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Friday, April 13, 2012

Maintenance and Maintaining.
Thirteen weeks of maintenance and I have varied from my goal weight of 135 by only a few lbs one way or the other. I set a range of 135 to 140. I even got down to 133 for a few days. But have never went past 138.
I still track my food everyday. Try to stick with the food I list. If I vary off by much I will change what I ate that day.
I always stay at the low range of my calories. That way I am giving myself a little room for something unexpected or a few more bites of something.
Some have asked me ,"Why do you still track"? I do it to stay accountable. I know almost to the calorie what I am eating. I have been on this journey for over two years.
But in reading others people remarks on maintenance, it seems when they stopped tracking and got complainant they started to gain. I have no intention of that happening to me.
I find it no more of an chore to track my foods everyday than brush my teeth.
I like to see just what value I 'm getting that day out of my food. Sometimes I find that my sodium level is too high, I have a chance to change what I am eating before I eat the food and raise my sodium. Sodium is one nutrient I have trouble with. So many foods have salt in them. So regardless of my not using the salt shaker, I still find myself getting too much salt .
There is not much difference in what I do now to maintain than what I did when i was losing weight.
I still have a water bottle with me 24/7. It's so important to stay hydrated.
I don't weight myself as often. Used to be daily. Now it's every few days. If I see the scales stay at higher number for more than two days I address the issue , don't put it off. I cut some calories or watch very careful the sodium. Maybe workout a little more.
I do have a very sluggish metabolism, and the doctor has me on some pills to raise it.
I don't have a thyroid , and even though I take pills, once the thyroid is messed up it messes with the metabolism.
A member just asked me today ,"How do you stay motivated and not gain some of the weight back.?"
There are so many reasons, let me list a few.
1. I feel healthy, I look healthy, I am healthy.
2. No more high blood pressure.
3. No more C-Pac to sleep.
4. No more diabetes.
5. Don't have problem choking of food, from too much fat in my neck.
6. No more 65% lung function. With the fat gone I can breath at 100%.
7. I can climb stairs, ladders, hike, walk.
8. Can fasten my car seat belt.
9. When I fly I don't have to buy 2 seats. Or get a extension for my seat belt.
10. When I fly I can move up and down the aisle with out knocking into everybody.
11. I can use the small airplane restroom without getting stuck.
12. I can sit in booths.
13. I can sit any where in the theater.
14. I can sit in flimsy patio chairs. They don't break , or I don't get stuck in them.
15. I can hook my bra in the back.
16. I can tie my shoes or fasten my sandals.
17. I can clip and file my toe nails, give myself a pedicure.
18. I can look down and see my feet. Boobs & tummy don't get in the way.
19. I can easily take care of my personal hygiene.
20. Cleaning house is not a monumental chore any more.
21.I can lay on any side in the bed. Even my back. Turning over is easy.
22.I have energy to exercise and workout..
These are just some of the reasons I am so glad I lost weight and will do all I can to maintain my body at this weight.
But one of the biggest reasons is: I don't ever want to wear this size clothes again. This is a pair of brown linen capri pants and a tee top both in size 4X.
The last time I wore them was June 2010, to a dinner out with friends. I had already lost 60 some pounds, I used a belt to hold them in some. I was showing some of my friends how far I had come in six month.
Here is the difference in what I ware now.
The coral pants and top are a size 8.
I love clothes. I love to shop for clothes. I feel good in my clothes. Something I never felt in a size 1X,2X,3X, 4X, or 5X. No matter how hard I tried, when you are that big, it's hard to hide the fat. , You feel uncomfortable.
So if nothing more than my being vain and loving clothes keeps me at this weight, so be it.
I went shopping Wednesday at one of my favorite thrift stores. Looking for summer clothes. Filling in on a few items I needed.
I like the look of white linen pants, have three pairs. I also like to ware tank tops, but I don't want my arms to reveal the loose skin so I usually ware a light shirt or jacket over the top sometimes. It's cool here in Salem some evenings so you need something.
Here's one of my finds I put together.
I had the pants. yellow top, yellow thong wedges, my jewelry, I paired it with the royal blue blouse ,worn as a jacket. All these items but jewelry are from the thrift shops. The royal blue blouse cost me $3.50. When you add up the cost of he other clothes ,the whole outfit cost $21.00.
I am wearing a lot of yellow and blue this summer.
Here's another find.
Same white pants, yellow wedges, but royal blue top and yellow jacket shirt.
The shirt $6.00, blue tee $2.50.
I bought this black and white top, it fits at the bust and ties at the side. The cut is so flattering if you are a little fuller a the waist. Which I am.
I paired it with black pants but could also work with white. Did you notice I put my cute red wedge shoes with it. I love red shoes. It's just the pzazz you need to make a outfit sizzle. A flash of color. Black and white top cost $4.20.
I got a pair of ultra skinny jeans and this print top. Jeans $3.00 and top $1.80.
I like bright colors and I got these new, still have store tag, salmon colored jeans.
for $5.00. Shown with a yellow top, but I have lots of tops to ware with them, even some the same color.
I was almost ready to leave the store when I saw this brown top on the rack,. It's a nice knit with some silver detail at the neck. Looks nice with cream pants and my roman sandals. I bought them last year at the thrift shop.

