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Monday, April 02, 2012

The Statistics are in and Americans have just been getting fatter despite our best efforts to educate consumers about choosing "healthy" options. At this point we must declare a state of emergency: Dietitis is spreading faster then a syphilis outbreak on a college campus.

"Dietitis is described as prolonged calorie restriction with mediocre results despite methodically counting calories (and can also be associated with doing long lengthy cardiovascular exercise everyday or overuse of diet programs and pills with the same results.)"

"The spreading of this disease seems to be related to social media, The FDA, USDA, Diet Cult Blogs and websites, and misinformation coming from all sectors of the united states. The disease most notably spreads from person to person or from reading articles out of commercial health magazines or books without any knowledge of nutritional principals"

"Dietitis usually manifests it self at first has a health goal to improve overall physique and appearance of the individual and ends up either failing or consuming said individuals life. The disease can also be categorized by fear of consumption of any of the following in no particular order: Food, Calories, Salt, Carbohydrates, Animal products, Anything with a Face or "soul", Bacon, Saturated Fat, Starch, Fats in general, Chocolate, Ice Cream, Alcohol, Grains or/and Beans, High Glycemic Foods, Phytic acid, "anti nutrients", Fruits, Nuts, and most importantly water (the last one is not as common)"

"Certain member of society are spear heading the epidemic, examples including but not limited to: Jenny Craig, Dr. OZ, Oprah Winfrey, Ronald McDonald, Star Jones, and Jonah hill (but to a lesser extent. We liked him round anyway I think he lost some funniness not just weight.)

"Dietitis usually begins at a young age as certain "cornerstones"(zero calorie, low Calorie, Low Fat) of what a healthy diet is, inflicts the minds of such gullible individuals and begins to become even more evident when the dietary changes yield sub-par results over a long period of time."

"Short term results are very common as most find that the disease is not a problem at first but as time goes on the disease morphs into a burden and those who are infected are no longer able to battle the disease and return to old dietary habits."

"Research has shown that this disease is minimal and almost completely absent in cultures around the world that are not aware of dogmatic nutritional myths or processed food and rely on ancient cultural methods and historical wisdom for food consumption and preparation."

"The only cure we have found is to eat to appetite of real food with no constraints on macro-nutrient groups or calories and to also obey the reward center of the brain" - Scott Slifer-Mosher Independent Health Researcher

Dietitis...were only F%$king ourselves

Diets have been around since the early 1800's for curing many disease and ailments but this most recent disease in the last 30 years has done quite the opposite. The Individuals obsession with zero calorie colas, low fat desserts, low carb snacks, and "all Natural" Cookies has been driving the epidemic forward.

"The unhealthy use of appetite suppressants, artificial sweeteners and drugs contribute to an unhealthy body and these substances have limited effects when the person is trying desperately to lose the fat."

Dietitis has done nothing to hasten the ever growing population of obese children and adults. It can be said that Dietitis infects almost every American researching or trying to lose weight through semi-starvation and caloric restriction with rigid rules and routines that must be followed in order to achieve the goals. Overall functionality and mental cognition of the individual is not taken into consideration as the need to be thin overtakes the brains natural instincts to eat enough and procreate the species. The fear of consuming too many calories causes a shift in the brain towards the rewards of not eating as much to obtain desired appearance or weight. This tragic flaw in logic only exacerbates the problem further and most individuals develop a sub acute disease know as Skinny Fat Type 2. This usually happens after prolonged calorie restriction in obese/overweight individuals from Progresso soup and lean cuisines which results in lean mass being lost but fat still remaining.

“…remember that prolonged dieting (this one [meaning the Atkins diet], low-fat, low-calorie, or a combination) tends to shut down thyroid function. This is usually not a problem with the thyroid gland (therefore blood tests are likely to be normal) but with the liver, which fails to convert T4 into the more active thyroid principle, T3. The diagnosis is made on clinical ground with the presence of fatigue, sluggishness, dry skin, coarse or falling hair, an elevation in cholesterol, or a low body temperature. I ask my patients to take four temperature readings daily before the three meals and near bedtime. If the average of all these temperatures, taken for at least three days, is below 97.8 degrees F (36.5 C), that is usually low enough to point to this form of thyroid problem; lower readings than that are even more convincing.” - Dr. Atkins

"Atkins dietary philosophy was more than complex. In that quote he basically validates everything I've been led to believe in 4 years of research. Diets weaken us, mainly by lowering body temperature, which has nothing to do with the thyroid (and probably stems from stress/cortisol-induced leptin resistance, the mechanism behind the increasing ease of gaining weight over time that almost every dieter experiences)." -Matt Stone

The Dietitis epidemic is great for giving you short term results or most people end up hitting that wall on the scale where the body will not allow them to lose anymore weight. While these short term gains may uplift the individuals spirits the results are usually the same:

"The problem is that the benefits are erased by the typical return of those stubborn pounds. And as with the higher-than-ever weight gains, the aftereffects of dieting may cause additional basic health problems. Weight cycling—the common up-and-down yo-yoing of the scale—seems to have especially pernicious effects and is associated with higher blood pressure and heightened risk for heart attack, stroke, and diabetes."

