it's only 10 am and i feel amazing ;p life is good

Sunday, April 15, 2012

hi spark

i have been trying to find a balance between my garden and spark ;p

bc i have a ton to learn still ;p

i made a gardening channel in youtube...so that is my outlet for that part of my life

feel free to chk it out.
excuse my amature video.....totally new to me...it's nerve racking.
i m hoping youtube gardening peep are as nice and supportive as sparkpeople ;p

i already spent sometime in the garden this morning....i am very happy.

you know....i never thought i had a gardener in me lol

heck...i never thought i'd be a runner!!!

open your mind!
embrace change (yike, i hate change.....but that got me fat and miserable!)

just a quick heads up.....
after the marathon......i haven't forgotten my wish list of completing p90x
pull up and push up and chattaranga ;p

it's just i really can't physically do all of that with marathon training,..
it's hard enough with the mental challenge.....adding physical soreness...lol not fun

so i will push back my running to just 3-5 miles (lol just, i know right)
move forward with p90x for about 1 month!!!

then,... I am off to china and home home!
well, i want to stay fit, so i am thinking running in china or doing a ton of walking touring around

and at home, we got a Pool!!!! so wooohoo!

and when I come back in aug....my garden will be a mess hahaha
and i plan to do the great race 10k again ;p or the 5k....it was more FUN

the 10k was way to serious ;p

i decided i want to ENJOY running ;p
i think after the marathon....i have done all my milestone running stuff

yeah yeah yeah triathlon is still ringing at the back of my head!
not right now ;p

see i am finding balance, prioritizing ;p

learning everyday

spark on
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