A huge step towards feeling comforatable in my skin

Monday, April 02, 2012

I've had several "aha" realizations this week, and I want to record them in a blog for my own record.

This time last year:

1. This time last year, I couldn't walk to the mailbox without getting winded.

2. This time last year, I wasn't sleeping for more than 4 hours a day, at least 4 days of the week.

3. This time last year, I drank nothing but diet soda and juice.

4. This time last year, I ate at least 80% of my meals outside of the home...usually from a drive thru.

5. This time last year, I couldn't carry my 3 year old from the front door of a grocery store to my vehicle.

6. This time last year, I was convinced that I had Lukemia because of my "unexplainable" exhaustion.

7. This time last year, I had to guess at my weight because my scale only measured up to 350 lbs.

8. This time last year, I spent HOURS every day playing stupid Facebook games and watching TV because I didn't have the stamina to do much else.

9. This time last year, I couldn't wear high heels because the pressure of my weight pressing upon the balls of my feet was too great.

10. This time last year, I hated leaving my house because I felt to fat to be seen in public.

11. My vital health stats were poor enough that an early death was pretty much guaranteed.

THIS year:
I feel amazing. I have lost 70 lbs. I run at least a 5k once a week, kickbox, strength train, spin, Pilox...whatever I can find to do. I have realized that my exhaustion issues were largely because of my lifestyle...which involved neglecting my basic human needs like good food, water, and sleep. I LIKE to go clothes shopping again...I routinely fit into size 20 pants and 14/16 (1X) tops now. This is from the "testing the laws of physics" size 24 (probably should have been more of a 26/28) I was wearing last year. I like to socialize again. I can keep up with my kids...lap them, even. My body is not "there" yet, but it is well on it's way to MIGHTY. I have a shape again that does not warrent comparision to mammalian sea life. My blood pressure was measured at 110/65 this morning (yes!), my cholesterol is back into the normal range, and my blood sugar is normal ranges. In's been one hell of a year!!!
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