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The Simple Diet Journal #15 -- Disconnects and A Question

Wednesday, April 04, 2012


I must begin by saying how much I missed you all.

Disconnect #1:
My modem crashed -- having lived a long and healthy life of 10 years. Great distress was heard in the land of teenagers sans internet -- but I'm happy to report -- all survived. And, I'm so happy to be able to get online at home again -- yeah!

Weight loss this week continued and I'm now down another 3.7 lbs -- just shy by .2 to make it a full 25 lbs I've lost since starting. I feel great!

I have been still full on in my determination mode with both the diet and exercise. By accident, I had what I know will call a Super Simple Day this past weekend -- only shakes. It made me wonder if occasionally it might be helpful to do this every now and again. It also made me thankful on the next day, when I was hungry, that the plan totally allows for the entrees and fruits/veggies :-).

My Question:
I've also been wondering about in the balancing of cals/fats/proteins, and which is most important. I think it'll be helpful to know for those times when we are in a position where we have to make a food choice. For example, some foods are low cal, low fat, and low protein. Others are good for protein but higher in calorie and fat. If you have any thoughts on this, I'd love to hear what you think. For the Simple Diet plan -- focus more on low cal or low fat or moderate/high protein?

Disconnect #2:
People really don't seem to be noticing that I have lost c. 25lbs. It reminds me about those first few months of being pregnant when I knew -- and my closest family and friends knew -- but everyone else couldn't tell. Doesn't mean I wasn't :-) -- just one of those disconnects between what we know and what others realize.

I am glad that I have experienced this once before when I started to lose weight after my first pregnancy -- drawing from that experience helps me not even care that it's not evident to others yet. Also wanted to share this in case you've felt similarly as in, "How can people not notice?" or "Do I really not look any different?" For me, I also know it's because I've been prone to wear loose, baggy clothes -- which covers a lot, including progress!

Disconnect #3:
In the last week or so, I've had this experience at least 3x. When reading about someone else's weight loss story and they show the photo with the person's weight, I think, "Oh, that's what I weigh now." Then I realize -- hold on, that's not what you weigh -- you're 10 lbs less than that! It feels so funny to have made this mistake more than once -- and it just makes me realize that it's taking time for my brain and my self image to catch up with one another.

So glad to be back again -- right before a very busy weekend with all the holidays and a conference to boot.

Happy Day!

Peace, Health, and Living Fully No Matter What . . .

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Welcome back...congrats on your progress and weight loss.... emoticon
    2538 days ago
    Thanks, Everyone -- for your great input, encouragement, and reminder about the green light guide. You guys are awesome!
    2539 days ago
    OMG ~ no internet....the teenager would be having a meltdown if that happened here.

    Regarding not eating entrees ... be sure to investigate any restaurant nutrition wise. They may seem like a healthy restaurant but when you look close you seen the calories, fat & sodium and you have to pick your jaw up from the ground. I have so far only had off plan eating with Subway which is an easy place to find a meal within plan limitations. I will be concentrating more on calories and lo fat myself. I have been tracking all my food as well so I know where I have been landing for calories, fat etc and am happy with my breakdown so far.

    Regarding the weight loss...I am approaching 40 pounds gone and people are now starting to notice. My big thing now will be to not wear the baggy cloths. I also tend to wear loose clothing as i have always shied away from wearing fitted clothing. Now that my weight is coming down I will have to re-evaluate that so that i don't look like a bag lady.

    Congrats of the 25#'s gone forever. You are doing great.
    2539 days ago
    As far as how to handle it when we must make a food choice, what I have been doing is to try to eat as they suggest with the Green Light Calorie Guide (pg 198)
    and make sure that I do not go over 300 calories, or about 500 if I am combining 2 entrees. The way that they calculate this does seem to me to be high in good quality protein, high in fruit/veggies, minimal fat, minimal grain, sugar, flour.
    2540 days ago
    Like MRSVK11, I think people notice your weight loss but are unsure how to approach you. I've not told many people that I am dieting so I don't expect a lot of feedback. But continue to smile on the inside knowing what a great job you're doing!
    2540 days ago
    Disconnect1: Oh you poor thing my modem died a couple of weeks ago it was I really can feel that pain

    Question thoughts: I think that you can make TSD as complicated as you want trying to balance fats carbs and proteins and or calories. Personally I follow TSD as well as track my foods but I don't worry about any of the numbers. The calories always fall in a range that I'm happy with and I feel so great and energised I figure I'm way more balanced then I was when I was gaining weight.

    Disconnect2: Once again I'm in the same boat I'm pushing hard on a 20 pound weight loss my jeans are sliding right off my butt and no one seems to have weird! or have they noticed but aren't sure so don't want to say anything for fear of offending...hmmm don't know but I wish they woulds hurry up and

    Disconnect3: I don't have that going on but it sounds great!
    emoticon emoticon
    2540 days ago
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