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You've been "chicked"!

Sunday, April 08, 2012

OH THE JOY! Thursday and Friday was spent doing a lot of 'walking' Mall walking shopping for a prom dress shoes, hair, make up, nails.. ect. It was a healing moment for my daughter and I and one I am thankful to have been able to share with her. She looked beautiful in all dressed up.

My leg felt fine with all the walking I was doing and by Friday evening I had NO PAIN! NONE at all. I did twist and turns and 'short jog' in the kitchen and nothing no pain! The plan for a Saturday ski trip was going to happen! (I just want to say that before jogging 4-5 feet in the kitchen would cause pain in the knee.)

Saturday morning a bright sunny spring day! OH HOW RARE THEY HAVE BEEN... we get up to go skiing. To say I was excited about it would be a lie. I'm ready to change my activity. I'm ready for hiking, and biking.. and running, oh my! With the sunny weather well it makes it even harder to go in the snow. But we go.

I quickly get over my attitude, how can you not when you are skiing on this?

This was to be a work out ski, that means that we ski from the top to the bottom as many times as we can and with out stopping as much as we can. It's a 2.5 mile run! The first run NON STOP! (wanted to do it while I was still fresh!) After that we would stop only once or twice and for a very 'short stop'. We skied for 4 hours straight.

Towards the end of the skiing trip we did this one run. You go DOWN, and hill and then UP a hill. The idea is to get enough speed going down so it will move you back UP. However there are a lot of new skiers crossing the path at that same point on the slop as you are trying to go fast. 9 time out of 10 you end up having to dodge them and slowing you down. So you have to get yourself up the steep hill some how. There are three basic ways to do this. One is called 'polling' you take your ski polls and use them to 'pull your self up the hill' It's a major triceps work out. Another is the 'hairen bone'.. It's like a bird walk. Hard and usually used if you are 'stopped'. The third and best yet most complexed is to 'Skate' on skies. Pushing off on one foot and then the other as if ice skating.

The skating is hard and kind of a 'macho' move.

So as we are doing this run, two guys ski out in front of us. They want to get ahead of us cause they are better than us.. (in there mind I'm sure that is what they are thinking). Well The one guy is right in front of me, and in my way. We know how that makes me feel! There is a small space to go around them. I do now we are up hill and everyone is slowing down. I felt Like I was on a race at the Olympics and I could hear the announcer in my head... "she has a narrow opportunity, to make her move, can she pull it off?" I start doing the 'skating move'... My husband was right there as this happened... they had just passed him. He said it was classic! I just skated right by them and never looked back I left them in my snow dust! All while going UP A HILL! (on down hill ski) The grin on my face was HUGE!!!

I so wanted to Through up my hands in victory and shout at them "YOU'VE BEEN CHICKED!" I didn't! I just sped down the slops and got the the bottom and 'waited.. and waited, and waited!' Finlay they showed up...the looks on their faces was great!

That had to be one of the best feelings I've ever had. I chicked the cocky guys!

Oh and the snow may go away now! This picture is in the parking lot. Normaly there is only about 1 -2 feet of snow at this point in time. You can tell there is um more than that! I'm 5'6 so...

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Bravo on the chicking!
    2265 days ago
    Sounds like a great time! We spent our sunny days in the back yard, digging up weeds and prepping our garden space (finally!).
    Lookit you, all sassy in front of that giant pile o'snow!
    2265 days ago
    That sounds like a great day on the slopes! That said, it is time for that white stuff to melt already!
    2266 days ago
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