Day 91: Looking Back on March, Planning for April

Monday, April 02, 2012

Okay, looking back on March's goals:
1. Increase monthly exercise minutes to 2000.
2. Cook/prepare one new healthy meal a week.
3. Sign-up for and walk in my FIRST 5k
4. Lose 10lbs
5. Be consistent with my kids doing at least ONE job a day.
emoticon1. Uh, NO. My monthly total ended up being only 1208. I was in a funk for almost a week. That would account for some missing minutes but not the whole thing. Need to really focus on getting good workouts in 6x a week to get the number up
emoticon2. Not completely but did do some. One meal I bought turkey meatballs, WW pasta noodles my family still ate it.
emoticon3. WooHoo, SUCCESS!
emoticon4. YES, actually lost 10.2 Made my goal but it would have been more without my trip and funk.
emoticon5. Did this. Still needs some improvement. This month I'm going to implement a job jar. When my kids can't seem to leave each other alone they'll have to do a job. Yesterday I put my 12yo in time out. Decided no and gave her the job to unload the dishwasher. I have SO many jobs that need to be done. I don't think the timeout stair will see much occupancy this month but my home should be cleaner!

In ways March was a great month, even with my week of funk!
emoticonFit into a size 22 jean
emoticonLeft the Morbidly Obese category
emoticonTook a trip and saw my brother/his family and my college-aged daughter!

My weight went from 287.8 to 277.6
My BMI went from 40.11 to 38.71

Now, planning for April:
1. Get 2000 fitness minutes
2. Lose 15lbs. HIGH,yes, but I'm going to kickit up a notch!
3. Only ONE sugary treat a week
4. At least 10 min of ST 6days a week
5. Do my daily spiritual goals
6. Swim at least 4 times (that's the only thing I haven't worked on yet for my July Sprint Tri)

Last month, even though I wrote my goals here I never wrote them down on paper so I could see them daily. I will be changing that this month. I'll post them in my kitchen, in my bathroom and on a card to keep in my purse.

April here I come!

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