Running out of my skin

Friday, April 06, 2012

Literally! This morning when I was getting ready for work I have a full length mirror and I noticed that my upper thighs looked really flabby fat. So of course I have to investigate and OMG it's aweful... I have these little pillow pouchy looking things right at the top inside of my thighs, so I was a little creeped out and feeling gross. I got dressed in my new smaller pants and they still fit like a dream so I'm like ok, what gives. My legs are getting puffy fat but my pants fit the same. Fast forward to getting ready for the gym. I get my pants on and look in the mirror again and I have the baggy saggy things showing in my workout pants. Now I've been watching my body change in these pants and I KNOW I haven't looked like this until today. When I get to the gym I was telling my friend that works out with me about it and I was like I'm so grossed out right now! And she was like OMG girl I am so glad you said that because I NOTICED my legs are the same way! And they weren't that way before. So we finished our run and went to stretch and were standing in front of the mirror's in the gym wiggling our new "pillows" and they wiggle and jiggle. Now I can honestly say I have big legs but they've NEVER Wiggled and jiggled...I have nick named my new found pillows the bull dog lol. Boy we were a sight standing there in the open comparing our new found over night appearing flabby wiggly jiggly's. There is no way our legs could have changed that fast right? Could our muscles be toning up faster than the fat is burning and shrinking? So it got us thinking, and honestly not so sure we want to continue running if were going to have hanging wobbly skin everywhere. Honestly I'm not a vain person but I'm trying to get in better shape and look like I take care of myself and now I'm looking worse. Anyway back on I get home and I get out my tape measure and log into my measurement tracker and HOLY SCHNIKES!!!!! Since we've started running I've lost 3 inches on my hips, 3/4 in from my waist, 1/2 inches from my thighs, 1/2 inch from my calves ....This is by far my biggest inch loss in a short time. So now I need to get them toned up lol.
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    I was talking to my sister last night...she's a marathoner and I was telling her and all I could do is laugh....It's so gross lol...anyway she has no clue except our muscles are toning up and leaving this extra stuff...and that it should go away as were toning. We actually started strength training in January and we were seeing great results...but this is mind blowing lol. Were running 3 day's a week and strength training 3 day's a week. We'll do upper body on run days and then legs on non run days.
    2575 days ago
    Do either of you do any strength training or just the running? One thought is that if you're only running, there are muscles you're working and others you're not doing much with. Some strength training could help target more areas and tone (plus it helps with the running by helping build stronger bones and tendons for better stability).

    Of course, the other possibility is loose skin and that really just takes time for the body to repair and regenerate (time on the order of many months to a couple years). But not running won't change that. The muscles beneath are stronger and more toned. To stop running would be to lose that ... but not refill the area with fat which plumped it up before. So you'd just end up with loose skin plus weaker muscles. Better to keep the muscles beneath working so that as your body repairs, they can "surface" and show the work that has been going on all along.
    2575 days ago
    Im so glad to finally see someone openly talk about the thigh pillows. i lost about 100 lbs (gained most back after leaving sp for awhile) and noticed (before gaining it back) that my thighs sprouted this pouchy flab roll. I dont run tho. i have asked a doc and they think im just bonkers...... my sis jokes its the fat melting way and just slowly falling down from the rest of my body.. emoticon b scarier yet!

    2575 days ago
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