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Saturday, April 07, 2012

This has been a weird week for me fitness and healthy eating wise. I caught some sort of cold, which just knocked me out for Monday and Tuesday. Not only did I not exercise but I also had no appetite whatsoever. My body seemed to be repulsed by protein emoticon of all sorts and was craving carbs emoticon. So I was under-eating as well as eating unbalanced meals.

By the time I felt better mid-week, it was still hard to do any cardio and all I could handle were my normal walks. Plus I just didn’t have the time for exercise this week as it’s been a particularly busy week at work due to LOTS and LOTS of meetings. I swear meetings are counter-productive to work productivity but I digress. I was really disappointed that I didn’t get to do any running this week, so now I’m going to be a bit behind in my 5K training. C’est la vie.

I had lost 1 lb relative to the last weigh-in for the 5% spring challenge earlier in the week but then regained it later in the week emoticon. Yes, I do know that our weight fluctuates dramatically day to day but I was still unhappy emoticon about it. This was all before Thursday, when we celebrated a friend’s 30th birthday at a sushi restaurant emoticon. Normally, I make healthy choices when I’m at a Japanese restaurant. I usually just have edamame and sashimi, with a little bit of low sodium soy sauce and tons of wasabi. I really like wasabi emoticon. But this time, I really, really wanted to order the restaurant’s special rolls because they sounded so delicious (and they were). AND I got the red bean moichi ice cream
because when I was kid, these were such a rare treat. My parents didn’t buy them often because they’re expensive.

By now, you’re probably wondering why I’ve titled this blog “Success!” That’s because I like to see the glass as half-full emoticon when I view my weight loss/health journey. So why was this week still a success?

1. When I weighed in today for the 5% spring challenge, I actually had lost half a pound emoticon. I was totally expecting to be even with last week or even slightly higher. Given my strange eating habits this week, I think half a pound is a very respectable number.

2. Despite being busy at work all week without any free time whatsoever to even grab a quick walk, I did find a new way to sneak in exercise at work on Friday evening. It was just 10 min but it was quite the intense workout!

3. I went out to dinner Thursday and although I did over-eat, I didn’t gorge myself to oblivion. In the past, I often ate to the point where I felt sick. That didn’t happen his time.

4. I did go running today emoticon. Even though there was no way I could run the 2.5 min jogging interval that week 4 requires (or even the 2 min from week 3), I did do walk/run intervals. I decided to go to the track at the nearby high school today to do fartleks, which I had learned about from a SparkPeople article:
. Using this method, I still managed the same pace I have been averaging since I took up running.

5. I FINALLY remembered to bring tissues with me on my run!!! I did not have to wipe snot on my sleeve like a 5 year old.

6. And the thing I’m most proud of? I actually got my husband to go outside for a bit today! On a beautiful day like today, he is usually at his computer or in front of the TV playing video games. But he actually went with me for a walk emoticon at the Duck Pond for an hour! I have NEVER EVER exercised with my husband before because he just “doesn’t exercise” (his words). Today is a new day in our history! Haha!

So yeah, this week could have been better but it didn’t end so bad after all.

Happy Easter and Happy Passover, everyone!

P.S. I just need to point out that my husband isn’t an unhealthy guy. Despite his mostly sedentary lifestyle, he’s probably in better health than I am. He’s in a proper weight range/BMI/body fat percentage, etc. He’s got good numbers when it comes to cholesterol (overall, LDL, HDL), blood pressure, etc. I really hope that our future kids inherit these genes from him and not me.

And for those of you who are curious, Wikipedia has an explanation of what moichi ice cream is:
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    emoticon attitude!
    2566 days ago
    I love this blog. Great NSV! A lot of us could copy your style and see the glass as half-full, then maybe we wouldn't be so down when we don't see what we want to see on the scale.

    I started the C25K, but stopped. Now I'm on that interval kick I spoke about in my blog. This is the last week, so I'm going to pick the program back up next week. I'm hoping this week's intervals will help me build up my endurance.

    Good luck to you. Peggy
    2568 days ago
    Your attitude is fantastic! Rather than being down on what you didn't do, you turned it around and looked at the positive. Keeping a positive outlook is what will keep you moving forward to your goals. Good job! (I like mochi ice cream, too. It is really different.)
    2568 days ago
    congratulations on all this! (i put kleenexes in all my jacket pockets so i don't have to think of them before my nose gets all runny, can't tell you how often i've been glad i do that).
    and thanks so much for your birthday greetings & goodie. they were much appreciated and really warmed up my day.
    2569 days ago
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