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Friday, April 06, 2012

Today was a trip to the dentist to get our teeth cleaned. We do it en masse and have the dental assistant all to ourselves all afternoon, which is lovely because she's a wonderful, sweet, fun person to talk to, as well as the best hygenist I've ever met. She's so Zen that my son who has Autism will almost fall asleep when she cleans his teeth. That is phenomenal. She just radiates this calm, peaceful, safe feeling. I have no idea how she does that while chipping away at one's plaque, but she does.

We got to talking a bit about the new CDC stats on Autism. 1:53 males born now have Autism or Aspergers. She's been doing her job for a couple of decades and change, and she said that it seems like suddenly she has so many clients who have Autism or who have children with Autism. Up from one regular patient, years and years ago, that she still sees, to seeing two or three clients a week, now, in their small town practice.

Of course, that could be because of her skill. Word gets around when you have a kid who doesn't want his mouth touched and he needs his teeth cleaned... But we tossed around opinions and observations as to reasons. (Of course I blame Monsanto and changes in farming and animal husbandry, and depleted land nutrients, and GMOs and - especially evil, the RoundUp, which is Agent Orange for Civilians. Now they have a new stronger one coming out... Ugh).

She remarked that I looked much healthier than I did on my last trip to see her, and I did tell her a bit about Spark People. We did talk about what changes I've made in our diets... and then she remarked that Raud and Ronnie both had higher amounts of plaque and gingivitis than they had on the previous trip, while mine was very low for me, which is miraculous, as I have chronic dry mouth. She said that Raud's was just a bit more, but that Ron's was really bad. He's so religious about brushing and flossing that I can't figure it out, and I said so... She asked if we changed our diets lately... and then I was off, telling her all about everything, including Spark People.

The biggest thing I've done overall is to eliminate things that are triggers. No bleached flours anywhere. It's all whole grain. If I see "enriched" I don't buy it. I don't buy many processed foods, or boxes, or cans. I mostly buy fresh produce and meats.

We sometimes get a little dark chocolate and share it, once or twice a month. Pop is gone, though. We don't even like it anymore. Diet, too. My bf said he used to get double vision and see spots back when he drank diet soda all day. That's gone and he thinks it was from the artificial sweetener. Which we also got rid of. We use Stevia instead. Apparently artificial sweeteners can also cause the body to slow your metabolism, too, and make you crave eating more sweets. Not helpful. Stevia theoretically does not do that.

No cakes. No pies. I do occasionally bake up something like a crisp with fruit and oats and nuts on top, sweetened with Stevia. I do make the mug muffins with milled flax seed, sweet potatoes, eggs and fruit. That actually is delicious and Ron and Raud have been eating them too, now. They love them. It really satisfies one for hours. No gnawing tummy for me, for awhile, which is lovely because of the gastritis. I appreciate it.

Of course my big trigger is crunchy, salty stuff like potato chips. I do admit to missing them. But last time I ate any of them, months ago, I got a canker sore. I think my body just is happier without them. I do let myself have some air popped popcorn with a bit of olive oil and maybe some spices like chili powder and cumin or garlic. It takes the edge off wanting to crunch something. But no more chips for me.

She said that foods made from bleached and/or enriched flour cause the worst gingivitis problems and plaque problems. I had no idea. I always thought it was pop and candy, and those were gone - but Ronnie has done the shopping for the last couple of weeks, because of the dang shin splints!!!

He came home with boxes and boxes of rice chex. Not so nutritious. White rice flour. Not so healthy. Ugh. At least it wasn't sugary. (

He's also bringing home bread that has "enriched" flour as the first thing in the ingredient list, but for some reason the front of the package still says "Whole Grain"... ugh. There is just a bit of whole grain in it. Not 100%.

And then there is that huge pack of white icky hot dog rolls that he bought. And the frozen pizza with white crust. So it's been only a few weeks of that causing this problem? WOW! And the dang white flour saltines he bought to go with the Trader Joe's boxed low salt organic soup. I usually get whole wheat for him.