These are the shoes shown with the outfits, all from the thrift stores.
Yellow flat thongs, I got for $1.50. The yellow wedge's paid $4.99.
Roman strap sandals, $4.99. The brown two strap sandal, $2.50.. The red Mary Jane wedge heel, costs. me $7.99. These are some very nice name brand shoes too , like Enzo Angiolini, Cole Haan,Bandolino, and Kelly & Katie.
My Wednesday shopping excursion cost me $24,21. I had a coupon for one free item if I bought 4. I ended up with 5 tops and 2 pants. Not bad for what I got. The salmon colored jeans regular price was $24.99. The only thing wrong with them, they were missing a button at the waist. I have already put a new one on.
Being able to buy fashionable clothes at these prices an put myself together with style it a dream come true.
At one time I didn't think I would ever ware anything smaller than a 5X. I had got so big and was starting to go on line to buy clothes. For not many stores carry larger than 4X.
But that was over two years ago, and I am not looking back, or going back.
It's live today ,plan for tomorrow and those days of obesity are just a memory.
More like a nightmare. But I got through it and came out stronger than before in more ways than one.
I have been home for a couple of days with some kind of virus.
Spending lots of time in bed, sleeping. I have managed to get out both days and walk with my little buddy, Titan. Today was the hardest, I was getting so dizzy and staggered a few times. if someone saw me, probably thought I was drunk.
I have been comming down with this for a week, I kept fighting it off, but finally it got too much for me to fight off. I will do all I can to get better as soon as I can. But I won't do more than I am capable of until I feel I am well. I am impatient, have to learn to slow down, somethings take their own sweet time.
Take care everyone, stay positive, believe in yourself.
Peace and Love,

PS. I shopped at Value Villaage for these latest buys. Wedensday is 40% off senior's day. See, there are some benifits to being a senior. Smile!! Also bought a couple of items on the 1/2 price tag colored sale of the week. Without this % off I would have spent $48.93. So besides shopping at thrift stores, I choose to do my shopping when I get the best buy for my money. Yes, I am a very thrifty shopper.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Love your new awrdrobe. I, too am a thrift store shopper. Amazing what bargains you can snag. Congratulations on your transformation from unhealthy to vibrant. I would never recognize you as the same person now, seeing the 12/24/09 photo.
    3229 days ago
    I love shoes and those red ones really spoke to me. LOL.
    3230 days ago
  • FRANCO1230
    Wow, ok, your weight-loss story is obviously beyond impressive....but, heck, I am stupified by your thrift store finds!!! Way to go and keep on keepin' on!
    3231 days ago
    Your story is MY story too. LOVED the list of all the things you (we) can do now! I love sitting in any chair I want--they all fit--with room to spare. No more worry about those flimsy lawn chairs collapsing under our weight. If they collapse, they are BAD chairs--that's ALL!