“Severe dieting (or starvation) causes the body to produce more of the enzymes responsible for depositing fat. These fat-depositing enzymes create a tendency to get fat. Severe dieting also causes a slowdown in metabolism. This isn’t just a theory. It has happened to me on several occasions. Cutting calories too severely caused me to lose weight but gain fat. On one occasion, I lost 5.6 pounds, and my body fat went up."

The Illusion of Weight Lose Supplements and Diet Programs

The typical person suffering from Dietitis has tried several programs with copious supplements, p90X,frozen dinners, exercise tapes, health bars, low calorie drinks, zero fat cookies, etc. Due to the amount of information being presented through many social media outlets Dietitis is spreading more quickly in the last 20 years and the amount of complexity to the average individual is overwhelming. The illusion of buying certain pills and diet programs overshadows the simplicity of reverting to a simple diet of vegetables, fruits, grass fed meats, seafood, rice, potatoes, beans, full fat dairy, and other common food sources that have been consumed for thousand of years by those not suffering from the infection.

Other things that adds fuel to the fire: weight watchers, diet pills and supplements, fat burning pills and shakes, protein shakes, commercial diet programs. (pretty much anything with a before and after picture) Dietitis suffers usually obtain side effects from the amount of supplements they are taking such as stomach aches, gas, and headaches are common..... Anal Leakage?

"Diet pills such as Alli, a popular over-the-counter diet pill that entered commercial markets in 2007, work by blocking digestive processes and reducing absorption of some fat consumed by the dieter. According to an MSNBC report on July 6th, 2007, Alli is associated with anal leakage. When a person taking Alli consumes more than the recommended amount of fat--more than 42 grams per day--digestive problems can occur, namely excessive or loose stools."

The amount of pills and diet programs necessary to lose weight The incorporation of a simple diet with fresh food and plenty of home cooked meals free of industrialized oils, flours, and sugars is unsurpassed in curing this illusion. Research has shown that by overeating, that's right by eating to appetite of good food and never going hungry as often as possible, we will see a gradual increase in THS and metabolic function. These side effects of Dietitis usually dissipate over time as new healthy non semi-starvation habits are acquired and the necessity for media info, over priced supplements and protein powders, diet books, and Oprah Winfrey diminishes.

Mythical Goals and Legendary Hopes and Dreams:

Dietitis also involves unrealistic physique and weight lose goals coupled with dramatic changes in lifestyle to match the intensity of the individuals motivation and need for change over a very short period of time. The devices most commonly used to measure overall progress are the scale and the mirror, not body temperature, overall mood, energy levels, Blood sugar levels, bowel movements, or pulse. Burnout is common as most who become infected simply "give up" or "cheat" and then blame themselves for a failed en-devour that would have never worked in the first place. The cycle continues and although some are able to break it, few succeed and even more end up heavier then before the infection began. Yo-Yo Dieting may ensue and lasting results are never obtained.

The ability to succeed is based on will power and working against the body instead of basic nutrition intelligence and working with the body to obtain realistic goals. This infection prevents harmony between said individual and food which suddenly demonizes food in the brain. This is because the goals are not set properly and an overall layout is not mapped out or is too complex to begin with. Dietitis can be cured by reversing said mentally to incorporate healing of the metabolism first, which may involve actually getting heavier in beginning stages (as a result of years of dieting) then followed by gradual weight loss. Working with the body to obtain harmony is the ultimate goal and has been found to be a sure fire cure in almost all the data available to modern man.

Dietitis can be seen as looking from the outside in where as the cure is look from the inside out. Although weight goals may be important they are sometimes unnecessary, as the importance of bringing the metabolism and thyroid function up to speed usually outweighs any weight or physique goals in the long run. The ultimate goal is for weight loss to be spontaneous without sacrificing the metabolic rate or overall hormonal function. Neither of which an be achieved by semi-starvation and over exercising.

"Dieting is perhaps the single greatest predictor of future weight gain.” - Paul Campos

Is there hope for future generations???

As younger generations enter the "industry" they start to realize that they too are infected with dietitis but soon are able to get rid of it through proper dietary measure and developing a healthy relationship with food. It is no longer seen as the enemy or something to demonize in the eye of the cured. Dietary measures usually involve trips to the farmers market or organic section of the grocery store. The healthy relationship is developed by not fearing things like Saturated fat, carbohydrates or calories but is instead nourished by eating to appetite and trusting your own instinct to eat when hungry and stop when full. Keeping Vegetable oils, processed garbage, junk food, sodas, fake fats and sugars to a minimum is valued but not coveted as the importance of splurging on something is important for mental health as well. Dietitis has claimed many lives but we hope to have the vaccine in mass production soon. Just remember Friends don't let other friends diet.

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