As Promised: Celebrity Crushing!! Part 1 of 2

Thursday, April 05, 2012

I am feeling uber silly right now, so prepare yourself.

emoticon You have been warned.

Ok, so anyone who regularly follows my blogs knows that I am not inclined to ridiculousness, in fact, I lean toward seriousness, but I also believe that life is more fun when you incorporate appropriate amounts of silliness. For me, as a single twenty-four year old, that silliness tends to manifest itself in celebrity crushes. Sometimes it starts out with a bang and I am like...THAT DUDE IS HOT!! Other times I am like....he is ok, but then he grows on me and interestingly those are the ones that usually bloom into full blown bouts of giddy crushing.

Before we go any further, let me make a couple of things clear, first of all, I know that these are fictional characters and I fully recognize how ridiculous I sound. Secondly, I don't give a flying sack of turnips!!! I don't get dirty, I just get silly and I enjoy the little escape from the every day mundane that the gorgeous face of a fictional character can provide, even if only for an hour each week. So chill out and enjoy the pretty that is about to happen (this is about to get picture heavy)!!!

So there is this show called Burn Notice (it airs on USA) and, to be honest, I was never really that into it. I gave it a try a couple of times, but just couldn't get hooked. The central character Michael Westen (played by Jeffrey Donovan), is a spy who gets "burned" for some stuff that was not his doing and now has to figure out the tangled mess of how he got burned, why he got burned, and how to make it as an ex super spy in a regular mans world, which as you can imagine, gets interesting. He makes his living helping people with "problems", kind of a robin hood sort of thing. Regardless, I always thought the show was kind of boring, until one day I was being completely lazy and there was nothing on except a Burn Notice marathon, so I tuned in just to kill time. Fast forward about five hours and color me officially addicted!! First, because the plot is actually kind of interesting, I like the informative narration (if you watch, you know what I mean). Second, because I never noticed how hot Mr. Donovan is!!! I had seen him before, but always all Photoshopped to the point of looking like a preppier version of a "surgically improved" James Bond (yuck). But after multiple episodes, yeah, I realized otherwise for many reasons..which I shall now list...WITH PICTURES!!!

1. His smile.

Oh my goodness, his smile. He has my favorite kind of smile, because when he smiles genuinely, his whole face smiles. If that makes sense.

2. His eyes.

Yeah. Blue! But kinda deeper blue. :)

3. His forearms.

Yes, I did say forearms. But come on!! He has really nice forearms!!!

4. His scar (see it on his cheek).

I'm sorry, but I love scars, I think they give character. Ok, I admit, I also love these two pictures, because of his graying hair and beard, just makes him look hotter in my opinion.

5. His expressions.

I love that last one! So much cuteness!!!

6. guns...equals this chick melting into a puddle.

7. Him in undershirts.

And yes, doing pushups in said undershirt is NOT EVEN FAIR!!!

8. Him in jeans.

Dude should wear jeans all the time, every day, every episode. I mean, ya gotta admit, he makes those jeans look good!!

Continued in next blog, yes I actually had to break this into two parts!!!
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    He is super cute, but for my money, the hot one on that show is Sam. There is nothing that Bruce Campbell does that does not make me absolutely SWOON. emoticon
    2576 days ago
    He is super cute!
    2600 days ago

    2601 days ago
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