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Lost of another pound

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Lost another pound since Sunday. I'm now at 203 pounds. I've lost 12 pounds for the year, 37 pounds lost since 8-31-08, and 72 pounds lost since I graduated high school in 1997 (15 years ago next month). I can REALLY tell that I have lost weight. Got some new shorts about 10 months ago and they are really starting to get baggy on me. I'm having to pull them up every once in a while or else they will fall off. Better get new ones before we go to Minnesota. I better try on my snake print dress and my black dress so I know if I'll be wearing either one of them at my oldest niece's graduation from a community college. Doing the walking in place must of helped more than I thought.

I can tell that I've lost weight besides the shorts being baggy. My back around my waist is a little sore. And I can't lean back in the chair at the computer because my back wants to sit up away from the back of the chair. The pain in my back is very annoying. I'm so close in taking something for the pain.


Took something for the pain in my back. It's helped some but it'll be a while until I can feel better. I am getting a headache and some wrist pain. I was working on a crocheted afghan for my stepcousin's daughter before my dad got up this morning.

There is another way I can tell that I've lsot weight. I can't eat as much food as I use to. Like at breakfast at a restaraunt here in town we go to everyday, I order a veggie omelet, hash browns and wheat toast (without butter). I can eat it all but feel really full by the time I'm done eating. Sometimes I can get full before I'm done but not all the time.

I'm hoping for a chance to go for walks today without any winds. I'm getting sick and tired of the wind. It seems like every time I want to go for a walk. the wind picks up.

Just did something taht I rarely do. Drink a liter (4 glasses) of water before 10am. I'm usually still drinking the first liter by supper. I didn't realize that I was that thirsty. I will refill the bottle and get a fresh bottle of water before we leave the house.


Well, I ended up fixing oatmeal for supper. No popcorn. I haven't figured out what to fix for tomorrow yet.


What a day. I had to go to 3 different places in 2 different towns for the garage here in town. It made the day feel long.

I think that I may have lsot some more weight. Why? I can tell in my abs that I may have lost some weight. I know that I shouldn't check my weight everyday but I will tomorrow. I'm curious. Plus with my shorts hanging the way they were, I am hoping that I'm going the right way.

Tomorrow I'm going to see if the waist of my size 20W olive gren capri pants are a lot looser than they have been here lately. the waist has been tight while the legs of the pants have been baggy. I'm hoping for a loose waist band. Cross your fingers that I get m wish. I'm also going t otry on my 2 dresses tomorrow to see how the fit. It has been a while since I wore the snake print and it was 8 pounds and 10 months ago (in June) since I wore my black dress. So both dresses maybe too big on me.


Forgot to mention tha I've lost inches since 3-27-12. I've lost 4" offof my bod. That feels great. 0.5" off of my neck, 1.5" off of my waist and 2" off of my hips. That is some great motivation to keep going to get osme of the weight off. I'm hoping for more bigger numbers before too long.

The amount of weight that I've lost is the most I've lost in a long time. Probably since I started using SparkPeople in 2008. I'm still hoping to be under 200 pounds before we go to Minnesota next month. So I better get my big butt in gear if I want to achieve that goal. My oldest brother and his wife haven't seen me this small since they got married in December of 1990 when I was at 182 pounds and in the 6th grade.

My back and abs are killing me again tonight. But the back isn't as sore as it was this morning when I was on the computer. I may have to take something again before I go to bed.

We are suppose to get warmer weather this weekend but there is one problem. Rain. So I won't be walking the dog this weekend. Let's see if I can walk the dog before then.

Saw our friend's hubby today. He ended up driving his semi truck home (which the dogs in Mississippi said that he couldn't). He drove from his house to where his wife works (the garage we pick up parts for). You could tell which leg that had the infection. His left leg. But his wife says the swelling has gone down but he says that it isn't down.

I hope that we find out soon when the memorial service for my great aunt is. 2 weeks from this coming Friday is the funeral for my cousin who had Alzheimer's.
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