sleep apnea

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

So after 2 years of being diagnosed with mild sleep apnea my endocrinologist sent me back to talk to them to see if there are any new things that could help me. She is sending me to have a follow up study to see if the mouth guard is working for me. We know it's helping, this will tell if i need to adjust it more or if it's good. Or if i need a new style. I do have a pretty good one now as it is, but there is a newer one that offers easier adjustment. I go friday. I really liked this doctor versus the one i had before. Which def makes doing this study much easier to do. I hate sleeping away from home. The rooms are eh ok. i miss my kids etc. but i'm struggling again with weight and my dr. wants to rule this out, before we look at other things.

i'll have my results back in two weeks. So i'm curious to how the mouth guard is helping.
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