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Friday, April 13, 2012

I am just horrible at getting my blogs done.

Last night I had a horrible dream. (On Sunday I am running the Max Muscle 25k. and I am nervous about it since I have never ran that distance. I think my longest run was a 13.4). My dream started off with me all alone at the starting line, but I knew others were there as well, I just could not see them. The run started off fine I got to the turn around and there stood Kashmir yelling at me "come on you can do it", then she gave me a big hug and as I was running back down I heard her remind me not to lean back on my heels" (Thank you Kashmir). Then as I headed back to the finish line, I was wore out and wanted to walk, but then I would see Danielle running towards me and I would tell myself "don't walk Danielle will see" Lol then every time I wanted to walk she came running towards me. I woke up exhausted this morning.

I did 30 minutes of ST workout and 1 hour on the elliptical

I will track my food and I will have an awesome Friday!!!
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