Round Things - Hoops & Dishes

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I wanted to make two blog entries, but they were both round, so I thought I'd combine them

emoticonthe first is the Living The Good Life points for this week's 5% Challenge is to use 9-inch plates - this is an easy challenge for me, because I already use these 9-inch plates most of the time because they are my favorites

the ecru-colored plate with the sunflowers and bees on the border is Corelle - I picked up 4 of them about 10 years ago when Walmart still used to have real clearance prices; the pink floral is a "bowled dish" with sides that slant down slightly, it came with my husband as a singleton when we setup house - I love that dish and probably use it the most

emoticonthe second is that I want to go back to the fun things of my childhood - the things that kept me active and interested - to help vary my exercise - I've been wanting to try hooping for over a year, but never got around to buying the supplies to make a hoop - then I struck up a "hooping" conversation with a fellow Daisy BRIDGIEEE and discovered a great deal on a travel hoop (one that collapses into 6 segments) that was just too good to pass up - even though I'm not very good at it yet, I LOVE IT!

note: it was very windy this day, so I've got hooping action hair in a standing still pose

my daughter wanted to join in the fun, so we got her a kid's sized hoop

(please note - if you have tried those hoops from the big-box stores, and they don't work for you, it is because they are for kids, a hoop should come up to your waist or higher)

if you want more information on hooping, check out the Hula Hoop All-Stars Team
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