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The Slump

Monday, April 09, 2012

Well, I'm officially in a slump. I want to KICK, KICK, KICK myself. I want to tell everyone out there NOT to let yourself slip...even when you have valid reasons. I still haven't found a way to exercise with little children around. I thought I could get up and exercise early. I'm not an early morning person and, having them wake up earlier (and they do), isn't something I want to repeat. Anyway, once I stopped making daily exercise a habit, I began to feel lazier and lazier. I even started night snacking and, with that, self loathing. I told myself I'd wake up today and exercise before I started my day because I've also let other things go while I had children around and now it's time to catch up. Well, wouldn't you know it? I had a huge anxiety attack that kept me awake until I saw the glow of dawn instead. I'm very tired this morning and trying to get myself motivated to exercise without much luck.

On to an even better note... I was looking forward to going to the family Easter celebrations this weekend. I admit it. I wanted to be the recipient of some compliments. They didn't happen... Not one person mentioned my weightloss at my husband's family party. My sister-in-law asked whether my chick eggs were made with Miracle Whip and, when I told her "no", she brought out her own enormous platter of deviled eggs. Mine were moved to the back of the buffet. I smiled, mingled, ate correctly, and had a miserable time. I broke down and said something about my disappointment to my husband on the way home. I wore the white and turquoise outfit in my photo because I thought it looked spring-like and I pretty. My husband said "Face it. You're wearing fat lady clothes. Nobody could even see you lost any weight wearing that." Add to that, my sister's party went without anyone saying a word either. Crest fallen? Yep :( I ate 3 Lofthouse cookies that night. I didn't eat any Easter candy yesterday but, after a rather crappy day, I finished off half a bar of Cadbury dark chocolate for an evening snack.

My birthday is next weekend and my oldest daughter has a girl's sleepover planned for me. She wants to shop, lunch, and hang out on Friday. We will later put on our jammies for a night of debauchery. There will be brie cheese with pita chips, apple pear brie puff pastry, orange flavored birthday cake, and alcoholic beverages with umbrellas (it isn't a party unless one has umbrellas in their drinks). I'm supposed to choose the beverage we will indulge in. The way I'm feeling now? I may eat and drink like a glutton and sleep through my birthday due to a hangover and food induced coma. I'm not feeling the joy of accomplishment. I'm feeling like I must be in my own private Idaho thinking I'm making progress on this journey. I'm still the fat old grandma wearing fat-lady clothes.

Hey? Anyone want to nominate me for most motivating blog? NOT!
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    Gee, your husband is well your husband is well

    I think your outfit is nice but yes i guess i am an old lady. I am 62 and i am 5 foot 2

    I certainly do not see that out fit as old lady look. I see it as spring and your hair is

    nice too.

    As for the eggs you should just said well no but i plan to eat them any way.

    Does seem by your blogs lots try to HURT you for some reason. Most do that if they

    are jealous or just unhappy themselves.

    Do not let them win.

    Go out and stock up on high fiber foods. Low fat Yogurt and fruits and vegetables.

    Buy some new shelf paper paint stores have rolls of wall paper often a dollar a roll

    make great shelf paper.

    Purge your pantry of all white foods and all goodies.

    Find a neighbor child who has no candy and donate it

    Put all your good food in front and when your hit by remarks or feel down

    you see that food first to grab.

    Yogurt has saved me lately. I grab it and it really fills me up so i do not crave the

    cookies which i never stop at one cookie.

    Sorry they did not care to be nice and say you looked nice.

    You tho can not lose for others you got to do it for only YOU.

    Dance like no one is watching. DO it because you do it for YOU.

    If we wait for thanks or approval from others we wait forever so best to not

    expect it then you want be disappointed.
    2233 days ago
  • NEWERIN2012
    Okay, you had a rough weekend. I am going for a hike tomorrow night at 5pm if you would like to go. And you better pick the best drink and your favorite restaurant, then be good the rest of the weekend. You have done such a great job, and you are proud of yourself. I promise that someone noticed your weight loss- they probably did not want to embarrass you or they are jealous. Keep going!
    2233 days ago
    WOW......all I can say is your husband sure is blunt and to the point. Looking at the picture, I guess you can see how it might cover up your curves. It's pretty on you but not really an outfit that would show off your weight loss. I wouldn't go as far to say they are "fat lady" clothes though.
    Now my question is: Who are you losing weight for? Your relatives? Your husband? I really doubt that. Do you see a change in your body? YES!!! I know you do because you talk about all the clothes you've given away and are wearing smaller sizes so I know you see the change. We have to be doing this for ourselves. It's our own personal journey. Nobody has commented about my weight loss either. It can be kind of a touchy subject for some people.
    Anyway.... you need to kick yourself in the butt before your birthday because we both know you can have a fun time without going into a food coma. Your daughter is doing a wonderful thing for you. You don't want to be in a food coma or be intoxicated and have her remember you that way at your party. So get off the pity party footstool and let someone more deserving have it. You deserve to be kinder to yourself and I expect that much out of you. I don't want to be at our party at the end of the year all alone.
    Tomorrow is NO EXCUSE DAY FOR EXERCISE!!!! Get out there and kick butt!!! If you can tell me to do that, then I can tell you the same thing. We'll both be butt kickers tomorrow!!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2233 days ago
    Well I think you should be nominated for a motivational blog!
    Heck after reading that I am pretty motivated to stay on track! LOL! :)

    I was actually debating on NOT exercising today...really didn't feel like it, but I was worried that if I didn't I would lose now needless to say I am pretty happy with that decision!

    I know what it is like to lose weight and people not notice or at least make it known they do. My boyfriend never mentions how I have changed or how determined I am....45 LBS down and NOTHING?!! So if he doesn't want to acknowledge that I am rocking my lifestyle change than I will do it MYSELF.... I pat myself on the back and just keep going. He doesn't notice, that's fine...A complete stranger noticed today..*wink*...I am definitely not all that, and I haven't reached my goal weight, but I will take it....and heck ya, it made my grin ear to ear and feel good about myself.

    And girl...get out of your Fat Clothes...go shopping....a new spring dress may be just what you need to get back at it!

    2233 days ago

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