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Monday, April 09, 2012

Just thought I'd put it out there. I did really well with FOOD all weekend, but the chocolate got to me! I've had candy in the house since Monday, but it didn't bother me until I had that first piece Saturday night, while I was making the kids baskets. I had one of those tiny foiled eggs. Not even very tasty, but then I had a few of those Starburst flavored jelly beans, SO good! Then, a super teeny, tiny, mini Cadbury egg. Have you seen these things at Walmart? SO small, but not real tasty, followed by a few more of those awesome jelly beans. Sunday was more of the same... tasteless chocolate (foil eggs, solid chocolate mini bunnies, and mini Cadbury eggs), followed by a handful (usually 3 beans, yes I count, and I prefer odd numbers) of those sinfully tasty jelly beans. I know I could have done WAY better, and not had any of it, but I did, and I'm not upset about any of it. I just wanted it out there, so if you think you've had a rough weekend with candy, remember, we're all human. I have to say, I wish the chocolate tasted better, and I wish I had NEVER tasted those jelly beans! I hope everyone "survived" their weekend!
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    I struggled with jelly beans this last week. I could ignore the chocolate, I could ignore the other things but jelly beans. They are so yummy and addictive. I love them, I probably over ate on a few but I didn't go buy more. Which there was a point I would have been there the day after a holiday scooping up the candy on sale.
    2232 days ago
  • NEKEL16
    It sounds like you have been pretty mindful still over easter, Its nice to be a little naughty at times and shake it out of your system. good for you xx
    2235 days ago
    One step forward -- chocolate is my weakness, too! You're back on track by now! xoxo
    2236 days ago
    I think the choc not tasting so great is a combination of what you think it should taste like after not having it for a long time. Also it depends what brand you are eating. The really good stuff like Romolo's does taste mighty fine, AND the cheaper stuff isn't worth it anymore.Keep up the excellent job you are doing amazing. Just remember you are going to have a great summer with your kids, because you are so mush healthier this year. LOVE YA MOM emoticon emoticon
    2237 days ago
    Awesome job!!!!!!! NOTHING is off limits!!!! One day does not erase all the amazing work you have done!!!! Now we just have to work off those little devilish beans!!!!
    2238 days ago
    I ate too much candy as well. I had a few mini twix and 2 reeses peanut butter eggs, and a couple sugar cookies. :)
    2238 days ago
    Oh my could I have written this only my only problems was those foiled chocolate eggs that is the only thing I bought and my mistake was opening the package and putting it in the candy dish then they just kept saying I am here I am here Eat me Eat me my willpower was not present until the candy dish was empty oh my oh my
    One day at a time
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2238 days ago
    LOL @ Frigging jelly beans!

    I had a terrible time on Sunday with food ... not sure what was up, as I have no candy in the house (and yes, I'm one of the freaks of the world who absolutely HATES chocolate! LOL) .... but I made things I don't usually make and just proved to myself that I have not yet mastered eating out of my routine ... but I got back on track yesterday and today so I'm happy about that ... in the past I would have just said "forget it" and would have thrown in the towel.
    2238 days ago
  • BLOSSOM2344
    Glad you kept it under control & learned those cheap chocolate eggs are just not worth the effort it takes to unwrap them. I only eat chocolate when I know it's GOOD chocolate! emoticon
    2238 days ago
    I didn't fall into the chocolate trap this Easter thank goodness. But you know the reason why? Aimee was given a massive Cadburys egg, 3 family bags of Mini Eggs and 2 Cadburys caramel Bunnies (yum!) and I mentally worked out in a second that if I had one mini egg then that would not be enough chocolate for the binge that would follow and that as all the shops were shut I wouldn't even be able to get anymore! How wild is that? Shoukdn't I have thought better how wrong it would've been to steal all of my daughters Easter candy?!!!

    oh well. What's done is done. I only wish you'd enjoyed the chocolate a little more! emoticon emoticon
    2238 days ago
    My downfall are the Reese's peanut butter eggs and the hershey's kisses. ACK! Thankfully, the Easter baskets are at home and we're in Florida on vacation so they'll be sitting there when we get home.
    2238 days ago
    I did great on Easter - Thanks to the flu. I hate to say it, but the flu probably saved me from gaining several pounds this past week. Wed, Thurs, and Friday (up until dinner was "revisited") were HORRIBLE pig out days. Don't know why but they were. Plus, I'm sure easter dinner would have been bad (maybe not dinner, but dessert...).
    2238 days ago
    Oh Gosh, the starburst jelly beans got to me too, i'm not even a big jelly bean fan. I did indulge in some desserts at the Easter dinner, but I'm not stressin too much about it, just kickin the cardio into higher gear this week. Have a great week!
    2239 days ago
    Sounds like you did much, much better than I this weekend. emoticon But as mentioned, there's nothing worse than wasting calories on bad food!
    2239 days ago
    Frigging jelly beans!!!!!!!!!!
    2239 days ago
    That's funny that you like to eat odd numbers of jelly beans. I eat even numbers, two at a time! I am not a jelly bean eater but this year I tried some jolly rancher ones. They were really good. Ugh...... I have not been tracking or exercising in the past 10 days. Tomorrow is the date I set for myself to start tracking again.

    2239 days ago
    I was able to stay away from the candy, but it was the chocolate chip cookies that got the better of me. emoticon
    Anyway, today is a new day:)
    2239 days ago
  • IMAJEAN0178
    I too enjoyed a little more chocolate than I should have yesterday but I threw away the rest of it last night so I wouldn't be tempted today. I don't feel bad about enjoying it yesterday, I just got back on track today.
    2239 days ago
  • ROSET491
    Was so tempted to go to the store and get some of those yummy jelly beans today half price but didn't, they are so good!! Knowing we're human and can eat these things,blog and get it out there and then move on is what this whole Spark thing is all about!!

    Love your new back ground page ahhh the beach and a comfortable chair!!

    2239 days ago
    I agree with NATF. I HATE wasting calories on stuff that isn't even good! Mini cadbury eggs are one of my favorite things on earth and I did not buy any this year because I knew I would eat the entire bag. Sounds like you did ok.
    2239 days ago
    There's nothing worse than when you eat something that's not even that good and then you go back for more. It's like some weird crack switch in your brain. LOL I'm guilty of this more times than I'd like to admit. :)
    2239 days ago
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