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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter everyone. Had a wonderful day. Church was so uplifting and joyous after the solemn Maundy Thursday night service when we all left in silence.The cross was draped in black. But today the cross had flowers all over it. It was beautiful. Christ The Lord Is risen Today. Alleluia!

I found out something interesting today and wanted to share it with you.

Back in 1994 there was a song called "He Is" by Aaron Jeoffrey. The words are wonderful and I was amazed by them. Here they are:


In Genesis, He's the breath of life
In Exodus, the Passover Lamb
In Leviticus, He's our High Priest
Numbers, The fire by night
Deuteronomy, He's Moses' voice
In Joshua, He is salvation's choice
Judges, law giver
In Ruth, the kinsmen-redeemer
First and second Samuel, our trusted prophet
In Kings and Chronicles, He's sovereign
Ezra, true and faithful scribe
Nehemiah, He's the rebuilder of broken walls and lives
In Esther, He's Mordecai's courage
In Job, the timeless redeemer
In Psalms, He is our morning song
In Proverbs, wisdom's cry
Ecclesiastes, the time and season
In the Song of Solomon, He is the lover's dream
He is, He is, HE IS!
In Isaiah, He's Prince of Peace
Jeremiah, the weeping prophet
In Lamentations, the cry for Israel
Ezekiel, He's the call from sin
In Daniel, the stranger in the fire
In Hosea, He is forever faithful
In Joel, He's the Spirits power
In Amos, the arms that carry us
In Obadiah, He's the Lord our Savior
In Jonah, He's the great missionary
In Micah, the promise of peace
In Nahum, He is our strength and our shield
In Habakkuk and Zephaniah, He's pleading for revival
In Haggai, He restores a lost heritage
In Zechariah, our fountain
In Malachi, He is the son of righteousness rising with healing in His wings
He is, He is, HE IS!
In Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, He is God, Man, Messiah
In the book of Acts, He is fire from heaven
In Romans, He's the grace of God
In Corinthians, the power of love
In Galatians, He is freedom from the curse of sin
Ephesians, our glorious treasure
Philippians, the servants heart
In Colossians, He's the Godhead Trinity
Thessalonians, our coming King
In Timothy, Titus, Philemon He's our mediator and our faithful Pastor
In Hebrews, the everlasting covenant
In James, the one who heals the sick.
In First and Second Peter, he is our Shepherd
In John and in Jude, He is the lover coming for His bride
In the Revelation, He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords
He is, He is, HE IS!
The prince of peace
The Son of man
The Lamb of God
The great I AM
He's the alpha and omega
Our God and our Savior
He is Jesus Christ the Lord
and when time is no more
He is, HE IS!

Note: Hope you got as much out of these words as I did. I'll never look at the books of the Bible the same again.

The Easter Bunny came after church. Arjay got a big solid chocolate bunny and I got a much smaller Snickers bunny. I hope mine will last me a week. Arjay ate half of his last night but he doesn't have to watch his weight!

Love from Max, Arjay and Elayne emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    2219 days ago
    Thank you for posting the words to the song. It definitely helps give new meaning to the books of the Bible. Glad you had a Happy and joyous Easter.

    2232 days ago
    One of my favorite songs is I AM which is a little bit similar :)

    I am the maker of the heavens
    I am the bright and morning star
    I am the breath of all creation
    Who always was
    And is to come
    I am the one who walked on water
    I am the one who calmed the seas
    I am the miracles and wonders
    So come and see
    And follow me
    You will know

    I am the fount of living water
    The risen son of man
    The healer of the broken
    And when you cry
    I am your savior and redeemer
    Who bore the sins of man
    The author and perfecter
    Beginning and the end
    I am

    I am the spirit deep inside you
    I am the word upon your heart
    I am the one who even knew you
    Before your birth
    Before you were


    Before the earth (i am)
    The universe (i am)
    In every heart (i am)
    Oh, where you are (i am)
    The lord of love (i am)
    The king of kings (i am)
    The holy lamb (i am)
    Above all things


    Yes, i am almighty god your father
    The risen son of man
    The healer of the broken
    And when you cry
    I am your savior and redeemer
    Who bore the sins of man
    The author and perfecter
    Beginning and the end -
    I am
    2233 days ago
  • WILLOW49
    Thanks for posting that song. I haven't heard it before...just beautiful!
    2233 days ago
    2233 days ago
    I hope the rest of your Easter Sunday was a good one!
    2234 days ago
    I remember seeing a video presentation of that song at our denomination's big, biannual conference. It was truly awesome. Thanks for the reminder - the whole book is about HIM!

    I'm glad you enjoyed your Easter celebration!
    2234 days ago
    I have not heard that song either, I'm glad you posted it. It's amazing what we don't always see that can have such meaning.
    2234 days ago
    Wow, I don't recall hearing the song, but I certainly do like what it says!
    2234 days ago
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