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Friday's Update

Friday, April 13, 2012

I'm very self conscious about my weight. I hate going clothes shopping because of the stupid mirrors. I wish the fitting rooms had curtains that I could pull in front of the blasted things so I wouldn't have to watch my contortions as I squeeze into a pair of jeans.

Probably why I rarely get new

I also hate having people watch me workout. I'd love to have a home gym so I could thump along on the treadmill without beefcakes and skinny chicks running gracefully beside me.

Probably why I tend to go to the cemetery for my walks. No one disturbs me there.

Today though...I'm going to the gym we have at work. It's free. Yup. The only thing it will cost is a little bit of embarassment on my part. My coworker has pledged to come with me so we can both lose our chunk. I'm happy that she wants to support me and get healthy too.

Oh, and did I mention I forgot my sports bra? Ugh.

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    hahaha never thought of going for a walk in a cemetery before hahahaha That is actually a great idea hahahaha
    I remember about 20 yrs ago when I'd go to the gym with my then sister in law and you'd have the guys looking at all the girls (at the time I was thin, but it was after losing a lot of weight and didn't see myself as thin) and these women would wear barely there gym clothing and it was embarrassing to workout because you saw how pathetic they would act.
    When we went it was to get healthy and in shape , but they were going there to try and pick one another up hahahaha
    2198 days ago
    LOL - "Probably why I tend to go to the cemetery for my walks. No one disturbs me there. " Thanks for the chuckle. I used to feel that way about mirrors but now I see them as just a tool. When I see something about my body that I don't like in the mirror, I realize that it's not permanent, that I can do something about it and this is something about MY BODY that I don't like and NOT ME. START LOVING those parts you don't like and by taking care of them and they'll fall in line to your dream body! All the best! OH, and not even Julia Roberts looks good trying on jeans. LOL.
    2198 days ago
  • -SONIA-
    I exercise at home -- in a second floor apartment -- and I stomp, stomp, stomp even though my downstairs neighbor hates me (and my 4 year-old son, who stomps just for fun!) We try to be quiet, but it's hard when I KNOW I NEED to work out! I figure, hey -- my neighbor technically needs to lose more weight than me -- so he could just come up here and join me if the stomping is bothering him! LOL

    Oh, and the cemetery is a great place to walk -- just watch out for zombies! LOL
    2199 days ago
    Go and exercise. So what if anyone looks at you. You are working out for a very good reason...being healthy.
    Do you think the hunks and chicks always looked like they do? No, they worked at it as you and your friend will do.
    GO FOR IT!
    2199 days ago
    i'm glad you found someone to go with ya! I wish I had someone...I'd probably go. I have similar feelings..don't like being watched at ALL, and don't wanna be compared (me others or by myself) to those there who are "better" then me. Enjoy your gym time!!!
    2199 days ago
    What a great step for you! I used to hate working out in front of other people too. I've realized most of it is in my head, they are probably focused on their workouts, not me. And if they are looking at me, hey, at least I'm doing something about my weight.

    Have an awesome workout!
    2199 days ago
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