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I think I may have ruined my wok

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Yea so I was trying to stir fry some beef last night without using oil. I do that quite a bit with broth but I didn't have any broth on hand so I thought it would work with just teriyaki sauce. Not so much. The burning smell was my tip off. Poor DH ate it anyway. I think it had more to do with his 8 mile run than the deliciousness of my cooking, poor thing.

Now I'm not sure how to recapture my wok. I soaked it in baking soda, not sure why really but it sounded like a good idea at the time. Maybe that helped but it's still a mess. I dried it off really well so at least I won't have a rust issue, put the lid back on it to hide the problem, and stuck it in the cabinet. I can't WAIT to do stir fry again. I fear an SOS pad it in its future thus killing the patina of seasoning I had going on.

It wouldn't be so annoying if I hadn't lugged that thing all the way home from Chinatown in San Francisco years ago. I wonder if the TSA would actually let you bring a wok on a plane these day, probably not.

I don't know if its good or bad but just before the cooking incident, we made the command decision to chuck the remains of the Easter feast that was lingering in the fridge. Having it might have saved dinner but it's really for the best. None of it was healthy food, delicous yes but I can't have this sort of thing in the house. MIL insisted on bringing over a huge ham, macaroni dish, banana pudding, and because everything simply MUST involve alcohol the fixings for mimosas. I made a salad, green bean & potato dish, and biscuits just so there would be something I could eat.

All this even though she's had gastric bypass and in theory can't eat that much. Why eat healthy food when you can drink mimosas and have surgery to fix it.

OH yea Easter was...fun.

at least we went hiking on Saturday though

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    What an adventure! Did you try vinegar and simmering it in the wok? It works for my stainless steel...it does burn the eyes a bit tho.
    I'm glad you survived te holiday, but no gravy? :)
    2228 days ago
    egad - steel wool it is

    I was afraid that was the only way to salvage it. I suppose it beats everything I cook in it from now on having a slight burnt taste to it.
    2229 days ago
    I don't know anything about woks myself, but I found this:


    == If one has the misfortune to accidentally burn food in the wok, it will be necessary to take steel wool and scour out the burnt material and then re-season the wok once again. Each time that one has to scour out the wok with abrasive material, then one should re-season the wok. ==

    (Might depend on the material the wok is made of, but sounds like you got a pretty sturdy one.)
    2229 days ago
    My mom had that surgery, and yes you can't eat much at first, but just like our stomachs now, after a while, it'll stretch if you keep pushing it to the limit. My mom isn't as big as she was when she had the surgery, but she's gained a lot back. At first certain things would make her sick, like sugar, but now there's really no problem. Also there are problems with SOME (not all!) people substituting the food they used to eat with alcohol, and it's metabolized differently after the surgery. She became an alcoholic(has been recovering for the last 3 years?). And she still eats super unhealthily. So, yeah, I'm not a fan either, which is why I'm here! :)

    I hope your wok can make a recovery LOL. Good job on getting rid of that stuff!
    2229 days ago
  • CC3833
    haha sounds like a good time! My sister's mother in law is contemplating the same surgery and she doesn't really have a concept of how much she is actually going to be able to eat. Can't say I'm much of a fan of surgery or those meals sent to your house. They don't teach you how to eat they just give you a way to lose weight quickly. What happens when they get off those programs??? The weight comes right back... But glad you made that choice to get rid of that dinner... Keep it going!
    2229 days ago
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