Moving from FL to NC: Is that moving North or South?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The time has come for yet another corporate relocation... probably back to Charlotte NC, but I'll look at other areas as well (let me know if you've got a recommendation for where a mid-40 single looking to spend quality time with a nice guy interested in living a healthy lifestyle might want to consider living). I've lived in Charlotte before, but was trying to continue a long-distance relationship with a New Yorker, so not sure I had the full Charlotte experience!

My regular travel route will be from Columbia SC - Raleigh NC - Richmond VA and VA Beach, Baltimore MD, and DC. But any given day could find me in DC or anywhere within the other 4 states. I've joined all the teams, so if I can, I'd like to join any Spark team events going on within my geographic travel area!

So the question to be answered: Am I moving North to live in the South? Florida is certainly geographically south of the above mentioned states, but living in a metro Florida city can hardly be considered living in the South! So back to having four season, avoiding "Sweet Tea" at every meal, and time to learn a new set of restaurants and stores to support my dietary needs.

Best News - I will not be derailed! If I've made it the past 8 months, then I know I can survive something as minor as another corporate relocation!

PS - I'll always be Tink - and TampaTink67 on Spark, but in life I will now be a Tampa-Tinker-Southern-belle

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    Having lived in Ohio for 12 years - then moving to South Florida for 34 years & now living in NC for the past 17 years you are definitely moving "south" when you move up here. My sister still lives in Stuart, FL & always says she is coming "down" when she is coming to visit me. There is absolutely nothing "southern" in Ft. Lauderdale, FL or Tampa either - at least not compared to the Tar Heel state emoticon
    2501 days ago
    Here in the Raleigh area we refer to those who start north, head to Fla and then end up settling in NC as "Half Backs". You moved south but then came only "half back" to the North! But we are definitely "South". Sweet Tea, Shrimp and Grits, BBQ are all part of the culture. So's the humidity! But that's why they invented air conditioning! Welcome back.
    2501 days ago

    I'm no help. The furthest "South" I've been was actually East from California to Little Rock, AR and Memphis, TN, then back. I've never made it to the deep South. (Though on the same note I always have to laugh when my best friend in Edmonton, AB, Canada, says I live in "the South". To him everyone in the U.S. is Southern.)
    2501 days ago
    I wish you a great move to a terrific place! I am impressed with your can do attitude and you do a great job rolling with what gets thrown at you!
    Keep us posted...we are here!
    emoticon emoticon
    2501 days ago
    I grew up in Jacksonville area and moved to Charlotte at 28. I still consider this the south but growing up thought the north was anything over the FL/GA border.

    Tampa is a great place to live. My brother and his family just moved there after living in Gainesville for almost 20 years.

    So welcome back! A great place to exercise is close to Midtown - near the "new" Target. The New Sugar Creek trail walk is wonderful. They have done so much work on it. You can go from Freedom Park to CPCC or to Park Rd shopping center in the other direction. But it is gorgeous!
    2501 days ago
    Speaking as a North Carolinian I am happy living here. Have visited many states and traveled to Europe , but, wouldn't trade this place for any since this is home. I'm sure most would say the same for their home state, but, you are right about sticking to SP anywhere you go. You can do it! emoticon
    2501 days ago
    Well can't say much for the other places, I've always lived in SC, upstate to be more precise, and you have to be precise in SC. Because here in the mountains and foothills, we do things differently than they do in the Lowcountry or in the Midlands. SC regions are as diverse as the US, and so are the residents. I can tell you a lot about the upstate area, but I'm doing good when I find Columbia and Charleston. I am sure you will enjoy where ever you live. We look forward to seeing you on SP, no matter where you live.
    As for Sweet Tea, that was the hardest thing to give up for me. Thank you Lord for Crystal Light and Splenda, (Wal Mart brand of course).
    Keep Smiling
    2502 days ago
    NC is definitely still in the South! Authentic "Deep South", if you want a category. We're geographically south, but FL is a world of its own. We don't really "qualify" as Southerners, so far as those in the Carolinas and " 'ginny" and all are concerned! Some of us tend that way, but it's more individual than things are up there.

    I love cities like Charlotte. I love Savannah, GA ... which has some similarities. I guess places like N'Orleans would feel familiar to others around the old Southern towns closer to the coast. It's a different pace and a different world. A better one, to my temperament. Some find it too slow and stifling. But it's a breath of freedom for me. I hope you'll find a wonderful place where you can put down a few veggies! I have fond memories (MANY moons ago) of a tiny little town called "Highlands". Beautiful area.

    I wonder if there's a way, and what the cost would be, to "bribe" you to pick me some of those unbelievably sweet, tiny, wild alpine strawberries you can only grow around there, and that just don't transplant?!? (Believe me, I've tried) Seriously. I neeeeeeeed some! I hate these big monsters we get here! Send me an invoice! LOL

    Please DO NOT disappear from us! Put me on your update list for when you change your screename! You're family now, you can't just vanish in a vapor!

    2502 days ago
    you are moving north... kind of LOL. I am a big fan of the Raleigh area! Good luck with your move!
    2502 days ago
    There are a lot of single men in Toronto and regular flights out of Buffalo to any of the cities you mentioned - just sayin?

    Doesn't Toronto Tink have a certain ring to it?

    I am sure you will find health and happiness where ever you land - you seem to be on the right track and committed to your plan.

    All the best.
    2502 days ago
  • CAROLJ35
    Good Luck in wherever you settle. We are transplants from PA to NC and now live in FL half the year. Got the best of both worlds!!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2502 days ago
    You can do it wherever you are! And yes, you're definitely moving south. North Florida is south. Our part of Fla isn't.
    2502 days ago
  • KMMR87
    Truly an OMG blog. You actually travel THAT much? I am so very impressed.
    2502 days ago
    I think you are definately moving north to the south lol! I know about relocations I have been relocating with my husband every two to three years. Charlotte is def a really fun place. I am pretty partial to North Carolina it has been my favorite place to live! Enjoy it emoticon
    2502 days ago
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