    I too love clothes and it is a huge motivator for me to keep my weight off. I LOVE going to my closet every morning and picking out something pretty to wear. I've bought way too much and wasn't as thrifty as you, but I love everything in my closet. For so many years I bought everything from the catalogs because, as you say, stores often don't carry larger than 4X's, and I was solidly in a 5X for many many years. I LOVE your purchases--so colorful and so many pretty shoes to go with all the outfits. I LOVE the vivid colors too, bright pink, yellow, orange, blue and red! Those bright colors are so popular right now and I have lots of things in every color. But I can't wear any shoes with a heel, so sadly I am relegated to flats when I know how much better I would look with any kind of a heel. Maybe when I get my knees done.....?

    As I have often said, when I started on my journey, I only wanted to get healthier. I knew I was digging myself an early grave with my spoon, and I now I had to STOP or suffer the consequences. Yes, I got healthy. But I also found a whole world out there with wonderful fun things to do and so much self confidence to do them all! We are definitely the smart ones!
    3231 days ago
  • BEATRIZ269
    Trisha this blog as all your blogs rock. You are so right to be vigilant and i see how happy you are in your weight loss and those health improvements are outstanding. I appreciate your sharing as inspiration and an example to how this can be done.

    I wish all the best to you. emoticon . emoticon
    3233 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/22/2012 3:42:48 PM
  • no profile photo CD5993697
    This was really an inspiring post. I love your list of reasons for staying motivated and I will look back on this post often for inspiration on my down days.

    I still have to force myself to journal..I know that it is a secret to weight loss success...I need to kick my butt into gear and just start...writing down everything no matter how bad it is.

    I also love shopping at Thrift stores but I don't have any where I live...I save that shopping when I go back home to the US on vacation :) You really do have a fashion sense and I love the black and white outfit the most with the red shoes...which I love BTW emoticon

    Hope you feel better soon emoticon
    3238 days ago
    You ARE a thrifty shopper - high five for you! And I'm with you 100% on continuing to track your calories and keep up with your exercise once you've attained maintenance. Just gotta do it! It's too easy to fall back to old habits, just too dang easy. Sigh. Love your quote about it being worth it.
    3239 days ago
  • SUE_2U
    Wonderful blog and actually so inspiring. Your list is really what I want in my life.
    Also, I want those clothes! You have made some wonderful bargains! I used to get some fantastic clothing in thrift stores and I miss being able to shop for common sizes.
    3240 days ago
  • QTEALADY20031
    Tisha, you really do find some great buys at your thrift stores and really put your outfits together very well. I love the black and white blouse and the blue and yellow outfits. I guess you cannot believe at one time you were 4x and look at you now, a size 8!!! Tisha, you are right, to be accountable one must track and know what one puts in their mouth. I congratulate you on your maintenance program and success. You do know what you need to do and you do it. I hope you feel better soon. emoticon June
    3240 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/15/2012 7:25:05 PM
    I don't mind tracking at all. It seems fairly easy to me. But, when I've overdone it on something, I am embarrassed to write it down. I still try to make myself do it--if I can't be honest with myself, how will I be honest with anyone else?? I'd love to go shopping with you. I, too, shop at thrift stores, but I never find anything as nice or cute as your great buys!! Hope you're feeling 100% now! Hugs, Jeannie
    3240 days ago
    Oh Tisha, I just LOVE your blogs, and your shopping spree ones are so great! They show just how someone can truly shop on a budget and look like a million! I love those red wedge shoes...and you really know how to coordinate your pieces! Thank you for sharing!
    Your list of reasons for keeping weight off was one I could relate to way more than I would have liked! A good reminder of whyi am doing this other than appearance!
    I hope you feel better...trust me I am still not 100% after 2 weeks! I am thinking it is viral, too, and I, also had the dizzy thing! I have heard many who have this symptom, too! Ugh!
    Take good care of yourself my dear friend! Hugs to Titan!
    3240 days ago
    Love your fashion show ... Thanks! I had a great time shopping for clothes this last week ... Love it, love it, love it! I should mention I'm not much of a shopper and I am a dismal failure in the shoe dept ... one pair of brown, one of black and running shoes - That's a full compliment of shoes for me ... LOL ... yeah, I know ... it's pathetic! Very good blog ... thanks for sharing!
    3241 days ago
    Thanks for sharing, Spark Friend. Your clothes are great and your blog even greater. Hope you feel better soon. emoticon
    3241 days ago
    Impressive and Hopeful all in one post! Thanks for sharing your joy-filled journey and sage counsel! I, too, am convinced that tracking is just an everyday necessity, part of maintaining control, facing reality and being honest.

