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4/13/12 "Is saying NO to certain foods beneficial"

Friday, April 13, 2012

Why I no longer say no.
I once thought that if I said "NO" to certain foods that I was practicing self control. I would beat myself up every time I would eat the foods on my "no list". I would feel guilty, deprived, angry, upset, and self conscious every time I wanted my "no list foods". It became a daily struggle to not eat those foods. A struggle that I lost every time I binged. I then decided one day that I would no longer say no. I would allow myself to indulge in chocolate fudge brownies, I would eat baked goods, carbs, ice cream, and treats and not feel guilty about it. It took me months to not feel guilty about something I tried to deprive myself of for years. I realized the moment I took the power away from the food I learned how to say no thank you. I also realized that the food no longer had the same appeal. I was no longer controlled by the foods when I put them back on my list. I stayed within my calories but I ate what I wanted. It worked. The food no longer controlled me.
Although I am 254 pounds and have struggled for years with losing weight and most look at me and say ya but you are 254 pounds, I look at them square in the eye and say yes, but I was not always 254 pounds and I just had a baby. I also have medical issues that I was dealing with for the past 5 yrs and now that they are solved I am getting the weight off permanently. Yes, I am starting this journey over again for the last time. I am back to working out now that my baby isn't pushing on my groin, I am eating on my diet plan, and I am now free of the birth control I was using that made me really sick and kept weight on me even though I wad eating 1500 calories a day and working out 2-4 hrs a day.
One of the things I have learned from doing diets that worked was that I was never deprived of dessert. With Slimfast I was even encouraged to eat chocolate bars and drink chocolate milk shakes twice a day. I lost down to 164 pounds without depriving myself by doing a combination of drinking Slimfast, doing Weight Watchers, and counting calories. I learned that I didn't need to deprive myself of tempting foods, I just needed to find alternatives.
Chocolate was my main down fall. I started eating cocoa puffs, chocolate soy milk, and I drink Slimfast or eat a Slimfast bar, if I am craving chocolate. These were healthier ways to overcome my need for a chocolate bar. There is so many healthier choices than the high fat alternatives. I also have learned if I just stay with in my calorie range I no longer have to worry about what I eat.
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    Good for you Brianna. I think the typical NO, NO, NO! approach to changing what they eat is why so many people fail: going on a "diet" is about what you can't have, which OF COURSE makes people focus on the negative. You have a much healthier attitude, which will translate into a much healthier you, in everything from your physical well-being to your relationship with food.

    What kind of chocolate is your favorite? I love chocolate, too, but (thankfully!) most of the "usual" varieties contain milk and I don't eat dairy, so I either bake for myself or splurge on a really nice, rich dark-something and get my fix that way.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon (lol)
    2234 days ago
    I found a lot of those cravings don't happen anymore when I eat right...especially since I try to eat 2 lbs of veggies a day. (1lb steamed & 1lb raw). I don't eat wheat, corn or soy because they make me feel very unwell. It makes shopping interesting since they put that stuff in just about everything. I still eat an occasional piece of chocolate...I just make sure it is organic since I do not consume any artificial sweeteners or processed foods. Since I started this I've been losing approximately 2 lbs a week and feel great. I'm glad you found a way to make this journey a happy one for you too. Food should never make anyone unhappy.

    For those who judge you for your weight, well they should turn their eyes upon themselves and take a good look at what they see. There are worse things than being overweight! emoticon

    Best of luck on your journey!
    2234 days ago
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