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Forty Reasons Why I Work Out

Friday, April 13, 2012

I've just been sparked by the title of this Daily Spark blog, "100 Reasons You Should Work Out Today."

I haven't read it yet. Wondering: Could I think of 100 reasons why I do / should work out? Well, since I'm 40 pounds down from my start weight, I decided to go with the number 40. I've found 40 reasons, and I'm here to share them with you. So, in no particular order . . .

I work out because:

1) It gives me greater energy
2) I want to lose weight
3) I want to lower my cholesterol
4) It helps to boost my spirits and minimize depression
5) I want to be strong
6) I want to open a sealed jar when I’m 80
7) I want to have a healthy heart
8) I want to have healthy lungs
9) I want strong bones and joints
10) It improves my posture
11) It results in functional fitness in my daily life
12) It boosts my self-confidence
13) I feel better
14) I want to look better
15) I want to eliminate / avoid medications
16) I no longer get that afternoon slump when I exercise regularly
17) I can eat more
18) It gives me self-respect
19) Making a healthy choice makes me stronger mentally and emotionally
20) I want to be able to bend down and place my palms flat on the floor
21) I’d like to run some day
22) My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit
23) I believe God wants me to take care of my body; if I don’t take care of myself, no one else will
24) It helps me handle stress
25) I am responsible for my success
26) I want to reach my goals
27) I want to be unstoppable
28) I want to make choices with my logic, not my emotions; and choosing to workout is doing that
29) I want to motivate others to a healthier lifestyle
30) I want to do my part to remain healthy and not be a burden to others as I grow older
31) I want to break through my season of pain to my stage of knowing I will succeed
32) Choosing what is good for me instead of what I want will help me learn to embrace this journey
33) I get sick less
34) I get fewer headaches when I work out
35) It will strengthen and equip me to be able to do the things I need to do without shame or discomfort
36) I don’t want to let those down who have showed faith in and encouraged me
37) It teaches me self-discipline
38) Making the time in a busy schedule to work out is a good discipline in time management
39) I like to hear my trainer say, “you just lifted 15 pounds with your weak shoulder”
40) I’ve never regretted a healthy choice

Now, I am headed to read the blog. I'm finding that my list could go on, and I am sure after I have read it, I will find lots of things that echo my reasons that I haven't listed here, but I wanted to ponder this and make my own list before I read another one.

I dare you to make your own list. I plan to print mine out and keep it handy for motivation. In fact, I think I plan to do some research on the benefits of exercise.

If I start seeing all of the benefits - wow, what fuel for motivation that will give! Because, you know, I have found, that when the motivation isn't there, it is time to make your own.

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