Commence Muscle Building Stage - LiveFit Week 3, Day 15

Monday, April 09, 2012

So today is day 15 of the program. What have I technically lost so far since starting?

Day 1 - 308.4
Day 7 - 301.8
Day 15 - 302.6

Lost so far = 5.8 pounds

The first week was awesome. Almost 8 pounds gone in a week. Second week? Not so much. I gained almost a pound. And I actually think I witnessed this "famine" or "starvation" mode everyone talks so much about. We were going well good and fine on those low calories until about Wednesday or Thursday of last week, when my body started to rebel. By Friday I was up 4-5 pounds. With as "on" as I was being, I knew it wasn't a fault of me not following the program. So I did what any (in)sane person would do. I dropped the program and let myself eat more on the weekend. It actually saved me from a 5 pound gain this week.

I got the idea from one of my phone's applications called Target Weight. This application suggests calorie cycling in a way I've never quite seen before. It calls for me to eat about 1800 calories on Monday through Thursday, around 3k Friday and Saturday, and then a more modest 2100 on Sunday. Since I'd spent the week around 1400 calories, I let myself have a bit of leeway on the weekend and ate off plan here and there and even had some of my son's birthday cake and some M&Ms. And went from 304.2 pounds on Saturday morning to 302.6 this morning. And now I'm back on track...sorta.

It's going to be a bit of a stretch today. I took off work this morning and didn't get my AM workout in for one reason only - I COULD NOT get up this morning. My body doesn't allow me to "sleep in" on the weekends anymore (well, I guess you could call 7am sleeping in since I get up at 4am now). It requires a more regular schedule from me, not this "catch up" of sleep I used to do on the weekends. Going to try to keep to my schedule more because I really do think it will help. So when I stayed up just a little late last night to help Hubs get ready for work, I totally screwed up any chance of getting up by 4am, and 5 and 5:30 and 6 and 6:30 all passed on my clock as well as I woke up, pushed snooze, and went back to sleep. So by 8am my body was FINALLY able to get up feeling rested. I also took the opportunity to get my car legal again (I just needed to get an inspection sticker, but since I leave town at 5am and don't get home until around 7pm, there hasn't been much time to fit it in).

No worries, I'll work out after work today. I'm really looking forward to it because today starts the Muscle Building stage of the program! is Legs day part 1!! WOOT! (I'm so excited to have 2 legs days! *lol*)

I've decided I will NOT be waiting until Week 7 to take my calories into account and instead will be attempting to tweak those this week. I may calorie cycle a bit like suggested because, if that would work, well, that's what my body and mind wants to do anyway. I can eat nearly 100% perfect during the week while I'm at work and such, but once the weekend hits, plans change, we're away from the house, things come up, and I have to make tweaks...and it gets super hard to eat even at 80% on plan.

Of course, I'm also terrified of this "plan" but it seemed to work last week in controlling what was happening, so if I can get my Monday - Thursday calories up just a bit, and then watch what KINDS of foods I'm eating on the weekends, but allow more calories...well, it just might be the switch my body needs. My body seems to have become too smart for dieting and it's pissing me off! Time to trick it into doing what needs to be done.

I discussed this idea of "starvation mode" with the Hubs this weekend (again) and he still doesn't believe it. *shrug* Have to say this is the first time I've ever seen a hint of it. Usually I get off plan and then things go wonky with the scale and I just blame my slip-ups. But this time I stuck to it and my body did the work of showing me what all these "pros" could be talking about when it comes to "starvation mode" or, as I like to call it, "famine mode"...I always think of it this way - there were times of feast and times of famine, and the body had to react accordingly to ensure optimal nutrition and aid in the chance of survival. But in today's culture...well, there's not really such a thing as "famine" because we've got food so readily available everywhere. Hardly anyone is ever in chance of starving in our country...even the homeless can get a full supply of "trash" from the various restaurants and fast food joints around...though none of us like to think about it. After going over the theory again, Hubs has decided that Hyperthyroidism is the beginning of the evolution of our species as those who have it are more able to regulate the overabundance of food and calories we have in today's society. *lol*

