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A little vent

Monday, April 16, 2012

Ok, so I had my RNY gastric bypass one week ago today. I went to church yesterday and there is a lady there who had to start in about it. She was telling me that God made us all perfect and why mess with his creation? Then she said that she wasn't willing to give up fat and sugar for the rest of her life and finds it a little silly.

Then she tells me that she's having the less invasive lap band procedure because it won't hurt as bad or do permanent damage. WTH?

First off, there is not a moment in this journey of mine that I have not felt God's presence helping me on this journey. I did a lot of praying and fasting and researching to make the decision to have an RNY. It wasn't just jumped into lightly. By the time I made my decision, I was 100% convinced that it was the right thing for me to do at this time.

And for the sugar and fat thing - that's what got me to where I am in the first place. I don't mind giving it up. But, you don't have to give it up for the rest of your life.

As for the lap band, when I went in to consult with my surgeon at the very beginning of this, he told me that I wasn't a viable candidate for the lap band because I had too much to lose. This lady weighs about 60 lbs less than I do. And as for it not hurting, that's the silliest thing I've ever heard. Surgery is surgery - it's gonna hurt.

Anyway, I've learned a valuable lesson from this - some people just always have to have something to say no matter what the subject of conversation is. She isn't educated on this at all. So that would be my main advice to anyone considering WLS - do your research!

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  • PATTYR81
    I agree that there are always negative people out there waiting for the chance to dump on someone's plans and dreams. For that reason, I've only talked about my WLS decision with my husband and older kids. It's a really personal decision for me that only others that have walked in our shoes can understand. I've spent 10+ years thinking about it (when my relative had WLS) and actively praying for several years for my direction.

    People who truly want the best for you and are informed will support you and your decisions!

    Stick with people who 'fill you up' and lose those who are draining your precious energy....
    2194 days ago
    That's why I told very few people before I had my surgery. Once I started seeing the results, I could care less what others thought. I knew I was doing the right thing for my health by having the surgery. I can still say that 12 years post-op.

    BTW, I've entered you as co-leader. You will receive a message and once you ok it, it will be official.

    Best to you, Paula! You are doing great!
    2194 days ago
    Funny how some folks think their own opinion has more value and is more knowledge based than your own.
    You take care of you however you need to.
    God already knows about all the rest!

    Speedy recovery.
    2196 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/17/2012 12:46:28 AM
    Please know that you are doing great! I know God will bless you as you move forward on your journey.

    I had a similar experience at my church. A good friend told me a week or two before surgery that she was praying that God would stop my surgery. She said I should just eat right and the weight would come off. As if I had not tried that for many years. She also said she was concerned as it was such a dangerous surgery.
    I too had done my research, prayed about God's will for me for two years before I committed to the surgery. It really hurt me that she would even tell me that she was praying for God to prevent my surgery. I was lucky that although my family did not want me to have the surgery they still supported me in my decision. I also had many other friends who were praying for my surgery to be successful.

    Now that I have lost most of the weight the woman admits that I look much healthier and have more energy. She still does not say that having the surgery was a good decision but that is ok. I know God is proud of me for I have worked hard on the journey.

    I know that you have done your research. I know that you have prayed about the decision. I know that you are working hard to make this a success! I would tell her that you know that you made the best decision for your health and that God has supported you in your efforts and that you hope she will be just as successful in weightloss surgery efforts. I think this is just a case of where you need to turn the other cheek and forgive her and then move forward with your successful new life!

    FYI - The 5 year success rate for lapband is only about 34% and for gastric bypass is abot 74% so you never know. She may not be as successful as you at 5 years post op.

    2196 days ago
    You don't know me Paula so you can just ignore me if you would like.....

    Do what's right for you and you won't go wrong. People will always speak thier thoughts even if it hurts or upsets the ones around them. I'm glad you did what was best for YOU and stuck to your gun's.....
    Sometimes you just have to say a prayer for people like that and a short prayer that you can keep your own opinions silent! LOL
    Congrats on the new start to the rest of your life!!!!!
    2196 days ago
  • THATGIRL0515
    face palm this woman!
    2196 days ago
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