Evil Mirrors of Doom

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The room was full. There had to be at least 30 women in there of varying sizes, shapes, and fitness levels. They were all chatting with each other, smiling and happy to be there.

It was my second time there. I only knew one person - my cousin. She's the only person I talked to the entire time. It was so intimidating to be the new person. I felt like I was in jr. high or high school on the first day entering the lunchroom and trying to figure out where to sit. Everyone already has their own group of friends and it's tough to break into that.

Of course, this was at the gym so the room was lined with mirrors on ever side. Great. Just what I needed - to be able to critique myself during the class.

Most of the other women were already fit. They were wearing their cute little shorts and their fashionable tank tops and showing off their toned arms and legs. I know they've earned it. I bet they worked hard for those bodies. If they didn't have to work for them, they wouldn't be at the gym.

The class started. I spent a full hour trying to not watch myself look like an out-of-water whale. Mostly I was distracted, though. Zumba is a lot tougher than I thought it'd be and it makes me tired pretty fast. The dance moves were quick, but it was easy to catch on.

And then I saw myself in the mirror. I used to be able to dance. In high school, I was in a show choir that was excellent and I used to be able to do anything they put in front of me. After high school I used to swing dance and even did the flips and tricks. But then I gained weight. My dancing wasn't pretty. It was awkward and not as "sexy" as the other women in the room.

The mirror is EVIL, I tell you. I can't look away from it. It surrounds me on ALL SIDES and every angle is a BAD angle. Every time I look at it, I want to cringe. When I'm not looking at it, I swear I can hear it taunting me. And I know that everyone else in the room can see me in the mirror as well.

At first I was appalled and vowed to never go to Zumba again. But then I realized something. I wasn't the only uncomfortable one in the room. Even some of that fit ladies were struggling. Furthermore, this was a fun way to get an hour of cardio in. To do the same thing on a treadmill can be torture. At least this was making me think and move and sweat. The hour passed quickly. My legs are sore - even more sore than if I had done an hour on the treadmill. My arms are sore. My core is sore. And eventually I will look FANTASTIC in that mirror.

I might look strange doing it, but I had fun. It was hard work but I enjoyed it. I'll be going back - three times a week. I'll get to know the other women who take the class. Maybe I'll even make some friends. My cousin is moving in about 2 months, so I know that I'll need a new friend by then or else I'll feel even more uncomfortable.

I do know that I want to keep going and that the lack of a friend there isn't going to stop me!

After the class, my cousin and I were talking and once again we ran into Yoda. Only, this time it took me a minute to recognize him. He was wearing ACTUAL WORKOUT CLOTHES and not his trainer clothes. We teased him about missing Zumba and he just laughed. He told me that he was proud that I had gone again. Then he headed off for a workout.

We always tease him that we never actually see him work out. Once in awhile we see him lifting weights, but never doing cardio so imagine our surprise when he HOPPED ON A TREADMILL. I kid you not! The boy DOES workout to keep in shape! I was kind of starting to think that he was born that way. Anyway, we teased him about it by taking a picture as proof and I'm gonna show you guys! The picture is kind of blurry. My cousin and I were on the ground floor and he was up on the second. He even kind of posed for it. (That, or he was wordlessly telling me to get to work and to stop teasing him!)

Yay! Yoda works out just like the rest of us. He IS human!!!

Have an excellent Thursday, SparkFriends, and remember that you all are my online-workout buddies and Co-RockStars!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I still haven't been to a Zumba class. It is on my to-do list! You are doing so great!
    2199 days ago
    Hahaha!! I know what you mean about zumba!! I tried it a few times and TOTALLY felt like a huge dork, but I had a huge grin on my face the whole time. It's fun even if you aren't any good at it yet... lol. When my gym closed I lost out on a lot of really cool classes. Oh well, I'll figure something out! Love the Yoda pic!
    P.S. I also HATE the mirrors...
    2200 days ago
    LOL, "he is human"

    You're a brave, brave woman.... just read your blog, and I'm amazed at your personality. You're a kind, awesome, funny person who's kept me laughing for two hours. Keep it up, spark friend!!!! :)
    2201 days ago
  • IONA72
    Great blog, keep up the good work. I have not tried Zumba but feel my co-ordination is not quick enough, I will stick to running!
    2201 days ago
    Those have got to be the worst mirrors..love that you're doing zumba, it's one of my favorite forms of exercise. emoticon
    2201 days ago
    I'm glad you're liking Zumba.. I don't look at the mirrors.. at all!! I'd rather feel like I look sexy in my own mind. I love Zumba. I've lost 36 lbs since going religiously 3 days a week since mid January. I feel great, I even think I look great. I still have 38 lbs to reach my goal, but I am confident thanks to Zumba. I get very cranky when I have to miss it because of an appointment. I'm obsessed!!
    2201 days ago
    I'm glad you got to like zumba eventually - the start of the class with all the strangers and the mirrors sounded scary : )

    2201 days ago
  • HEATHER9360
    Keep up the good work! Believe me, you are not the only one in the class who feels intimidated. You will make friends. I think mirrors are evil, too. But if we keep working at this they can become our best friends!

    Here's to us!

    Have a great day!
    2201 days ago
    It's always good to know that our friends/idols are human too!

    Way to go on the Zumba. My lack of coordination frustrated me too much to try it a second time.
    2201 days ago
    Girl, I am ALWAYS the whale in my pilates class. I think the other ladies like it when I show up. I make them appear much smaller and more graceful. I'm usually the one rolling around on the mat in an attempt to sit up- it is an ugly thing. And I don't need everyone seeing THAT in the wrap around mirrors. At least we are there trying, right? So keep on dancing!!!!! And I'm going to keep on rolling around on the floor!

    2201 days ago
    I haven't tried a Zumba class or any class yet at my gym but one day I will gain the courage to do it lol. I can see the mirrors being a huge blah for me too haha. Good for you for trying new things and keeping up with it. That is a great thing! Zumba looks like fun and I'm glad you had a great time. That trainer is cute ;)
    2201 days ago
    OMG, i HATE the mirrors in Zumba class. I love taking it and dancing, but when I can watch myself I never look as sexy as I feel, but its all mental I know this! I love you blogging every day by the way! And Yoda looks good even from so far away!!!
    2201 days ago
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