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Monday, April 02, 2012

So my husband, step-son & I spent the weekend in Minneapolis for my step-daughter's birthday. We spent most of our time at Mall of America. Personally, I love shopping! My husband & step-son - not so much. So we kind of compromised. I quickly scanned stores that we don't have locally while they sat & waited for me outside the stores. All I ended up buying was a bar of soap from the LUSH store. There were so many other things I wanted, especially a pair of shoes I saw at Marshalls but I didn't feel like I deserved them. I came home feeling kind of sad that my shopping at MOA wasn't more fun. We also went to the Sea Life aquarium & went on a rollercoaster. Then we needed to eat. My husband fell in love with a little restaurant called Pardon My French. We ate there 3 times! But we walked the mall for 6 hours & swam at the hotel. (My swimsuit was a tad too big but not enough to need to buy a new one.) Still, I came home 2 pounds heavier.
I'm a little frustrated. I felt I made good decisions for food except that I chose to have a piece of cake at the French restaurant & stole about 5 of my husband's french fries from McDonalds. (I forgot how good those fries are & I really wanted my step-son's Big Mac.) Otherwise I chose a salad with vinaigrette at the French restaurant over the cheesy stuff my hubby & step-son got. I picked a salad when we went to McDonalds. Did a piece of cake & 5 french fries cause me to gain 2 pounds back?! I seriously can't eat cake anymore? I think I must be missing something that I'm doing wrong.

I'm so tired of tracking my food. It wouldn't be so bad if this computer was faster but it takes about 2 minutes to open a new page. I usually leave the room & get a drink or something when I have to switch to a new page. It sucks! I want my computer back! And I've actually limited the food that eat so that I don't have to keep entering new foods into the tracker.

I think I might have to go back to the exercise bike instead of my walking videos. I prefer the walking videos but I was losing weight faster while doing the cycling. I really don't care for the cycling but its what I have. I don't feel like exercising at all today. Sorry if this is a little gross but I want to explain. I have a wart on the side of my big toe that I've had since high school. I've been trying to treat it forever. I've even had the doctor try to remove it 3 times. Well I've finally been having some luck using apple cider vinegar. I gave my foot a break from it for a little bit so that I could actually walk around MOA & go swimming without it being sore. (And, yes, I covered it with a waterproof bandage at the pool & had sandals so I didn't spread it!) But now that I'm not planning on swimming again soon I'm back to treating it. And does it ever hurt! It feels like someone is sticking a needle into the side of my toe all the way to the bone. But I really want the sucker gone for summer! It's almost gone already from my past ACV treatments. So I don't feel like using my feet today.

I applied for a job today. It scared me to death but I just made myself sit down & do it without thinking about it. I keep over thinking things and talking myself out of doing things all the time. Hopefully I'll get a call & I can feel worthwhile again.

I learned something interesting the other day. Apparently when the "bad stuff" happened I was interviewed by an FBI agent. Either I was too shaken up to comprehend or the agent didn't tell me. Either way, I was shocked to find that out.

Anyway, I'm a little frustrated with this healthy lifestyle. My body feels like giving up but my brain luckily knows better. I just feel like I'm not doing something right & I'm not sure what it is. Perhaps I'm just slacking off & need a kick in the butt. I think I need a do over. LOL

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    Don't stress the small stuff! If you can't handle tracking on SP - just keep a written food journal!

    and your exercise? change it up! do some walking videos, some bike...

    start every morning as new! make choices for today!
    2543 days ago
    The trip sounds really nice. I am proud of your choices while watching others make such cheesy fat choice. Best of luck with the job application!
    2543 days ago
    My scale always goes bonkers when I travel. Be proud of the choices you made and the lengths you went to in order to do all that walking and to keep everyone mostly happy. You stayed the course and you were a typical Mom putting family before self. (I can just see those guys sitting in the mall waiting! Been there, done that!) When you get to goal, you will need to reward yourself with a day at the MOA all to yourself. Get back on track, the scale will fall in place, and the Mall will be awaiting!
    Good luck with the job search!
    2543 days ago
    I wouldn't be too concerned over 2 pounds. I tend to get dehydrated when I am on the road. I don't take enough water and end up drinking too much soda and eating salty foods. Now that you're back at home, you will be ok.

    Also, good luck on the job.
    2543 days ago
    Remember the science of weight loss. for every pound you gain, you are eating 3,500 calories MORE than you are burning. No way that a piece of cake and 5 fries had 7,000 calories. But look at some of the other stuff. Did you drink soda or salty food that could have you retaining water? Was it a road trip? I always retain water when I'm sitting in the car for several hours. Did you drink as much water when you were busy that you drink when you're home and on your "own turf"? See what I mean? There could be other things to the 2 pounds. Stay on course and the scale will change. emoticon

    And luckily we ALL get a "do-over". Every single day. emoticon
    2544 days ago
    Get your do-over and start it today. I usually go to Godiva's when I go up to the MOA. Good luck starting over this week!
    2544 days ago
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