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Day #6 Vitality Jump Start Challenge: Changes in My Plan of Action

Monday, April 09, 2012

Hey everyone! I just wanted to blog tonight because it’s been a few days! I’ve made a lot of changes in my life that I hope will help me along my journey! I am super excited! First things first I’m going to talk about my affirmations! I’m going to switch up my affirmations monthly. I feel like a month is a good amount of time to starting believing something, and making good on it. This month I am focusing on fitness (because I can never stay consistent with it!) next month I will focus on nutrition, and the following month I will focus on self-love, and I will go in the kind of a cycle! This month the affirmation that I have been doing is, “My daily exercise makes me stronger and fitter.” I’m not going to lie I googled fitness affirmations and found lots of them, but this is the one that I like the most. I’m not the most creative person in the world, so sometimes I have to use the ideas presented to me by other people lol. This is only my third day of doing these affirmations, but I already feel like I am benefiting from them. I feel like when I write these down it kind of holds me accountable for it, and if I don’t do it I’d probably feel guilty. Needless to say I have done my exercise every day since I started affirmations. I love it! It makes me feel soooo good about myself, because staying on top of my exercise is one of my biggest exercise dilemmas!

In order to tell you about the next major change in my program I am going to tell you a couple of the things that Lauren told us in our first Vitality Jump Start conversation.

• If you don’t enjoy doing something then don’t do it.
• When setting goals set small goals that way you will reach for more.
Ex. Goal- Workout 1-2 Days
After I achieve this goal I will more than likely want to go further and achieve more. We need to focus on what we can do and not on what we can’t do. We can work out for 1 or two days, we might not be able to start out doing all seven days.

To touch on the first point (which is not the most significant change in my program), Lauren said that we shouldn’t be doing things we hate doing, because we won’t see results from it we will just be completely miserable doing it. Some people hate tracking calories, so they shouldn’t do it. I mean if someone is to lazy and they just don’t feel like it then that is not an excuse to not do something, but if you really hate tracking calories and you’re just not a numbers person then don’t do it! One of the things that’s on my list of things that I don’t enjoy doing is running! I cannot stand running, I mean in all honesty I haven’t done it in a while, and I might do it just to try it out, because like I said it’s been awhile, and if I still don’t like it now I’m not going to do it.

Another thing that Lauren told us is that often we set extremely unrealistic goals for ourselves, and when we don’t achieve them we tend to beat ourselves up for it. So the key is to set small realistic goals, and if you go past that then good for you, but if you don’t then at least you met your goals.

I will post a picture of my goal sheet at the bottom of my post and I will do that every time I post a blog entry for the rest of my journey. So far this week I have worked out for two days, and I have tracked my calories one day which is really good considering the fact that the week started yesterday.

Even with these goals though today I ate twice as much as I should have today. :/ I think a lot of that had to do with the fact that we have Easter candy lingering in the house, but my plan is to freeze mine, and limit myself to one small treat every night so that I satisfy my sweet tooth, and I won’t be overdoing it. I also think I need to focus on starting my dinners with a salad, and for dressing instead of coating dressing over my salad I can dip my fork before each bite so that I won’t be eating near the calories that I would if I just poured the dressing on, and I’ll still be getting the flavor that I love. I also need to watch my cheese intake! I love cheese so much, and it is good for me because I don’t eat meat so it is a good source of protein for me, but I tend to eat way too much of it.

Does anyone have any ideas about how I can work on my calorie intake? I think one thing that will help with that is tracking my calories. Seeing a huge number on my calorie counter in kind of depressing.
I hope that everyone is doing well with their goals!


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  • STARR3575
    Hey Emma, sounds like your heading in the right direction! There are a few ways to track what you eat without counting calories. They have exchange programs. You can google it and I'm sure a lot will come up. I personally like the concept of breaking down calorie ranges by food groups. For instance, and I am totally making this up, say you need 1500 calories then you might eat like 6 servings of fruits and veggies, 4 oz protein, 5 servings of grains and limit your sweets and oils and fats. Then you could create a chart for each day and just cross off the servings you've had and once they are all crossed off you have nothing left to eat for the day. I believe it might be similar to Richard Simmons Food Mover program. I read way too much on fitness sometimes, lol. I love hearing that someone else is a vegetarian! I also don't eat any meat, fish or poultry. I totally understand the cheese dilemma. I am currently still working on it. My first step was to change everything over to 2% and any liquid dairy is fat free. I am trying to work towards being a vegan but it is a struggle but I would love to be there. I'm not sure this helped but you can always email me or send a message my way any time. I will send you another message later about the affirmations you had asked me about. I just have to go back to work right now. Keep going girl, you've got this!
    2230 days ago
    Oh I so agree about the "if you hate it don't do it" thing! I do NOT track my calories and I also do NOT run! emoticon

    And yes please do check your calories because even if the candy throws you off they might need adjusted. I found out the hard way that by setting my "goal weight" loss as being only my next "mini goal" it made my calories higher. When I set my goal to my TRUE goal it changed it to what I need to eat to LOSE. (Yes I used to track, and sometimes still do just to see, but not regularly!) So anyway the tracker is tricky. Another reason I dislike it. emoticon
    2231 days ago
    HEY Girlfriend--sorry I haven't written back to your SparkPage's best to probably e-mail me any questions you have because I'm much better with e-mail than comments :).

    What are your ranges? It could be possible they need to be adjusted. Sometimes, we set our ranges too low and end up getting hungry..then getting guilty because we ate more and "went out of our ranges"--when it reality, we were just listening to our body. A result of that guilt is often more eating. So let me know how many calories you are eating.

    Great blog! This made me SO happy to see :)
    2232 days ago
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