Of tummy pooches and progress.

Friday, April 06, 2012

I weighed today, and it looks like I may be on the move again (in the right direction). It is VERY slow going, but I'm ok with that. I'm inching closer to the 120's, and I've not been there in a long time. Interestingly though, I'm already wearing clothes easily that used to only fit when I was below 130. So... I'm happy, because clearly the workouts are making a difference that the scale may not notice.

I also have a set of skinfold calipers. I find them to be terribly misleading. If I check where I am supposed to on my body, I'm in the "lean" category, which is even thinner than "average". The funny thing is that I clearly have plenty of fat on my body - I'm not super athletic or low in body fat at all. I just happen to have very little above my right hip.

My lower belly, on the other hand, is a lovely storehouse of fat. Since my second kiddo, I've had an AMAZING pooch, but more interestingly, the skin there is THRASHED. I showed a friend once, and she actually said "you may want to get that looked at by a doctor." Nice. I didn't, but that area has certainly been altered by childbearing.

Anyway, I've been using the calipers there too - not to take a real "body fat" measurement, but to see if I can get rid of some of the fat stored there. When I started at SP, I measured 29mm of tummy pooch. Today? 20mm. I think I'm most excited about this. It still isn't awesome in that region, and the skin still might make a friend have an unhelpful exclamation, but the fat under the skin is definitely on the wane, and that makes me smile!

Still, I can do much more, and get even healthier, but I'm really excited that I have measurable improvements even when the scale is sluggish.
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    I really think I should get my hands on a pair of those... I'm the same way with the fat distribution though... Lower tummy, why can't you just cooperate? emoticon

    But way to go girlie on all the progress your making!!! You're totally rocking the world!
    2562 days ago
  • OPTIMIST1948
    I want to get a caliper test. I didnt before I started SPing, and I think it might be entertaining. Sigh. The trainer at the gym is never there at the same time as me.
    2567 days ago
    Oh, the tummy pooch. How many hours have a wasted in the mirror, jiggling it, squishing it, poking it with a finger. Funny that I didn't have a pooch after the first baby. The second was the one that did me in. I'm trying to reconcile myself to the fact that it will always be there, no matter how lean or muscly the rest of me might get. Sigh. The things we are willing to endure for the love of our children.

    Congrats on the pooch and clothing progress. Those are both wonderful milestones.
    2569 days ago
    Yea for finding a good alternative measuring device. I also find I can wear clothes that were too small the last time I was at my current weight. It is probably due to less fat and more muscle, which is great!
    2569 days ago
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