So, the plan moving forward is to simply move forward. I love the workouts, so I don't see myself changing that anytime soon. This week will be a challenge as there will be an extra day thrown in (Fridays), so I'll either have to tweak my workouts to do in my MIL's garage or I'll have to drive down to the city to my gym. Two more weeks without cardio too, which is good because my foot is feeling better each and every day. It still gives me problems now and again, but, well, it's better at least. I did have a moment of insanity on Saturday as I tried to buy Easter supplies without the 10-year-old noticing me. So I ran from the store to the car (which we'd parked really far away) to hide the stuff I'd bought and then back to the store so he wouldn't notice I was flip-flops. Ah...the things we do for those we love. ;)

As for the nutrition. I'll either be calorie cycling as explained above, or I'll be trying to stick as close to 2150 calories as possible each day. (Honestly, it's just really difficult to eat 2150+ (the plus for days I exercise and eat those calories back) each and every day when you're eating this healthy. I mean, you can only stuff down so much salad and it still barely makes a calorie dent. It probably means I'll be adding back in things like my homemade peanut butter and allowing myself to cook in a tiny bit more olive oil and then adding in whatever protein and carbs I can muster to even things out percentage wise.)

Isn't this insane? I feel insane.
Weight loss is supposed to be as simple as eat less, exercise more - right?!
Wrong! Oh, the lies they've fed us. Not all of us can simply eat less, exercise more.
Granted, that worked for the first 160 pounds, so if you've only got that much to lose, go for it and you should be just fine!
As for me? I've got at least another 110-130 pounds to go and now's where I'm hitting the bump in the road. As I see it, I have two choices - do what I did last time and simply give up, gain some weight, come back to it a year or so later and get another 80 pounds off pretty quick (maybe) OR keep tweaking until I find my body's perfect burn rate. For some it's eating your BMR every single day (and eating back exercise calories when you burn them) - although this has always seemed to me a great way to MAINTAIN, so I don't quite get it. For others, it's eating your maintenance calories for your goal weight (another possible method I may try) plus 200 calories. For others it's carb cycling, calorie cycling, eating basically nothing when combined with massive amounts of exercise, continuing to eat more...who knows. My magic equation has to be out there somewhere, though, right!? I mean, as many times as we tell ourselves the lie, I wasn't MEANT to be fat. I just gotta break through my body's barriers and find what works to keep it a happy fat burning machine.

(On a side note - I've been considering going on a skin removal consult to see how far I have to go before we can consider this type of surgery. Unless some serious body shrinking happens to some major skin pockets soon, I'm going to not like my body for a VERY long time and I'll never see the muscles I've built. But if a doc says I'm not there yet, then I'll know I probably can get there with more work. I'm just confused...and I need to see what my insurance will cover too. *shrug*)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    "Not all of us can simply eat less, exercise more. " Amen to that!
    3361 days ago
    Loving the almost 6 lb loss 2 weeks into JE... the hard work is paying off. Glad to hear you were able to enjoy the birthday! Hope he enjoyed it too.

    Love the plan for the week, and work those legs! Muscle building Stage = happy face for you.
    3361 days ago
    I'm pretty sure I just read an article that confirmed the "famine" theory so believe it! And running in flip-flops with an injury - ouch! I hope it doesn't set back the healing any!
    3361 days ago
  • BOB240
    ps.. get to love tuna (in brine) as a snack..... it does fill you.
    3361 days ago
  • BOB240
    Magic equations..

    How do you feel appetite wise after workout?

    I find I can't each much before a workout and I'm not too hungry much after (that's when I eat though). By the time I've been to the gym and eaten quite a lot of the day has gone and this really helps controlling calories. If I don't work out quite hard enough then I am hungry. So the trick might be to "push it" a little in the gym.

    Skin - In my experience the body can accommodate a change of about 1% a week. Last time I lost weight (I was older than you even then) I dropped 60 pounds at rate of 2 pounds a week. My skin was fine - no lose bits at all. Muscle showed through. I'm finding more or less the same now. My guess is that if you lose at a rate of 2-3 pounds a week then your skin will be fine. Faster than this then you might have issues. - Long game in front of you.. but if you stay in control at this rate then you don't even go hungry.

    If one week you don't lose weight - then look at your lift volume - get satisfaction out of any improvements there.

    Keep posting..

    3361 days ago
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