He also 'fessed up to donuts with his brother a couple of times, and eating a burgers and fries twice - once with his daughter and once with his friend.

All the while she's smiling wider and wider and nodding sagely... I asked her to tell him about the bleached flour causing his problems when she went out to make the next appointment, and she did! She's lovely! And has my back!

Did drop by Henry's to shop on the way home. Small farmer's market type store that makes their own sausages. No fat nor skin in the chicken sausages, either, and they have a half dozen varieties, like apple, spicy parmesan, basil, sweet and hot italian, and breakfast sage and maple. I bought several of each to freeze as Ron loves them particularly well. They are also handy on pizza or in pasta.

Two weeks of bleached flour. Ugh. That has to go! Tonight they got salad, some cottage cheese, and one of those lean chicken sausages. Ron did get one of those nasty rolls with his. Ugh. I guess we have to use those up. We don't have enough money to just toss them out. I won't eat them, though. Heck, the dog won't eat them. Nor will birds. I tried putting one out that was a bit stale and they just left it there. And Ronnie has to suffer the most because he has to go back to the dentist in a month to get another deep scaling done. Now that will teach him to eat bleached flour!

Personally I would love to get rid of all of the wheat in the house. I think my alternative is going to end up having to bake whole wheat pizza crusts for him once in a while. I hate handling it as often I get "glutened" and end up sick. But I can't seem to find any premade whole grain pizza crusts here in our stores. I guess I could bake them half way and make a bunch of them and freeze them.

I'm a bit sore after all the shopping but it was so good to get out and do something again. I am going to try to figure out some way to prevent the shin splints from recurring, like new insoles that are high impact. I hope that works.
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    Re: autism. I always thought the health of the parents to blame for higher incidence of autism, esp the mother (but dad's not out of the pic either). Depression has been implicated in some articles I've read, and that resonates with me because I always had this underlying depression even though I was madly happy in marriage and life. Couldn't understand it until I was diagnosed with celiac. So, I look to nutrient deficiency as a source of undiagnosed depression for A LOT of people. I wrote a comment in some off-beat site about how I thought moms with kids w/autism I see on tv usually look pretty obese and unhealthy; people railed me calling me rude - whatever - look at them - it's SAD! But I was one, so I don't care - I was calling the kettle black as it were. It's not so for everyBODY of course, but maybe they're a lucky thin nutrient deficient person? I dunno. Those are my thoughts. Our bacteria also has something to do with it. Crappy foods do not feed good bacteria but instead bad bacteria in our guts (mouths). Sugars, including grains, including whole grains, turn to sugar.

    So, your thoughts about nutrient deficient soils is not too far off in my estimation.

    Re: tooth health, you might appreciate this:

    2568 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/10/2012 1:37:02 PM
    The last person who cleaned my teeth told me I'm too sensitive as she gouged away at my gums. I need to go back sometime, but can't afford to right now. Obviously it won't be to the same woman as before!

    I use whole wheat pitas for pizza crusts and even the kids like them! I use regular spaghetti sauce, and then top it the way everyone likes - loaded with real cheese and veggies for me and I use a slice of natural ingredients only salami, cut into wedges instead of pepperoni and my guys don't whine that it's good for them. :)
    2570 days ago
  • JILL313
    Sue, I wish I had your dental hygienist as I and my son hate going to the dentist and we are both overdue for a visit. It's something I keep putting off and shouldn't. It sounds like it's much harder for your bf than you to give up all of the unhealthy food. It does do us good to get out of the house from time to time. It sounds like maybe your shin splints have healed--I sure hope they have. Have a Blessed Easter with your family.


    2571 days ago
    Glad to hear you had a good dentist appt and are seeing the results of your healthier eating!
    2572 days ago
    Aren't you happy to have that trip to the dentist's office over? Necessary, but not my most favorite thing to do! Sounds like you have a winner with the hygienist! Hugs, Jeannie
    2572 days ago
    Your on the right track eating healthy and emoticon on the good report at the dentist too... I stopped pop over a year ago..I don't miss any of that sugar either...Keep up what your doing it does wonders for our health. emoticon
    2572 days ago
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