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Pondering how my low carb, no wheat diet might affect my darling husband

Friday, April 06, 2012

i was thinking about it and wondering, should i be concerned?
i have the kitchen full of fat, meat and veggies. i cook dinner with this group.

my dh has not brought home any bad foods for a couple weeks now, but, he eats at a restaurant pretty much once a day. i have no say over that. i know he has whole wheat bread, hash browns, that kind of thing.

my concern is, if i am doing the low carb, high fat style of eating how much damage is my dh receiving cuz he is now doing high fat with high carb, cuz he'll have at least one sandwich everyday. or bacon and eggs with toast.

could i inadvertently be increasing his chance of health issues?

it's kind of random, but, if anyone else can picture how scewed diet his could become, perhaps they have thought on it.
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  • TXLADY110
    Oh dear,

    Remember, he is an adult and he is making his own choices. As much as you love him he will eat what he wants.

    2687 days ago
    In the end,he chooses what he eats. He has to make healthy choices. emoticon
    2689 days ago
  • GLC2009
    well, my dh is overweight and he has type 2 diabetes. that's why i worry. but, he is doing really well just going along with what is on offer in the house.

    he tried for a few weeks to complain. where's the bread? are we having potatoes for supper? what do we have to snack on?

    today, he wanted to know what he could drink besides club soda cuz he's avoiding artificial sweeteners and sugar. emoticon

    i found perrier with natural grapefruit flavoring today. that was a good find.
    2692 days ago
  • REJ7777
    My dad goes to the restaurant for breakfast every morning. He meets friends and chats. He'd sure find it hard to give up that routine.

    The way you wrote your blog makes me think that you feel he goes to the restaurant because you're not there to prepare meals for him. I may have misunderstood. If so, is there a way for you to buy some of the food that you and the group prepared, and bring it back to hubby?

    Wishing you well on your journey to better health!
    2692 days ago
    I don't think a few carbs will hurt your dh - he's aware of the consequences so, like you said, he may find out the hard way. My dh hasn't done it yet -- but he's certainly a candidate. Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, etc. He sees me with more energy, lost weight and doesn't make any comments - just continue to eat carbs - even tho I've noticed he's eating less. He isn't overweight so maybe he thinks carbs aren't hurting him. But the diabetes, yikes.

    Good job doing it yourself
    2692 days ago
    The reason I cook a lot now is that in the beginning the BW would not prepare food the way I needed, so I started making my own. She made the comment - "It's OUR kitchen" which wasn't what she necessarily wanted, but I eventually weighed less than she did, and she came around eventually. You can't change someone else - only yourself.
    2693 days ago
    I think hubby will be fine emoticon
    2693 days ago
    This blog is so timely for me as well. My husband and daugther are leaving for Friday/Saturday to a nearby city to run a 5 K and I stay home to take care of the animals. They will eat what is available, a free carbloading dinner, pasta for sure, tonight, breakfast buffet at the restaurant tomorrow morning. I asked if they want to take a loaf of gluten-free bread along that I keep in the freezer for "carb cravings" so my husband can at least avoid gluten. Both said "no thanks". They need to find out for themselves if an occasional gluten indulgence has negative effects.
    A long-term intake of high-carb and high-fat is different of course. Habits can be hard to change and restaurants don't always offer low-carb fare (yet). If your husband eats only whole-grain bread at restaurants he is definitely more health-conscious than the average consumer. Has he read any of the books? If not maybe you can find some good and relatively short videos online that will give him the essential info in 20 minutes or make a special low-carb meal and watch one of the better low-carb videos together, sort of a low-carb date. emoticon
    2693 days ago
    I concur. Add to that the fact that he may have a higher tolerance for carbs than you do - maybe he can do very well eating carbs as usual the first half of the day and then having them reduced in the second half. If he isn't already overweight or suffering from high blood pressure etc. then he may be less prone to having problems in the first place.

    Maybe you could track his food intake for him for a couple of days just to get an idea of how serious a problem it might be. Given that the SAD can have 300-400g of daily carbs, if he's in the 100-150g range he's almost low carb!
    2693 days ago
    I can picture it because my DH is the same way. I understand your concern, but you really need to worry about yourself. If you are using "good" fats, you aren't doing him any harm. It sounds like any damage done is being done by himself, just like my DH.
    2693 days ago
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