    Take care of you...we need your measures of HOPE dished out so creatively to remain focused! emoticon
    3241 days ago
    Thank you for another great blog! I am the same way with tracking my food - I don't think I will ever stop! It's so easy for me to slip up when I don't keep track of everything!

    Your new outfits are really nice! You're one hot grandmama!
    3241 days ago
    Tisha,another fabulous and inspiring Blog.When i saw that picture of the different clothes sizes,"Then an Now",i actually said out loud:"OMG!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    Really enjoyed The Fashion Show!My favorite is The White Pants,Yellow Top and The Royal Blue Jacket.The color combination gives The Jacket a nice "Pop".
    I always learn something from your writing. emoticon
    Hope that you are feeling better soon! emoticon
    3241 days ago
    I really loved this blog fashion-finder and celebration of good health and good habits, Tisha my dear! You have such an eye for coordinating amazing outfits.

    Rotten to be felled by flu, and YES: you must take special good care of yourself till it's well and truly out of your system. I know what you mean about needing more patience; me too with such annoying episodes as illness. But pushing ourselves just leads to trouble, so easy does it for a bit.

    Take BEST care of You, please!

    hugs to help you heal

    3241 days ago
    Greatt blog Tisha. So sorry to hear you are still not feeling well. Loving your oufits. That black and white top is my fav.. The prices are fantastic also. My GW is not a cheap but still good.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery,

    3241 days ago
    Tisha, you know how to make me smile. I love your new found freedom (from body fat) And it encourages me to keep going because I long for that freedom too. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Hugs, Gail

    And thank you kind lady for my spices goodie! Did you order them from Penzeys? lol
    3241 days ago
  • VICIOUS421
    Congratulations on how well you are doing on Maintance!!!!!!! That is Awesome!!!!!!! I am looking forward to being able to buy smaller size cloths. I love the outfits you put together!!!!!!!
    You Inspire me to work harder to reach my goals!!!!!!!
    3242 days ago
    Tisha -
    You are definitely an inspiration to us all! I love your sense of fashion and frugality!
    You have put together some great outfits from the thrift shops. Thanks for all the great advice you have given me!
    3242 days ago
  • JILL313
    Tisha, What a motivating and fun blog and fashion show. You hit the "nail on the head" as when I've lost weight in the past then I think I can now take that extra cookie or bite and pretty soon I re-gain weight back. There is no secret it just takes hard work and it never ends no matter if your still losing weight or maintaining it. I love all your GW purchases and you sure have an eye for fashion. I can't even imagine you ever being a 4X as you have even me beat there. . .You look fabulous and you are right the end results are worth all the effort and reading your list just made me more determined.


    3242 days ago
    Love your blog post what an awesome achievement for you! I love how you detail all the benefits of your weight loss, and all your outfits are awesome!!
    I really enjoyed your post and your story is very inspiring. Hope your feeling better very soon! emoticon
    3242 days ago
    Tisha you are the bestest blogger !! I love the pic with the new sized clothes on top of the larger clothes ... what a difference ... you are such an inspiration .... I have always found that I need to list my daily nutrition through all the years ... you are right, it is so easy to get complacent after the weight is off .... you know how it is done ... congratulations on all your accomplishments and thank you so much for being there for US ... we NEED YOU !! Roc
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3242 days ago
    3242 days ago
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