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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

This has been conflicting me the last few days and I just wanted to talk about it with someone/thing. The other day, someone made a comment to me, "If hooping burns a lot of calories, why are you still fat? And you don't even look good doing it." One person even said, "I thought you were nice till you starting this hooping thing. Now I think you're weirder than s**t."

I actually disagree. I think I looking freaking fantastic! But the thing is with hooping for 30 minutes a day, I can maintain 250 easy while eating like a pig. Now, when I stopped hooping as much, I went up to 274. 275 is like no-no zone. It's way too close for 300 for me. I feel like a success that I lost the 15 pounds (I'm now at 248) with hooping and diet and I have successfully stayed away from 300 for 3 years.

Why hooping means so much to me even without the weight loss is that I know that it will prevent me from ever going to my highest weight. When I realized I was awfully close to the beginning, I upped my hooping practice. Example: I've only been hooping 20 minutes most days this month. I've ranged from okay eating to awful binging when I come home from work. I never got above 255. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't even dipped into the 250s if I was doing 30 minutes or even 20 minutes everyday.

My goal since Thanksgiving has been to lose or maintain. Yes, I'd like to lose fast but I don't really care. It's what I'm calling passive weight loss. If it involves 1-2 months perfect and 1 month of not so perfect, awesome. Also, the biggest difference on my weight loss right now is that I'm keeping it a psuedo-secret. I'm not blasting it on facebook or even telling my family other than my husband. So, yes, I HAVE lost weight hooping. And I've maintained weight loss with hooping. Hooping is my go-to cardio now. And this is the reason why I gave up a few years ago because the "weight wasn't coming off fast enough" or I didn't "look like I should." With this new mental change, I think it may help that mental platueu.

Is it horrible that I am not a perfect size 6? I've had others tell me that see me every day that my face has gotten thinner since October. None of my weight loss is noticeable. But I don't care because my clothes fit, my knee doesn't hurt anymore (like at 274) and no heartburn. And I really don't care or I didn't until someone made that comment. It's just bringing me down.

Hooping has given me friends. I honestly will say that I have friends now! I go outside and I feel more confident in life. I even called a gym the other day to see if I can teach there (no answer).

I think it also shows the type of people in the hooping community. They seem to be so welcoming no matter what your size and looks. I know I've helped quite a few people in the hooping community through my personal blog, my hooping.org articles, and various emails I've gotten from other hoopers. This one girl I've never met has listed me as her hooping momma because I inspired her!

Is this what the lady from Dances with Fat feels like? danceswithfat.wordpress.
I have deep down worries that the reason that I'm not making any impact at all is because of my weight. Would various gyms let me teach if I was thin? Would people think it was cooler if I was skinny and in a bikini? Can I not do these tricks because of my weight? Is there something wrong with me?

I will tell you that I've always been weird. I come off wrong with a lot of people. I'm quirky and odd. My best friends growing up was my imaginary friends, I played with barbies till I was 15 (in hiding), I used to dance around at the top of the hill pretending I was going to be the next Brittany Spears, and I used to read tons of books. I loved playing school cause I loved learning. School was the only place that I'd see other people than my family. If it wasn't for FCCLA and 4-H, I would have been a total hermit. I was an angry teen that listened to death metal except I also loved to help people. I was too bubbly to be gothic even though those type of people seemed to be the only ones that'd get my sense of humor. I was doomed from the beginning. I asked John if hooping made me weird. He looked at me and laughed, "You were weird before that."

Maybe the issue is that the hoop made me care even less about negativity. Will I quit hooping? Posting videos every week? Nope!
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    Hugs! I'm so happy for you to hear that you've lost some weight passively and been able to maintain and keep from going over 275 just by regular hooping! It is terrific exercise. If you WANTED to lose weight, it's great cardio for that if you keep to a calorie range that SP sets, but if you just want to maintain and lose if it happens eating regularly, that's pretty awesome, too. The great part is that you've found a kind of movement/exercise that you love to do, and that will serve you well for your whole life, no matter WHAT anyone else thinks of it!

    I hoop in my front yard and get a lot of stares and comments. Whatever, I let them try my hoop and I tell them about SparkPeople. I got a neighbor's workperson interested in hooping using my big one and also interested in checking out SparkPeople. :)

    2635 days ago
  • no profile photo CURVYELVIESAYS
    I love you girl and you look good hooping. People could be so mean. You have the right attitude and I think you make an impact everyday by example. You don't have to be a size six to hoop or to live. You go girl and forget the haters! emoticon
    2637 days ago
  • SHOES17
    Well I dont even know what hooping is...But you have inspired me to find out and to try it ...thanks emoticon
    2658 days ago
    I am so sorry that anyone would be so rude to you. Even though I don't know you well, I can tell from all that you do to contribute to SparkPeople that you are a wonderful person. Your hooping skills are amazing and inspiring! I love watching your videos! You are always doing some new trick I can't wait to learn! You helped me figure out how to buy my first hoop (which I only just got around to). You help people selflessly! You are GORGEOUS! Haters gonna hate...lol! You just keep on being you! emoticon emoticon
    2658 days ago
    Just want you to know that while I've only just had a chance to get to "know" you via your videos and blog, I have found you to be an incredibly graceful and creative woman, full of life and energy. You inspire me on a regular basis.
    2663 days ago
    I don´t know where to begin! I am soooo filled with comments and reflections on this subject so its sort of gibbers away...but I will try to make some points that I have not seen in other comments.

