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The Truth About Weight Loss...or at least mine

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Trust me, if I can do it, anyone can. I have had to step out of my comfort zone on many occasions to get where I am. For instance, working with a trainer. I don't like meeting new people and often times don't like the new people I meet. Starting with a trainer was very difficult for me, and now I am having to start all over with another trainer which I am very unsure about. It's taking a lot of encouragement from my first trainer to get me to continue with training even though I know I need to keep going.

It's a lot of hard work. I have tried it before and failed. Fear of failure is still there, but I keep pushing. The last 7-8 weeks have been even more difficult. I only lost 2 lbs in the month of March. As I told my trainer, all month long I was clawing my way through it. Had it not been for my sessions with my trainer, I would have quit. It is hard work. Not just physically, but mentally. Fighting against temptations that all your life you have just given into. Saying "no" to yourself when all you want to do is say "yes", when all you have ever done is say "yes". I have been doing it now for 9 months and it is no easier now then it was 9 months ago.

I am not just making changes to my outside, but am fighting against my inside to change. Change the way I think, the way I feel, the way I deal with my feelings, the way I talk to myself or about myself. I have lifelong habits I am trying to change and it's going to take years before they are changed and even then, it's still going to be hard work. The hardest part is knowing and accepting that the things I am doing to lose weight are the things I will need to continue doing for the rest of my life in order to keep the weight off. Yes, it is supposed to get easier over time and maybe it will. But all I can attest to is that 9 months in and it's no easier then day 1. But it's worth it.

Now, after saying all that, I want to explain what I mean when I use the word "hard". It's not hard to count calories. It's not hard to go to the gym and work out. It's not hard to do what needs to be done in order to lose weight. It's not hard to lose weight. What is hard is the battle that comes with doing all the right things. It's hard not to become an obstacle in your own way. Not to talk yourself out of going to the gym, not to eat that piece of cake, or in my case hot cheetos and cheese dip with a pepsi. Hmmmm. Yummy. Or reeces. I could eat those all day. It's hard to remember why you are doing all of it. Motivation comes and goes throughout the entire journey. It's not always there. What is hard is continuing on when you are not motivated because that is when you defenses are down and you are a million times more likely to say "yes" to whatever and once you say "yes" the next "yes" becomes easier, and then the next and then the next and before you know it, you are gaining weight. Then you gotta start all over again and believe me when I tell you it feels just like starting all over again. It doesn't take as long to get back into routine, but just because you see the number on the scale going up, or your clothes getting tighter or you even make the decision to start again, that doesn't even mean the motivation will be there.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Honestly...probably one of the best blogs I have read on here.
    You are honest with yourself. You know that it is hard. But you also know that it is worth the effort.
    You have all the tools you need to succeed!
    2230 days ago
    I know there's studies out there that show that things become a habit if they're done consistently for an amount of time. Of course, the studies vary considerably in what that amount of time is - 3 weeks, 4 weeks, 9 weeks, 9 months. I think something you mentioned really touches on why some habits are harder to learn and keep in - when we're fighting the inside me and the old habits that have had years of being done. That's what can make it hard, because the new habit doesn't have the strength yet of the old habit.

    It does get easier, but not all of it all at once. Usually we see it when a Sparker is just dumb-founded to have been confronted with something that a year or two ago would have been their downfall ... and doesn't even feel tempted. They can't even say when it stopped mattering to the inner them; they just know they've broken that chain.

    So emoticon to you for fighting and clawing your way through the difficult times and sticking with it for 9 months so far.
    2230 days ago
    Though it sounds like things have been tough recently, you are sticking with it!! My progress is coming in bits and pieces and I am finding it helpful to remember the week/months that were successful to get me through those that are not. In those tough times remember, you have done it before, you will do it again!
    2230 days ago
    I'm sorry to hear that it is still hard for you 9 months down the line. That makes the fact that you're still here even more meritable. I can sincerely say that I don't have the same experience as you. at 7 months the way I'm eating now feels so natural and normal. It did even by 3 months. I'll have my odd day where my body will go "go buy a truckload of chocolate" but on a day to day basis I feel completely at ease with the way I eat. Have you given up sugar and white flour? If not, then this may be the reason you still struggle. On past diets (where I lost massive amounts of weight) I continued to eat sugar and flour and diet Coke and I experienced the same struggles you do because my body kept craving more foods with these in them until inevitably came the day that my binge didn't stop and then I was "off" the diet for good again. This time I cut out the "white" foods and that stopped all the cravings so I'm no longer battling against the voice that's asking for processed foods. Worth a try? I think it would help you greatly and you would finally be free of the urge for Doritos and Reeces and stuff. I promise you it is a LOT easier than you think. It must be....I did it!!

    Well done for fighting onwards despite it all, and congratulations on your weight loss so far. You deserve it because it's been such a battle for you. emoticon emoticon
    2230 days ago

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    2230 days ago
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