. I want to say how dare those kids that watched and did nothing until the kid bullying my son got hurt because my son began physically defending himself [my son said, "they didn't hear my words and I got frustrated so they heard my fists"] and then they told on my son. How dare they! Then, to come to find out even yesterday they were teasing him for wearing a tank top and told him that he looked naked and he needed to wear better clothes. Bullying grieves me on so many levels. I cannot imagine how hurt my son is, and to think on this past Wednesday my son told me to use his piggy bank money to put gas in the car so I can drive him to school was his way of saying "Mommy something wrong is happening." That sickens me. I hurt for my son because he was sorry he used his fists to protect himself from those other kids, but I am doubly hurt that I have tried to model to him that "his hands aren't made to hurt" and that his voice is stronger than his hands. Never did I want my child to use his hands to hurt someone so they'd stop hurting him. Never. Parents, you need to show your children it isn't okay to hit by not hitting them. Parents, you need to show your children it isn't okay to make fun of another child based on whatever race he/she might be, the size of his/her body by never making comments in front of your children about another person. I hope I never catch myself doing that. As a parent, I pride myself in instilling values that lead to my son potentially being a man of character and integrity and honor. I am not raising my son to be some rude little foul mouth child who hurts people with his voice. I'm so angry. I'm so disgusted by what happened. There better be a way to resolve this quick.
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    Thanks. The schools in our county has a no bullying policy. I hope something happens soon.
    2525 days ago
    I hope the administration takes care of this. The bus should be putting the bullies at the front so they can be monitored. Unfortunately the children who are the bullies have parents that are bullies.

    Our school has a no bullying policy. I hope your school can put something in place.
    2526 days ago
    2526 days ago
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