    That people say those things sort of ineterst me – how does their brains work? How do they percieve the world? As a place where only the "perfects" (and who is to set up the rules for that form?) get to show things? It is always preached that you shouldn´t wait to do the things you want to do until you feel "perfect" enough, you should start it NOW. But those people seem to have something in them telling them that it is not allowed to be anything but like everybody else (which is impossible as there are no "normal" people, this you learn if you attend twelve step groups...)

    I think that you are more valuable than many others because you started hooping from a different body than most. That means that you have experienced stuff that thinner people does not know about and therefore you can help people that cannot be helped by the slimmies because they don´t recognize the problem.

    Its like flylady (the cleaning oracle I worship) tells us that some people are BO:s "Born organized" those people simply does not recognize the problem for us that lives with CHAOS (Cant Have Anyone Over Syndrome) They cannot advice us because they don´t know our difficulies, it takes someone who has been there, done that to come up with great solutions..

    If you had not posted your video telling about the size of the hoop I might never had understood the importance of hoop size and you knew that because you had your experience. Now I know it too and I have helped people around me with this - your experience help SWEDES!!! Imagine that!

    As I was overweight as a kid I am more sensitive to all "fat" comments than other "teasing" stuff. Today I have started to be very unemotional with it if somebody would comment that I am fat I say "yes - and?" I have gotten the question why I am fat when I am as active physically as I am- and my answer is "becasue I eat too much compared to what I burn" and if people ask why I don´t eat less I ell them that I have an eating disorder (which I have been diagnosed with yay!!!) "BED" - binge eating disorder" kind of like alcoholism but with food. That usually ends the discussion.

    I have to admit that most people look silly hooping... it´s hard to look good doing it

    Your vlog where you dance - I don´t remember which one but you have multicoloured hair and the music is some sort of salsa or latin... it is the first I´ve seen that was really integrating the hooping in something beatuiful. Most videos with hoopers look... I don´t know what, but definitely not sexy - as yours were.

    You have an obvious passion for hooping and do a GREAT job spreading that passion. I assume that you really wish to loose weight but I am really grateful that you have not succeded better so far - because you are a role model, you set a perfect example that passion IS attractive and -safire and other hoopers will have to excuse me but – I think you are doing more for hooping than all the thin girls.

    Because you show me that it is I who define ME. It is up to ME to decide what life I want to have.

    And I want to hula hoop....
    2664 days ago
    Shannon, I don't think you'll ever know how many people you've inspired with your hooping. The grace with which you do so much just has me in awe. Haven't read anything I can't agree with in these posts!
    I agree with Shellie, for some reason hurting people hurt people. And those you mentioned were being very hurtful. I consider people like that toxic and try to limit my time with them. The problem is theirs not yours.
    Be yourself; you do have friends---that you don't have to change for. Glad you are one of mine.
    2664 days ago
    First of all, I can't believe anyone would say those things to you. That is absolutely horrible. I haven't known you on Spark very long but I think you are an amazing person and what you can do with that hoop is so cool! You really are an inspiration to everyone and such a positive person and more people like you would do the world good. Keep your chin up and continue hooping because you love it and who cares what anyone else thinks!
    2664 days ago
  • _JODI404
    Those comments are SO *R*U*D*E*!!!!!

    Please try not to let them bring you down.

    Disregard unhelpful comments - Those come from a place of insecurity in SOMEONE ELSE who has become uncomfortable seeing you grow, gain confidence and express yourself.

    YES -- they were RUDE!!!! But, remember it is still your choice to let their words affect you.

    No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
    Eleanor Roosevelt, 'This Is My Story,' 1937

    I think the best response is to keep on ROCKIN out with your hoop!!
    And you do have a LOT of friends here. I sent you a friend request too. You are doing an amazing job leading the Team, and your time and effort is greatly appreciated!

    Sorry there are such MEAN and hurtful people.... unfortunately the world is just full of haters like that. Mean people suck!!!

    Hang in there and keep on hooping ~ you just can't help but be happy inside your hoop!

    ~ Jodi
    2664 days ago
    I am so sorry you had to listen to those hateful comments. I think you look fantastic and have continued to inspire me to learn how to do more than waist hoop. I just look at your movement and joy not your size. We are all individuals and I try and not worry what others think of me. Take care and keep hooping and posting those blogs.
    Anne :)
    2664 days ago
    It is too bad that some people can only feel better about themselves by putting others down. I am sorry someone was so hurtful to you and agree with other posters that this is not some one who worth your time.

