Metabolic Harm from Dieting

Monday, April 02, 2012

Ok Boys and girls Gather round its time to talk about a Topic that has had people baffled for the last, how do we get so fat and how do we fix it. Well the first step is stop dieting in any form:

“There is no good evidence that significant long-term weight loss is beneficial to health, and a great deal of evidence that short-term weight loss followed by weight regain (the pattern followed by almost all dieters) is medically harmful. Indeed, frequent dieting is perhaps the single best predictor of future weight gain.”

“…there is a great deal of evidence that weight LOSS increases the risk for cardiovascular disease among ‘overweight’ individuals, and some studies suggest that obesity actually protects against vascular disease.”

~Paul Campos

Here is what restricted dieting actually does:

For now, think of weight loss (unless it is a spontaneous result of an improvement in your metabolism/hormones somehow) as something that, instead of getting you healthy…

* Slows the rate at which your body burns calories.
* Increases your body’s efficiency at wringing every possible calorie out of the food you do eat so you digest food faster and get hungrier quicker.
* Causes you to crave high-fat foods.
* Increases your appetite.
* Reduces your energy levels (so even if you could burn more calories through physical activity you don’t want to).
* Lowers your body temperature so you’re using less energy (and are always cold).
* Reduces your ability to feel ‘hungry’ and ‘full,’ making it easier to confuse hungers with emotional needs.
* Reduces your total amount of muscle tissue.
* Increases fat-storage enzymes and decreases fat-release enzymes.

The message here? Don’t blame yourself when you ‘break’ your diet. It’s not about gluttony or a failure of willpower. In fact, most dieters show extraordinary self-restraint, persistence, determination, and willpower. You didn’t fail; the diet did.”

~Linda Bacon; Health at Every Size

This how the rest of my posts are going to be...Real stuff, not I lost 10 pounds or I can bench 350 pounds. Non of that, this blog is for those struggle with weight lose and still struggle. They have tried everything, low carb, vegan, low calorie, zone, zero carb, fruititarian , and even drinking their own urine. This Blog is to bring about food freedom and metabolic recovery because believe it or not all those years of dieting have actually made the problem worse.

For more resources on diet recovery and metablic healing check out my other real blog www.theskinnywhitebuddha.blogs SO welcome to Rehab
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    congrats on your first blog post
    2575 days ago
    Gracias Just trying to keep people out of the Eat Less Over Exercise More Trap
    2575 days ago
    Good Advise! Thanks for sharing!
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