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Monday, April 02, 2012

Wow, I found out I am allergic to Dairy and now I have Celiac, which means no gluten! I am sitting here wondering what I can eat?? I do love fruits and veggies as well as fish, chicken, turkey, etc. So, I guess I DO have things to eat, huh? I will miss my cheese though! I can always buy gluten free bread, so thats not a problem. I am not a real fan of bread anyway. I did have tuna fish for lunch which was good, and I am defrosting some Tilapia for dinner..my favorite! Anyone else out there have these allergies? I am so happy to be here and I hope I make a lot of friends emoticon emoticon
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    I relate. I am allergic to dairy. It makes me congested and wheeze. It also makes my joints hurt.

    Since I can't tolerate milk and cheese, I've come to realize just how many products have milk, milk products, whey, lactose, etc.. I read every label, and am getting further and further away from processed foods.... So many recipes call for cheese. ARGH! It's frustrating.

    I feel so much better without it... but, still crave it. Cheese and ice cream tempts me most. Milk I can live without.

    I like almond milk. Coconut milk isn't bad, especially in smoothies with fruit. Learning to use tofu. Made a wicked dessert with silken tofu and melted chocolate chips.... came out like chocolate mousse. it was really tasty.

    2149 days ago
    I am also gluten and dairy sensitive and so I researched and have been following a primal diet - and my health is amazing now - weight is slowly decreasing. I have just discovered coconut yoghurt - delicious. Try to change your focus to what you can have in your meal plans - rather than what you can't have - I found the shift to more positive thinking was very helpful. Shoot me a sparkmail if you are interested in some resources to help with the shift to more primal - less grain and dairy based meals.
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    There is still so much choice!!!
    2239 days ago
    Daiya is the only non-dairy cheese I have found that actually tastes good. Most Whole Foods carry it, and the price is comparable to dairy cheese. It melts nice and has a good flavour.

    As far as non-dairy milk goes, I think Silk over is pretty good (don't start out with the "light" versions if you are used to cows milk; you won't like it), whether you buy Soy, or Almond. The coconut milk is great too, but it's a bit on the sweet side.

    Hope this helps a bit!

    2239 days ago
  • SUMMER2812
    I also have a sensivity to dairy and drink unsweetened coconut milk all the time. I love it in cereal and smoothies. I love cheese but can't have it much anymore. I do love my ice cream though and won't give that up lol!....anyone have good dairy free receipes?
    2241 days ago
    DJ...I haven't tried it since being allergic to dairy so I don't know if it would bother me or not. Peacebunny, try the Almond milk on cereal and you can't tell its not regular milk.
    2243 days ago
    Have you tried goats milk?
    2243 days ago
    Yeah I have really thick hair so that is the only thing that saved me from being bald but my family was so upset. I only wear wear the wigs for diversity and for a break from my own hair but I still wear my own hair out from time to time just can't have any chemicals. I have to try the almond milk. I think I will start with a small container the next time my grocery store puts it on sale. I really want to give up the cow milk because I have heard the same thing about the hormones but I love it so much...so I will try. You willl love SP if you stick with it. I make a note to myself to log in everyday even if its just for 15 minutes and it goes fast and I get to speak with people like you and make friends which is good for me because there are days that I hate exercising. I have been getting through these days by communicating it and getting encouragement to keep going. I have been a SP member for 1 week now and found it through trying to get a support group for Jillian Michaels 30 day shred which I actually found here and joined because of that. So keep at it. emoticon
    2243 days ago
    Hey 1peacebunny....I forgot to mention too that I drink Blue Diamond Almond Milk and I love it. I haven't had real milk in years because of all the hormones they put into it. My family drinks the almond milk too. Wow, so sorry about your hair problems! I only dye my hair every now and then but need to stop because my hair gets thinner and thinner the more I use it. And no your story didn't scare me..lol. emoticon
    2243 days ago
    I feel for you because I love milk. I drink 2% but eventually trying to be down to fat free or almond silk which I have heard has a nice taste. We all have some type of allergies. I basically was problem free until about age 22 when I developed a SEVERE reaction to hair dye. So when I go gray, its there to stay which now explains my love of wigs. Have you ever seen someone's head blow up like a balloon? Well thats me and hair dye so after the last incident in 2008 of pills, IVs and hospital visits, I am now very wary of hair products. I love SP so far because of the people and I know you will too. Thanks for sharing your story. I hope mine didn't scare you...lol! emoticon
    2243 days ago
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