    How sad the world would be if we were all the same and no one was quirky or individualistic.
    2664 days ago
    I would say remove that person from your life - they are quite clearly not someone worth your time.
    2664 days ago
    Wow! I am sorry someone would say something so awful to you. Some people just hate to see others happy. It is a shame.

    Keep hooping!
    2664 days ago
    Shannon, I didn't read the other's comments so, I may be repeating similar sentiments, please forgive me. I want you to know they're pure though. You inspire me and I think that's what you want in life is to be THAT GIRL! The one that walks into a room and brings a smile to someone's face and little envy to their soul where they wanna be her. I posted a video yesterday of me trying (not to your calibre) a hooping thing because YOU inspired me. I LOVED watching your knees moves. I watched it multiple times. I wanna see you slim down NOT because it's aesthically pleasing or will inspire me more. You inspire me NOW, you make me girly jealous NOW! The slim is so you can feel healthier and have more energy - for YOU!
    I am a tad violent (a tad) and I would like to invoke a "Snow Storm" on those vicious JEALOUS people. They are jealous. You're an inspiring happy hooper that breaks convention where they can not.
    YOU ARE emoticon
    2664 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/3/2012 11:48:54 AM
    I don't understand why someone would say something so hurtful to you. They must be hurting themselves, that's all I can figure. Some people just don't get it.

    Shannon, you are a beautiful hooper and I'm so glad you're leading the hoop team. We appreciate your care and concern, your knowledge and passion. I'm a slow loser too, but I know part of that is because I'm not as diligent with my food as I am with my exercise. That's on me. But, like you, I imagine I'd weigh much more if I weren't hooping as much. I thought being a little quirky or odd was one of the prerequisites for being a hooper? Lol.

    Don't let these comments rob you of the joy you feel when you hoop or your enthusiasm for sharing the hoop love. You are making a difference.
    2664 days ago
    I just asked to be your friend and have to say that I did not before (even though I have looked at your youtube videos and checked out your pages and comments) because I thought you were probably too popular to want "another" friend. Isn't that silly?

    Yes it is.

    I wonder why people are mean. Because that is what it is mean to say things like that to you. What makes them think it's ok to say such mean things to someone? I feel sorry for them. I do know that often misunderstood or as you say, weird people make some uncomfortable because of your complete freedom to seek your own way to meander through this life, right here and right now.

    Please know that you are precious and inspirational to many of us. I want to dance and flow like you with such love and freedom.

    Does the opinions and bad thoughts of others really have the power to change who we are? Only if we let them!

    thinking and praying for you,
    2664 days ago
    Dude, I was 294 when I last weighed myself before joining sparkpeople - and no one even mentioned anything about weightloss to me until after I had lost over 30lbs. And also i think you look great when you're hooping! :) You are making a great impact online! Inspiring so many people! Your feelings of health and wellness will continue to improve with added weightloss and maybe it would help you get a job in a gym easier... but I'm glad that you are still learning to be comfortable with yourself as you are. Plus, I grew up in a tiny town and it was 30min away from where I attended high school. I didn't get much social outside of school time except church activities or band events... :) Not for a long while. hehe. You might be weird but it's a good weird. I mean the only reason you having lost more weight is because you haven't really been trying. You can lose some with fitness activities, but the food makes a big difference! :) Anyway. Great blog, good sharing of your feelings and whatnot. Losing slowly and keeping it off is a big deal, there's no rush. Just do what you can and press forward. :) And keep ROCKING at hooping!
    2664 days ago
    Of course I knew about hula hoops, but this is my first exposure to hoopdance!
    Watched your camp try-out video and think it is quite beautiful. I personally love to line dance. Some of my friends are cloggers.

    I also checked out the site, danceswithfat.com to see what that was about.
    I recently had a line dance teacher that was, shall we say, a very curvy girl. She was a wonderful dancer and an excellent teacher. I had taken a class with her
    few years ago and she was the same size as she is now. So, apparently she is at a weight she feels comfortable at. I didn't feel her figure detracted from her dancing, and in some ways may have enhanced some of the movements.

    Well, if people ask you why you're "still fat", you could share what you wrote in your blog............that hoopdance does help you control your size so that you feel better. And hoopdance is more than a weight loss tool for you, it is an alternative art form that you are passionate about. Or you could just say.......
    "Why are you still rude?" haha

    As far as being weird, that is all relative. I prefer the terms unique, special, one-of-a kind, interesting, my own person, indivdualistic, creative. It's all in the spin you put on it.

    My only negative comment is that there is a lot of studies that show that being overweight, as defined by the medical profession, is connected with numerous health problems. I am sure that this is no news flash to you. (I also realize that you can't equate thin with healthy, and that Americans are obsessed with thin.)
    But, I am a lot older than you, and have seen more of how being significantly overweight can really hurt a person's health in many ways over the years, and it really catches up with you when you get older.

    2664 days ago
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