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Grateful and Blessed~

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Today I am feeling so grateful that I have arms, legs, hands, feet, a mind and body that works pretty well! I know I am more fortunate than many people in the world and I have to remember, on days when my arms hurt so bad it's not easy to even lift hand weights, or when my knees swell and make it difficult to walk or my head aches, my hands are stiff and my neck too, to be thankful! My body has issues from years of not being cared for as well as it could have and health battles, but I do my best to deal with it all on a daily basis. I've never given up, almost, but I'm pretty stubborn and I'm not the giving up type.

I feel like I've got so much more to do with my life, I just need to change my thinking and my attitude about how I see and feel things. I'm a positive person, thinking, speaking and acting positive, but even I have my moments when I feel discouraged and have to work a little harder to pull myself up and out of the murk. This is where a few good friends, (from far away) and here at SparkPeople, the people and support is so important, needed and appreciated! Because I work at home, I love staying home, surrounded in my comfort zone and all the things I love.

I had a feeling with the new year, things were going to change. I felt I was going to be put to the test with some of my fears and have to just put some of them behind me and move forward. I also knew it may not be easy, but I was speaking and believing it would be. *smile* My husband, who's a disabled Vietnam Veteran, is involved with several organizations and is also an officer in two that do a lot of good things for Veterans. I am also involved, but in just the last few months, I've been called to do even more in a much bigger way and inside my heart, I want to do more and be totally involved, but that little voice inside my head is saying, "Oh gosh, that means I have to dress up more, get out more and be out in the public more!" As an Author, you would think this is something I would be used to, but... I'm not, not yet. I have many things in the works and losing weight and increasing how I feel about my self image, on the outside and my energy level, are two things I feel have held me back at times. I do not like flamboyant affairs or having my picture taken. I haven't felt good in my body for a while now and early this year, I felt strongly, all of this HAD to change because so much of my dreams coming true depend on it!

I know many of you understand this, even though I help others learn to find their inner power and let go of the past and heal, I too have been doing this for a long time and I finally feel good inside, now the outside has to follow! I'm learning more here at SparkPeople than I even imagined and being here keeps me going, even if I'm in physical pain, I just keep doing something positive to move my body and build stronger muscles, eat better and be better every day! I get discouraged too, because it seems slow and I have pain, but I know in the long run, it's all going to be wonderful and something I've dreamed of now for a long time. I cannot give up, even if some days are a bit slower than others. I know every day is a new opportunity to change my life for the better and move forward!

Thank you to everyone that's already been so supportive and helpful, I truly appreciate YOU!! emoticon

Blessings and smiles,
Fran-Mysti~ emoticon
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    Hi Puddy2,
    Thank you for your comments. I love your dogs picture, so cute! I'm sorry to hear you've been in the hospital lately, I try to stay away from there for sure! I know one of the things that helps me keep going is my positive attitude and helping others. Yes, there are always others that have worse problems than us and sometimes we just have to step back and see the bigger picture. I like how here at SP people help each other and its not just about one, but about all! Wishing you well too, looking forward to keeping in touch! emoticon
    Peace & blessings,
    Fran-Mysti~ emoticon
    2227 days ago
    Hello Iamagemlover, its nice to hear from you. I'm sorry I'm a bit slow getting back to you, I've had a nasty cold for about a week and I'm just beginning to feel somewhat better. I understand what you mean about physical therapy, pain, degenerating parts and crying. That's where some of my issues began too. Like you, I can walk, sometimes with a cane, sometimes without, but I feel very blessed and have to remember to count my blessings. I know for many of us, life isn't easy, but I know it could be worse. I love talking to people that have what seems, worse than me, and hear how grateful they are for what they have and what they can do. I've been helping others for years, but until my weight got really high due to health issues, I never really thought about asking others for help too. Yes, its a great place to be and get support, thank you SparkGuy!
    Thank you for taking the time to say, "thank you." emoticon
    Blessings~ emoticon
    2227 days ago
  • PUDDY2
    thank you for writing this blog,sometimes you can feel very self centred when you are in so much pain i have been back at the hospital quite a bit recently and you see some people with terrible illness and injuries that you realize just how lucky you are,there are a lot of people worse off.wishing you all the best. emoticon
    2227 days ago
    I started physical therapy today, and I was thinking how lucky I am. I have pain in my knees, sometimes they are so swollen, I can't get pants on. I have degenerative disc disease and sometimes my back hurts so bad I cry. But I can walk usually without a cane. When I saw some of the people at the hospital, in wheel chairs, and cripples, or without legs, I realized how lucky I really am. I have my challenges physically, emotionally, and financially, but I can hear, see, talk and walk. I have a beautiful apartment, and enough food to eat. I may shop at thrift stores but I have clothes on my back and shoes on my feet. I drive a 1989 car, but I have one. My father passed away, but I still have a wonderful mother that I love dearly and that loves me. I have friends that care about me and I have my spark family. I am truly blessed. Boy we really are lucky aren't we. Let's all cheer for Sparkguy who started this wonderful site.

    emoticon for writing this blog. Funny how I was thinking the same thing this morning and I find your blog on the friend feed. I feel really special now, I do.
    2231 days ago
    Thank you very much Ruthie, I'm so glad it helped you and you enjoyed it! Thank you for the well wishes on my journey... wishing you the same. ((hug)) emoticon
    2231 days ago
    Thank you for writing this. It helped me on my journey as well. Wishing you the best of everything! Ruthie
    2231 days ago
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