Monday, April 02, 2012

When I started SP, one of my quickstart goals was to walk the dogs every day. I did great with it, and they LOVED it! After a couple of months though, with the increased rain, and now the lovely arrival of all types of moths and beetles, I sort of let it go. Poor dogs.

They are trying to get me back for slacking. I can tell.

This weekend, as we were waiting for an out of town guest to arrive, they both rolled in something so foul smelling that I could catch their stench without squatting down to sniff. Into the shower I went, with two repulsively stinky dogs. This was Saturday. I got out just in time to greet my guest. Losers.

Today, I let them out first thing in the morning (6am). I immediately heard barking, and went to the door to quiet them down. I didn't want them to wake up our elderly next door neighbor. Losers.

When I called them in, I immediately knew something was wrong. There was a smell of burning tires, and my throat started to seize. SKUNK. Direct hit on my loser dogs.

Well, I had to work out, because otherwise, I'd be missing out on yet another day of fitness, and I promised myself this week, there would be no slacking. So... I locked the dogs in the bedroom with me, turned the fan up to full blast, and worked out in the midst of skunk butt. It wasn't good, I'll tell you that, but I got my workout in.

I left the dogs in the room, ran my daughter over to her carpool pickup, and then came home, threw the dogs in the shower with me, and bathed them AGAIN. Monday.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure they are trying to tell me something. But I still got my workout in, and THAT, my friends, is dedication.

On another note, have any of you noticed that as you get more fit you get MORE sore when you work out? This sort of doesn't make sense to me. I was doing several kickboxing workouts well. Not easily, but well. Now, I know I'm more fit, but I'm feeling achy after them, and not able to complete them as easily. I'm assuming that because I'm more fit, I'm doing more (jumping higher, kicking harder...). Does this sound reasonable? I'd assumed it would get easier, but it isn't. I'm not complaining. I'd be sad if I had these workouts down to the point where they no longer worked. But they are CLEARLY working!
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    Oh. My. Goodness. Yes, those dogs have it in for you! I would suggest an immediate power walk around the block. :) Skunks? Seriously? One of my worst nightmares! You ARE dedicated! You wear that badge with pride!

    About those sore muscles though, I'm not quite sure... I actually might agree with Vicki. It's a good idea that I didn't think of. Could you be sore from all the weird things those poor dogs are putting you through? Otherwise, look at how much your working out a week, Do you take at least one complete day off? It might be that your muscles just aren't having enough time to recover between your hard efforts. I know, probably not what you wanted to hear, but it's what came to my head first. Let me know about how your feeling now, because I currently have bad shin splints (yes, the half marathon is in exactly 2 weeks!) because I didn't listen to my body when I had some slight aches in my shins for 2+ weeks, during both of which my mileage reached over 40 miles a week. Do you keep a workout log of what you do, how long, how much, etc.? It might be the saving grace that could give you some answers. Compare what your doing now with what you were doing a month ago and see how they compare in terms of how you felt before, during, and after big workouts. Holy cow, long post, I know. I think my fingers are glad I'm not running, it's taking so much stamina! :)
    2537 days ago
    Holy skunk, yes. That's dedication!

    You're not taking a statin, right? (If you were, you'd probably want to get that checked to make sure the sore muscles aren't related to that.)
    2545 days ago
  • OPTIMIST1948
    I got nuttin other than agreeing with your hypothesis. And boy do I loath skunk smell.
    2547 days ago
    My poor dog is so old she can no longer go on a walk in any kind of comfort. She still wants to go, but if I took her she wouldn't make it all the way. Poor baby. I miss walking her.
    2548 days ago
  • YDAVIS23
    Haha I agree that it's a workout to bathe them. Abby went full body under the mud on Sunday as well. But skunk? YUCK!

    I'm not sure about the soreness with kickboxing. Your hypothesis makes sense. The other thing might be if you are working out more frequently, your muscles might not be fully healing between workouts? Just a thought.
    2548 days ago
    Oh my... walking dogs... that was my favorite activity. I miss it so much that I really don't enjoy walking without the Mutt Brothers. When The Hubster and I were trying to decide if we should move from out cozy house with the fenced yard to downtown, we realized dog walking would no longer be optional, so we started walking the dogs Every Time they needed to go out. I found that I loved it. I loved the companionship on the walk. So we moved downtown. Dan had the walk just before bed, I had the middle of the night emergencies and first thing in the morning. We divided all other walks based on that day's schedules. Not only did we lose weight, but the dogs lost weight. I swear it's what kept them alive to the ripe old ages of 15 and 17.

    I don't know how you locked your pooches up in your bedroom. My experience with the Mutt Brothers and skunks is that anything they touched also smelled of skunk. There is a Nature's Miracle that you can use on furniture and one that you can use on the dogs.

    Re soreness - what is sore? muscles? joints? Could it be something else causing the soreness like arthritis? I still get sore when I push extra hard like after a race or when I do something new. It'll last a few days and then I'm OK.

    2548 days ago
    First of all, bathing dogs should be included in the fitness tracker!!!! It's a workout, especially if they are not small dogs. So, you got your workout on anyway....twice!

    Second of all, strong stench of skunk, you poor thing. Doesn't it feel like your nose hairs are being singed? Horrible yucky....losers.

    I think you might be sore from bathing them, unless you do it all the time?

    And yet again, we parallel each other. That was also one of my goals, lol. But since I am trying to stay off the sidewalk and on the asphalt, I can't take them :( So they mope around all sad. I am a horrible mommy (not really, but I feel bad).

    I hope the smell is not lingering! And I hope the skunks stay away too.
    2548 days ago
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