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When the Honeymoon's Over

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My first few weeks on a new health regime are always full of motivation, optimism, and hope. I lose a little bit of weight and feel great about that. Then for some unknown reason, the shine wears off, real life sets in, and I return to my old ways. The old ways that keep me overweight, self-conscious, groggy, and grumpy. Lately I've been feeling really unmotivated. I've had that annoying (and totally untrue) thought that maybe I'm just meant to stay at the weight and size I am. Life is busy, and the fat girl inside me just wants to eat. And sleep.

It occurred to me this morning that when the honeymoon's over, the real journey is just beginning. Much like marriage, love, devotion, and dedication are put to the test when the pretty wears off. So instead of chalking this up to another great spark that fizzled out, I'm in it for the long haul. Is every day calorie perfect? Uh, no. Am I following my self-imposed Turbo Jam 90 day schedule to the letter? Nope. But am I eating healthier and making better choices daily? Yes. Am I exercising every day, even if it's not to a DVD player? Yes. Do I thoroughly enjoy being part of the SP community? Yes.

I'm on Week 8 of my SparkPeople journey, and I am so close to losing a full 10 pounds. I've lost about 8 lbs. and have already hit a small plateau. It's clear that I'll need to tweak my diet and/or exercise, and have a lot of patience. I'm not giving up because I'm busy, tired, or frusturated.

The reality is that I'm changing jobs. The reality is that my daughter is sick and I'm worried. The reality is that my house is a wreck. The reality is that life doesn't have a pause button for me stop the world and pull things together. At one time I would use my realities as excuses NOT to change my diet or exercise. But now I see that they are the very reasons TO do these things.

I guess it's hitting me that this is what it's all about. People that reach their weight loss and fitness goals are called Success Stories for a reason. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it!
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    Sounds to me you are aware on what's going on with you in your life. I have similar experiences with my healthy life, sometimes it goes on autopilot, sometimes it needs more focus to make it happen.

    What I noticed on my life that when there are emotionally hard periods, I am tried, lots of travel, emergencies, lack of speep, or some of these combined, only the well established habits work. Those that are already working without any attention. Building in new habits into my life is difficult these times. So I save the "change it" part to the times when I am fit, rested, and full of energy. But then, I do it.
    2569 days ago
    This is beautifully written and was so good for me to hear right now. To look at my struggling as a sign that I'm in it for the long haul is life-changing for me. Literally, this blog is an epiphany. Thank you.
    2569 days ago
    You are absolutely does happen. Things don't always (or often) come easily and motivation (the external factors that keep us going) will only last so long.

    If you look on, she wrote an amazing post about motivation versus determination that really sums up my feelings too. I am not always motivated, but I am totally determined. My mind is made up that I am the person I wish to be. I am an athlete. I eat like an athlete. I exercise like an athlete. I think like an athlete.

    And guess what? That didn't change when I had dessert and some chocolates on Sunday.

    For me, the idea of being an athlete is what I cling to. Whatever image has power for you, whatever it is you see yourself being, cling to that. Make the choices that will lead you to that.
    2569 days ago
    I hit a plateau too. I started out great and was way way ahead of plan. Then at about the 8 pound mark nothing. I'd lose a pound, gain a pound, lose a pound, gain two, etc

    I figured I had done all the easy stuff so it was going to take more of an effort.

    I sort of did that but didn't make a whole lot of changes and I'm back to losing again (well not counting Easter - oops). I don't know if there is actual scientific fact behind this but I sort of felt like my body needed a chance to get used to what I was doing then went back into lose mode.

    Although I did start paying more attention to the nutrition report. I was consistently low in fat and high in carbs. I've been working on that but it seems odd to say put cheese on something to ramp up my fat, so totally NOT what I'm used to doing but then again what I'm used to doing is how I ended up looking for something else and ended up here.

    so the point is, hang in there

    2569 days ago
    I've thought a lot about why this time has been different. Obviously SP is a big help in keeping me motivated, but in the past, I would have givin up on being healthy weeks ago... I think the two major things keeping me motivated are feeling in CONTROL of this and finally having ENOUGH of being sad, dumpy, self-conscious, and lazy.

    It sounds to me like you are also OVER being unhealthy. You have done such an amazing job. I wish there was a way for me to drop some motivating fairy dust on you or something... I suppose all I can say is that I hope your daughter is better soon, your job transition is smooth, and that you keep doing what you're doing because it is working.
    2569 days ago
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