Amazing Run this morning! and retrospective marathon training tips

Saturday, April 14, 2012

hi spark

I woke up at 7 to run!
seriously the last time I did that was c25k days!
when I was super charged about running!

I had the most amazing, no music run on my HILLS

Mental healing has begun.

as I was running, I was thinking about my anxieties ;p

it all stemmed from the ski trip in CO.
the high altitude and thin air did a number on my body ;p

what does it feel like?( for those who NEVER experienced it.)

it feel EXACTLY like when you push yourself to the max on a CARDIO exercise
and you can't CATCH your breath!

you CRAVE oxygen, but your biggest GASP of air yield NOTHING
and your throat hurt, b/c it was freezing cold air

and then you start to panic b/c you feel like passing out.

And on top of that it makes you very FATIGUE, you feel like you just ran you longest distance race. aches and pain and shortness of breath!


well, coming off this ski trip....every time I run and FEEL any of the above symptom.

I FREAK OUT!!!!!!!!!!! hence panic attack ....hence BAD RUN


SO today I realized it, and started working out the feeling and issues ;p
recognizing it for what it is....no altitude...but normal running symptoms

best part! I CAN BREATHE and it's ALL GOOD!!!!!!!


retrospective marathon training tips

1) Don't FOCUS on the distance too much....

I lost focus.......I was soooooo focus on the distance....I stopped the hills, cross etc training that is EXTREMELY important too.

2) FIND at least 2 place to run!! preferably different terrain

YES it gets monotonous. Good for you mentally!
because when one gets too hard, too bored you have a back up!

3) Listen to your body, not the schedule

4) REALISTC goals!

5) ACCEPT that there will be FAILURES

fueling, weight gain, decrease in over all pace!
it's not a 5k, it's 26.2 or 13.1 miles!!!

that sums it up!!!!

but MAN, it was a great run, I ran ALL my hilly neighborhood ;p
it was 3 miles. really hilly

steeper then the pittsburgh marathon..so I will be in a good place about panic

22 days in counting

spark on

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