60 is as 60 does

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

I've got to start with an edit. Note to self: Read your last blog before writing your next. To answer any questions I left before, No, I didn't buy lemons to make iced water with fresh lemons. I'm still drinking iced tea. I will keep working on it though. If I'd read the last entry first, I would have seen that I already mentioned the looking younger deal, but it's a good thing so I'm leaving it in. Something needs to be good just for now. This is only the beginning, I'll get better. Now to the real beginning of today's blog... emoticon

Well, I'm on a new adventure, but not one of my choosing, yet better than the alternative. Yes, I am now 60. Oh My! Every other birthday I was happy to see come, I had lived another year when all my docs predicted I wouldn't. Ha Ha I would think each year, I've made it despite your dire warnings and I'm here to celebrate.

This year was different. You/I can't pretend anymore; sixty isn't middle age, it's the O word and not the great O word. As a teen I looked older than my age, I was mature. In my twenties somewhere I started looking young and was carded into my 40's. Not that I'm a drinker, but there would be going away parties for folks who worked at my husband's offices and I would go stand at the bar and take a sip of whatever, but the best part was the asking for proof of my age at the door. I can be a shallow at times, but I think this is my main source of shallowness. I have others, mainly in the past, that I'll reveal in time. hehehe

So as this birthday approached, I was just dreading it. I didn't want a party, I didn't want to go anywhere fun where young people would look and gawk at the old bird. OK, so no one was really going to notice me and if they did, they would notice my weight before my age, but right now I'm dwelling on old age. How did this happen? I've always been the young one, the happy one, the sick one who always said I was fine regardless of how I really was. How did I get old? I guess the plain fact is that I didn't die and time happened. I wasn't looking forward to dying, as a matter of fact, have fought hard over many years to survive, so why the heck am I so unhappy that I succeeded in surviving? Because I am now O.L.D. and I never planned for that.

Today is the day after I turned the big 6-0 and nothing exciting or different happened today. I pretty much look the same. I feel pretty much the same. I'm just a little sad that I'm not middle aged, but then again, why can't I pretend that I am? I don't like the word, "Senior" yet recently I've gotten that dang discount without even asking! How dare they! Me? A senior? An old person? Rats!

Well, the good news is that I'm doing pretty well on my SparkPeople weight loss journey so I'm hoping that in my o.l.d. age I will get to a normal weight. I just read an article on Sparks and someone was comparing the attitudes of two people who were on weight loss plans. The part that struck me was that as the "good" loser was being talked about, the author said that even more amazing was that this person was in her mid fifties and losing a pound a week over a years time. It was as if a person, not yet even 60, could live well enough to lose weight. Maybe it's just my age adjustment day, but I thought that was strange. People in their mid fifties should get extra awards for losing weight? Is that age so off the chart? Geesh, I'm glad I didn't read it before I freaked about turning 60. In the author's eyes I was old years ago. Maybe she's in her early twenties and anyone over 30 can't be trusted.

Now that I'm 60 for 2 days, I'm getting used to it, mainly because nothing much changed. I just expected it to. My daughter and daughter-in-law had us over and gave me a lovely charm necklace with black wooden boxes that are really nice. Each has wording and will look really nice on my table as soon as I clean it off. (Another story, for another time). I ate pretty fattening foods over this weekend and last night, but I'm back on track today. It seems life will go on for me.

We'll see what I do now that I'm 60. That will really define 60 for me, certainly more than the vision of someone else thinks of what 60 is, so that's good. 60 is as 60 does. Let's see what this ole girl will do now that she's 60. I'll be back, the future isn't written.
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    Happy Birthday! You have a great attitude no matter how old you are:)
    2265 days ago
    Nan, I love how your mind works!!!

    So much of what you have said here hits a real vital spot with me - 60 has not quite hit here yet, but it will later on this year, in the fall - and I can't quite figure out where the time has gone. I woke up one day a few weeks ago to realize that I now have not just one, but two!!! kids who qualify as being 'middle - aged' They had just turned 40 and 41 during the first week of March.

    I still have the 'mentality' of feeling that "Only my parents are old enough to offspring of that age!!!", and that I could never ever be old enough for this, nor to be facing 60 and O.L.D. age myself.....

    They always say how time flies when you are having fun - I would like to know where the fun is, and when all the exhaustion, achy and stiff joints, memory gaps, wrinkles and greying hair are going to go away!!!

    R>OH, and I hope you really did have a marvelous birthday, surrounded by great food, great conversation, great friends and family!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2270 days ago
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